自考综合英语二 上册 03 课单词中英文释义表格.doc
explore element tangible budget vt n adj. v. explore (sth) (for sth) to travel to or around an area or a country in order to learn about it:探索;探险 [C] element (in / of sth) a necessary or typical part of sth:要素;因 素
  1.[usually before noun] that can be clearly seen to exist:有实体的;
  2.that you can touch and feel:可触摸到的 budget (sth) (for sth) | budget sth (at sth) to be careful about the amount of money you spend; to plan to spend an amount of money for a particular purpose:安排,计划(时间等) [usually passive] (formal) to have the opinion that sb/sth is a particular thing:认为是,视为 account for sth 解释,说明
  1.to be the explanation or cause of sth SYN explain:
  2.to give an explanation of sth SYN explain:
  3.to be a particular amount or part of sth:
  1.(economics) a product or a raw material that can be bought and sold: 商品
  2. a thing that is useful or has a useful quality: (of the senses) very sensitive and well developed SYN keen:敏感的 a glass container holding sand that takes exactly an hour to pass through a small opening between the top and bottom sections 滴漏;更漏(一种 旧式计时器)
  1.to put sth back in the place where it was before:重置;
  2.to change sth that is old, damaged, etc. for a similar thing that is newer or better:更换 [v] count (for sth) (not used in the progressive tenses) to be important SYN matter:有价值;有用
  1.unable to stay still or be happy where you are, because you are bored or need a change:焦躁不安地
  2. without real rest or sleep SYN disturbed: [vn, usually + adv. / prep.] to push sb with your elbow, usually in order to get past them:以肘推;挤 a job that you do for sb that involves going somewhere to take a message, to buy sth, deliver goods, etc.:(短程的)差事;任务 [+adv. / prep.] to move very fast; to move sb/sth very fast:赶紧,加 速
  1.[U] priority (over sth) the most important place among various things that have to be done or among a group of people SYN precedence:优先
  2.[C] something that you think is more important than other things and should be dealt with first:优先考虑的事
  1.a long piece of string or paper which is lit to make a bomb or a firework explode 导火线
  2.a small wire or device inside a piece of electrical equipment that breaks and stops the current if the flow of electricity is too strong: 保险丝 [v + adv. / prep.] to go somewhere quickly and quietly, especially without being noticed SYN creep:悄悄地溜走 [pl.] a way of expressing yourself or of saying sth:(复)措辞 [C, U]调整
  1.a small change made to sth in order to correct or improve it:
  2.a change in the way a person behaves or thinks: always done or said in the same way, especially when this is not sincere: 礼节性的 [v] socialize (with sb) to meet and spend time with people in a friendly way, in order to enjoy yourself SYN mix:参加社交活动 交往,交际 (also leis?ured) [usually before noun] done without hurrying:悠闲的
  1.usually; in normal circumstances:通常
  2.in the usual or ordinary way:正常地,平常地 assess sb/sth (as sth) to make a judgement about the nature or quality
acute hourglass
vi. n
count restlessly
vi. adv
elbow errand race Priority
vt n vi n
slip terms adjustment
vi n n
ritual socialize socializing leisurely normally assess
adj. vi n adj. adv. vt.
performance colleague probe Porfessionally Social Segment engagement calendar
n. n. vi. adv. adj. n n n
heel tick inner device telex
n vi adj. n n.
memo gathering impersonality
n n n
conduct teleconference
vt n
of sb/sth:评估 [sing., U] rapport (with sb) | rapport (between A and B) a friendly relationship in which people understand each other very well:亲善;和 谐 [U, C] how well or badly you do sth; how well or badly sth works:业绩; 表现 a person that you work with, especially in a profession or a business: 同事 probe (into sth) to ask questions in order to find out secret or hidden information about sb/sth SYN investigate:探求 in a way that is connected with a person's job or training:职业上;专 业上 [only before noun] connected with activities in which people meet each other for pleasure ect.:社交上 a part of sth that is separate from the other parts or can be considered separately:部分 [C] an arrangement to do sth at a particular time, especially sth official or sth connected with your job:约会
  1.(NAmE) a record of what you have to do each day; the book in which you write this down 日程表;
  2.a page or series of pages showing the days, weeks and months of a particular year, especially one that you hang on a wall:日历
  1.[usually pl.] a short period during which sth different happens from what is happening the rest of the time:
  2.a period of time between two events:间隔 [C] the back part of the foot below the ankle(足)跟;末尾 [v] tick (away) (of a clock, etc.) to make short, light, regular repeated sounds to mark time passing:滴答作响 [only before noun] inside; towards or close to the centre of a place: 内部的,里面的 an object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job:装置
  1.[C] (informal) a machine for sending and receiving messages by telex
  2.[U] an international system of communication in which messages are typed on a special machine and sent by the telephone system 电传 (pl. -os) (also formal memorandum) memo (to sb) an official note from one person to another in the same organization: (口)备忘录 [C] a meeting of people for a particular purpose:聚会 没有人与人的接触 impersonal adj. (usually disapproving) lacking friendly human feelings or atmosphere; making you feel unimportant: [usually before noun] 电子的
  1.concerned with electronic equipment:
  2.(of a device) having or using many small parts, such as microchips, that control and direct a small electric current: 通讯
  1.[U] the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information:
  2.[U] (also com?mu?ni?ca?tions [pl.]) methods of sending information, especially telephones, radio, computers, etc. or roads and railways: [vn] to organize and/or do a particular activity:实施;进行 a conference or discussion at which members are in different places and speak to each other using telephone and video connections(通过电话、 电视等的)电讯会议 an electronic device that is sent into space and moves around the earth or another planet. It is used for communicating by radio, television, etc. and for providing information:卫星 在国际上 international adj [usually before noun] connected with or involving two or more countries:
uncertain postal efficient secretarial soaring confer location elapse insignificant worthy passage competence fulfill rapidity capital
adj. adj. adj adj. adj. vi. n vi. adj. adj. n n vt. n. n.
likely to change, especially in a negative or unpleasant way:不确定的 [only before noun] connected with the official system for sending and delivering letters, etc.:邮政的 doing sth well and thoroughly with no waste of time, money, or energy: 高效率的 involving or connected with the work of a secretary:秘书的;有关秘书 事务的 Ascending to a level markedly higher than the usual 猛增的,剧增的 (formal) [v] confer (with sb) (on / about sth) to discuss sth with sb, in order to exchange opinions or get advice:商量;商议 [C] a place where sth happens or exists; the position of sth:地方:场 所 [v] (not usually used in the progressive tenses) (formal) if a period of time elapses, it passes SYN go by:(时间)溜走;(光阴)逝去 not big or valuable enough to be considered important:无关紧要的;无 意义的 worthy (of sb/sth) (formal) having the qualities that deserve sb/sth:: 有价值的 [sing.] the ? of time (literary) the process of time passing:(时间等 的)消过,推移 (also less frequent competency) [U, C] competence (in sth) | competence (in doing sth) the ability to do sth well:能力 if you fulfil a hope, wish, or aim, you achieve the thing that you hoped for, wished for etc:完成 快速 rapid adj. done or happening very quickly: [sing.] a large amount of money that is invested or is used to start a business:资金;资本


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