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bos'n n (boatswain 的缩写)水手长 boatswain= bosun an officer on a ship whose job is to take care of the boatswain equipment and the people who work on the ship the back end of a ship or boat 船尾 [v, usually + adv. / prep.] to move along smoothly and slowly in water or air:漂流 非常接近 at / from close quarters very near: glare (at sb/sth) to look at sb/sth in an angry way SYN glower:用愤怒的 目光看,怒视 guts [pl.] the organs in and around the stomach, especially in an animal: (常用复数)内脏 助手 [C] an officer in a commercial ship below the rank of captain or master(商 船的)大副 unpleasant to listen to:刺耳的 (of sb's voice) sounding rough with sudden changes in how loud or high it is, because the person is upset: (嗓音)粗哑的 (rough=not sounding soft or gentle, and often rather unpleasant or angry:) [v] to sleep lightly for a short time 瞌睡 [usually before noun] happening immediately SYN immediate:刹那,瞬息 a small container used by soldiers, travellers, etc. for carrying water or other liquid(士兵等用的)水壶 品脱(容量单位,大体等于半公升) [sing.] a distance down from a high point to a lower point:水滴,一滴水 (of eyes) with the part that is usually white full of red lines because of lack of sleep, etc.(眼睛)布满血丝的 [only before noun] having been wrecked:(船)失事的 (wreck= [usually passive] to damage a ship so much that it sinks or can no longer sail:) to have a very strong desire for sth SYN long for:渴望得到 in, near, or from the Atlantic Ocean:大西洋的 [C, usually sing.] the movement of the sea when it rises and falls without the waves breaking:涌浪,滚滚浪潮;长浪 烘烤(皮肤)
  1.to burn and slightly damage a surface by making it too hot; to be slightly burned by heat:
  2.to become or to make sth become dry and brown, especially from the heat of the sun or from chemicals:
  1.gulp (of sth) an amount of sth that you swallow or drink quickly:一大
  1.gulp 口
  2.an act of breathing in or of swallowing sth:吞饮 (also cuss) [C] a rude or offensive word or phrase that some people use when they are very angry SYN oath, swear word:诅咒,骂 a long pole with a flat blade at one end that is used for rowing a boat: 橹,桨
  1.[C+sing./pl. v.] a group of similar people or things, especially one that you do not like or approve of:(蔑)人或事物的群;
  2.[C+sing./pl. v.] a group of animals that hunt together or are kept for hunting:(猎狗或野兽)群
  1.(of people) wearing old or torn clothes:衣衫褴褛的
  2.(informal) very tired, especially after physical effort 半裸的 naked adj. not wearing any clothes SYN bare:
  1.[pl.] the ? (of sth) the remaining people or things; the others:其余的 人;
  2.[sing.] the ? (of sth) the remaining part of sth:剩余部分 [v + adv. / prep.]to sit or lie with your arms and legs spread out in a relaxed or awkward way:(懒散地)伸开四肢躺(或坐) the upper edge of the side of a boat or small ship 船沿
stern drifting at close quarters glare gut mate
n n
v n n
harsh cracked
adj adj
doze instant canteen pint drop bloodshot wrecked
v n n n n adj adj
crave Atlantic swell scorch
v adj n v
curse oar pack
n n n
ragged half-naked rest
adj adj n
sprawl gunwale
vi n
spring threat scarred
v n adj
brutal bald fight
adj adj n
narrow jeer hoarse quit ration
adj v adj v vt
reasoning thirst caculating grab Instinct
n n adj v n
badly command paralysis yield whisper bottom share dizzy
adv n n v v n n adj
Shadowy overhead adrift
adj adv adj
mirage grim growl ape adj v n
[v, usually + adv. / prep.] (of a person or an animal) to move suddenly and with one quick movement in a particular direction SYN leap:跳;跃出 [C, usually sing.] threat (to sth) a person or thing that is likely to cause trouble, danger, etc.:威胁;危险 有疤痕的 scar [vn] [often passive] (of a wound, etc.) to leave a mark on the skin after it has healed: violent and cruel:残忍的;野蛮的 having little or no hair on the head:秃顶的
  1.[C] a battle, especially for a particular place or position:战斗;
