Ⅰ.语法、词汇。用适当的词填空。从A、B、C、D四个选项中 选出一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所 语法、词汇。用适当的词填空。 、 、 、 四个选项中,选出一个正确答案 并在答题纸上写上所 语法 四个选项中 选出一个正确答案 选答案的字母。 本大题共 小题,每小题 本大题共25小题 每小题1分 共 分 选答案的字母。(本大题共 小题 每小题 分,共25分) Complete each of the following sentences with the most likely answer.(25 points)
  1.I should say confidence comes not from how other people look at us as from how we look at ourselves. A. so much B. as much C. this much D. that much
  2.The George Washington Bridge is a double-deck bridge across Hudson River. A. a B. an C. the D. /
  3. “Which books are yours?” “Oh, over there, of course.” A. this B. that C. these D. those
  4. Television, came into being in 1939, did not become common until the early 1950s. A. that B. what C. which D. it
  5. Many car accidents occur drunk driving. A. due to B. thanks to C. because D. for
  6. Finally after working hard for five years Jane able to save her fare to Europe. A. is B. was C. will be D. would be
  7.when we reached the cinema, the film started, for there were no people at the entrance. A. should have B. ought to have C. had to have D. must have
  8. The doctor suggested that the patient on a diet but he couldn’t resist the temptation of rich food. A. goes B. go C. went D. gone
  9. You’d better leave usual. The heavy traffic on Monday mornings may hold you up. A. early than B. early then C. earlier than D. earlier then
  10. No sooner home than he was asked to go on another business trip. A. had he arrived B. he had arrived C. has he arrived D. he has arrived
  11. The teacher emphasized that of us should read the essay three times. A. each everyone B. all and every one C. each and every one D. each someone
  12. the false banknote looked genuine, it did not stand up to close examination. A. Since B. As C. Even as D. Even though
  13.If you don’t hurry up, the train by the time we get to the station. A. has left B. will have left C. will leave D. would have left
  14. When I ran into Mary at the supermarket yesterday, I smiled at her, but she me and walked on. A. missed B. overlooked C. ignored D. neglected
  15. If you fail to adapt the quickly changing society, you will be behind the times. A. with B. against
C. for D. to
  16.My father is deeply concerned with the government’s policies. A. economical B. economy C. economic D. economics
  17. In his 27-year imprisonment, Mandela, a South African leader, was his political rights. A. deprived of B. deprived off C. deprived from D. deprived with
  18.Scientists have spent years researching into the of sleeping pills on the human brain. A. affect B. effect C. impact D. influence
  19. Only a few people have to the confidential energy data. A. access B. admission C. permission D. entrance
  20. CCTV reported that the snowstorm, at least five houses collapsed and three people were killed. A. on any account of B. on every account of C. on account of D. on this account of
  21. The government is every effort to reduce the accident rate in coal mines. A. taking B. making C. catching D. putting
  22. The three sales representatives of this company will be with a trip to France. A. offered B. awarded C. rewarded D. given
  23. Contrary popular opinion, eating less does not help you lose weight. A. to B. with C. against D. into
  24. An inventor needs to have a creative and mind. A. imaginable B. imaginative C. imaginary D. imaging
  25.The law protects equal rights for all citizens, race, religion or sex. A. without regard to B. with regard of C. regardless to D. regardless of 完形填空。 四个选项中, (本 Ⅱ.完形填空。从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 本 完形填空 、 、 、 四个选项中 选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 ( 大题共15小题 每小题1分 小题, 大题共 小题,每小题 分,共15分) 分 Fill in each blank in the passage with the most likely answer .(15 points) A famous scientist who had made an important medical breakthrough was being interviewed. A newspaper reporter asked him why he thought he was able to be 26 more creative than the average person. He said that it all came from a(n) 27 that occurred when he was about two years old . He was trying to 28 a bottle of milk from the refrigerator 29 he lost his grip on the slippery bottle and it fell, spilling the milk all 30 the floor. His mother came into the kitchen. 31 yelling at him, giving him a lecture or 32 him, she said, “Robert, what a great and wonderful mess you have 33 ! I have rarely seen such a huge pool of milk. Well, the 34 has already been done. Would you like to get 35 and play in the sea of milk for a few minutes before we clean it up ?” This scientist then remarked that it was at that moment 36 he knew he didn’t need to be 37 to make mistakes. Instead, he learned that mistakes were just 38 for learning something new, which is, after all, what 39 experiments are all about. Even if the experiment doesn’t 40 , we usually learn something from it.
  26. A. still B. ever C. so much D. ever much
  27. A. event B. incident C. story D. legend
  28. A. take B. gain C. place D. return
  29. A. where B. while C. which D. when
  30. A. over B. through C. across D. on
  31. A. In addition to B. In spite of C. Apart from D. Instead of
  32. A. hugging B. kissing C. hating D. punishing

  33. A. made B. created C. done D. produced
  34. A. damage B. loss C. harm D. ruin
  35. A. away B. over C. down D. up
  36. A. which B. when C. that D. what
  37. A. afraid B. fearful C. worried D. frightened
  38. A. occasions B. situations C. opportunities D. moments
  39. A. technical B. scientific C. social D. artistic
  40. A. function B. operate C. work D. help 难句释义。 四个选项中, (本 Ⅲ.难句释义。从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 本 难句释义 、 、 、 四个选项中 选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 ( 大题共10小题 每小题1分 小题, 大题共 小题,每小题 分,共10分) 分 Choose the closest paraphrased version for each of the sentences or italicized parts.(10 points)
  41. Today an appearance on a television talk show is the ultimate proof of “making it” in America. A. shows more than anything else that you have established yourself in the U.S. B. proves at last that you are capable of doing great things in the U.S. C. is the best way to prove that you are an eloquent speaker in the U.S. D. is the best proof of your talent for speaking on TV in the U.S.
