Unit 12 Text A How Dictionaries Are Made 搭配: 搭配:
  1.Get into a discussion with sb. 与某人探讨/动词词组
  2.What for? 为什么
  3.Be willing to do sth. 愿意做某事/形容词词组
  4.Quarrel with sb. 与某人争吵/动词词组
  5.Sb./sth. is regarded as 某人/某事被认为/动词词组
  6.Arrive at sth. 得出结论/动词词组
  7.Apply to 应用于/动词词组
  8.Begin with 开始于/动词词组
  9.Amounts of+不可数名词 大量的
  10.That is to say 也就是说
  11.Along with sth./sb. 还有某人或某事
  12.Divide up 分开/动词词组
  13.According to(介词) 根据
  14.Be based on 根据/动词词组
  15.Be influenced by 被什么影响/动词词组
  16.Ought to do sth. 应该作某事/动词词组

  17.To the best of one‘s ability 尽某人最大的努力(插入语)
  18.Be guided by 被什么引导/动词词组
  19.Be bound by sth. 由什么注定 语言点: 语言点:
  1.It is widely believed that +从句=人们普遍相信
  2.Existing dictionary 现存字典
  3.When the sorting is completed, there will be for each word anywhere from two or three to several hundred quotations, each on its card.
  4.To define(动词不定式表目的) a word, the dictionary editor places before him the stack of cards illustrating(现在分词放在名词后,作后置定语) that word.
  5.The editor cannot be influenced by what a given (过分作定语,表示已给出 的)word ought to mean. Reading Text B Reading Provides Necessary Survival Skills 搭配: 搭配:
  1.With the coming of sth. 随着什么的到来
  2.Emphasis on 强调/名词词组
  3.Cue in 提供启示;告诉/动词词组
  4.Wander out of (boredom) 因为什么(如:烦恼)而走神儿
  5.Keep up with 跟上/动词词组
  6.At the top speed 以最快的速度
  7.Concentrate on 集中精力/动词词组

  8.Be built on 以什么为基础
  9.Skip over 掠过/动词词组
  10.Key to sth. 什么的方法/名词词组
  11.Be alert to 留意/机警/形容词
  12.Add to sth. 附加/动词词组
  13.Be a great help to doing sth./sth. 对什么有帮助
  14.Reward with 给予回报/动词词组 语言点: 语言点:
  1.Many people would have(这里的 have 不是有的意思,而是使、让得意思;us 在逻 辑上能发出 believe 的动作,所以后面的 believe 用动词原型) us believe that we are moving rapidly away from reading as a necessary life skill.
  2.Printed word 打印出来的字
  3.For adults, reading(动名词作主语) is day to day, either a stumbling block (绊脚石)or(或者…或者) a smooth path to (通往什么的道路)pleasure and opportunity.
  4.The purpose of scanning is to get a quick understanding of what to expect from the reading, so that (因此)you will know what you are reading as you go along.
  5.Nothing…more than…没有什么比什么更怎样了 Nothing hurts concentration more than reading too slowly.
  6.The more(形容词/副词比较级)…the more…(形容词、副词比较级)表示越怎样 就越怎样
The more(much 的比较级) words you are familiar with, the less(little 的 比较级) you are aware of reading words and the more you are aware of content and meaning.
  7.Pause for a moment on each new word and let (使役动词后用动词原形) it register in your mind.
  8.What happens with this method(主语从句中缺主语指物用 what) is that you will see the word again and again.(表语从句中不缺任何成分用 that)
  9.Have an impression of sb./sth. 对…某人或某物产生了很强的影响/动词词组


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