  42. we begin to move restlessly about if we feel time is slipping away without some return?be this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest. A. without getting paid for what we could have done?doing something enjoyable, working or just resting. B. without achieving anything?doing something we enjoy, or getting something done, or simply relaxing. C. not knowing whether we are getting anywhere in amusement, work or relaxation. D. not knowing whether we will be rewarded with regard to pleasure, work or rest.
  43. The little girl from the Pennsylvania woods, now approaching middle age, had fired a major salvo in the battle for the environment. A. had made great contribution to human progress. B. had aroused environmental awareness of the public. C. had opened fire on those who were spoiling the environment. D. had launched a fierce attack against pesticides producers and users.
  44. In a well-known British newspaper, a writer argued recently that “industry is caught in a web of bribery” and that everyone is “on the take”. A. everyone accepts bribes. B. everyone works for money. C. everyone is only too glad to become rich. D. everyone is ready to take but no one is willing to give.
  45. There is abundant luxury in the room but a minimum of taste. A. The room is luxurious but the food doesn’t taste good. B. The richly furnished room needs little decoration. C. The room is richly furnished and decorated but shows little taste. D. The more luxury in the room, the less taste on the part of the owner.
  46. In the intimacy of the home it is easy to displace disappointment or frustration or anger onto the nearest person, and that person is often a husband or wife. A. when you are angry, you tend to quarrel with your husband or wife. B. when you are low, it is easy for you to blame your husband or wife. C. you are likely to take out your frustration and anger on your husband or wife. D. your husband or wife easily becomes a victim of your unreasonable behaviour.
  47. I can penetrate social masks and roles and see the other person on a deeper level. A. I can see the true colours of the person however nice he claims to be in society. B. I know what the other person is deep down no matter how he presents himself. C. I see through the other person no matter what he appears to be in public. D. I can see the other person beyond his status and image.
  48. And yet, we are also separate individuals. We must come to terms with our struggles alone. A. We get nowhere relying on others to solve our problems. B. We make our own decisions and won’t allow others to interfere.
C. We ought to know that we are the masters of our own future. D. We must accept and deal with our difficult tasks by ourselves.
  49. Doris could have made something of herself if she hadn’t been a girl. A. If Doris had been a boy, she could have been a success story. B. If Doris had been a boy, she could have got as good jobs as boys got. C. Doris could have invented something if she had been as lucky as boys. D. Doris would like to be a boy if she could live twice.
  50. Reading it [my composition] with her own schoolteacher’s eye, my mother agreed that it was top-drawer seventh grade prose and complimented me. A. it was such a good essay that my mother decided to keep it in a drawer. B. the essay was more than what a seventh-grade student could write. C. it was the best essay I had written in the seventh grade. D. it was an excellent essay for a seventh grader. Ⅳ.阅读理解。认真阅读下列两篇短文,每篇短文后有5个问题,根据短文的内容从A、B、C、D四个选 阅读理解。认真阅读下列两篇短文, 每篇短文后有 个问题,根据短文的内容从 、 、 、 四个选 阅读理解 个问题 项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 本大题共10小题 每小题1分 (本大题共 小题, 项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上写上所选答案的字母。 本大题共 小题,每小题 分,共10 ( 分) Read the two passages and answer the questions. (10 points) Passage 1 Jungle country is not friendly to man, but it is possible to survive there. You must have the right equipment and you must know a few important things about woodcraft. No one should go into the jungle without the right equipment. You need lightweight clothing, a good knife, and a compass. Fishhooks and a line, a rifle and ammunition(弹药), matches in a waterproof container are necessary too. So is a mosquito net. In the jungle you can get hopelessly lost within five minutes after leaving a known landmark. That is why you should always carry a compass. In open country, during the day, you can tell which way to go by studying the sun. At night the stars are sure guides to direction . But in most places the jungle rooftop is so thick that it is impossible to see the sun or the stars. Keep alert. Watch the ground in front of you carefully. Stop and listen now and again. Avoid haste, and rest often. You will soon become exhausted if you set a fast pace in a hot and humid place. A steady and even pace is wisest in the long run. Keep calm if you lose your way. Try to decide how long it has been since you were sure of your position. Cut marks on four sides of a tree , so that you will be able to see them from any direction. Except in an emergency, never try to travel through the jungle at night. Whenever possible, it is wise to follow streams and rivers that run in your general direction. This may give you many extra miles of travel. But in the end it will save time and energy. Nothing is more exhausting than hacking a trail cross-country through unbroken jungle. Bamboo grows along the banks of many jungle streams. Since it is hollow and extremely strong, it makes a perfect raft. Mosquitoes and some other insects will be with you all the time .The only defense against them is to wear the right kind of clothing. You should never wear shorts in the jungle. Your trousers must be lightweight and long. The cuffs(裤管口)should be tucked into your boot tops. Finding water that is safe to drink can be a problem. Many clear and fresh-looking streams and rivers carry deadly germs. Such water must always be boiled before you drink it . Luckily, the jungle has many kinds of plants and vines that give water. Water from almost all plants is


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