  2.[C] ? (with sb/sth) | ? (between A and B) a struggle against sb/sth using physical force:打架 measuring a short distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to length:小小的;狭窄的 jeer (at sb) to laugh at sb or shout rude remarks at them to show that you do not respect them SYN taunt 嘲笑 (of a person or voice) sounding rough and unpleasant, especially because of a sore throat:(声音)沙哑的,嘶哑的 (informal, especially NAmE) to stop doing sth:放弃;认输 [vn] [often passive] ration sb/sth (to sth) to limit the amount of sth that sb is allowed to have, especially because there is not enough of it available: 定量分配;限制使用(食物、水等) [U] the process of thinking about things in a logical way; opinions and ideas that are based on logical thinking:理智;理性 [U, sing.] the feeling of needing or wanting a drink:口渴 (disapproving) good at planning things so that you have an advantage, without caring about other people:狡猾的,诡计多端的 [vn] to have or take sth quickly, especially because you are in a hurry: 抓住
  1.natural inborn tendency to behave in a certain way without reasoning or training 本能
  2.natural feeling that makes one choose to act in a particular way 直觉 used to emphasize how much you want, need, etc. sb/sth:(口)很,非常地 [C] an order given to a person or an animal:命令;指挥 [U, C] a loss of control of, and sometimes feeling in, part or most of the body, caused by disease or an injury to the nerves:瘫痪 [v] yield (to sth/sb) to stop resisting sth/sb; to agree to do sth that you do not want to do SYN give way:放弃 to speak very quietly to sb so that other people cannot hear what you are saying SYN murmur 低语 [C, usually sing.] bottom (of sth) the lowest surface on the inside of a container:底部 [C, usually sing.] share (of / in sth) one part of sth that is divided between two or more people:份额,分得的一份 feeling as if everything is spinning around you and that you are not able to balance SYN giddy:(人)晕眩的,昏乱的 [usually before noun] difficult to see because there is not much light: 模糊的 above your head; raised above the ground:在头顶上 [not before noun] if a boat or a person in a boat is adrift, the boat is not tied to anything or is floating without being controlled by anyone: (一 般指船)失去控制而随风浪漂流 [C] (also tramp steamer cargo ship that does not travel on a regular route steamer) but carries cargo between many different ports 航线不定但停靠许多港口的 货船. an effect caused by hot air in deserts or on roads, that makes you think you can see sth, such as water, which is not there 幻影;海市蜃楼 looking or sounding very serious:严厉的;冷酷的 growl (at sb) to say sth in a low angry voice:咆哮着说;吼 a large animal like a monkey, with no tail. There are different types of
boss-man responsible
n adj
sure take over
hold out look forword to give in to
on instinct run for in command
afford to
all the more hold off
ape:猿;(蔑)野人或粗人 主管,主事人 responsible (for sb/sth) | responsible (for doing sth) having the job or duty of doing sth or taking care of sb/sth, so that you may be blamed if sth goes wrong:对……负责任的 used to emphasize sth that you are saying:(美)肯定地 sth?over take over (from sb) | take sth over (from sb)
  1.to begin to have control of or responsibility for sth, especially in place of sb else
  2.to gain control of a political party, a country, etc.:接管,兼并 to last, especially in a difficult situation:坚持 sth/doing look forward to sth/doing sth to be thinking with pleasure about sth that is going to happen (because you expect to enjoy it):盼望 give in (to sb/sth)
  1. to admit that you have been defeated by sb/sth:
  2. to agree to do sth that you do not want to do: 屈服于 本能 赶往,跑向 领导 command [u] the control of a group of people or a situation under sb’s command troops under the command of General Roberts in command (of something) Lieutenant Peters was now in command. He felt fully in command of the situation. 有条件做 afford [no passive: Tn, Tt] (usu with can,could or be able to) have enough money, time, space, etc for (a specified purpose) even more than before 更加 sb/sth?off hold sb/sth off to stop sb/sth defeating you:使……难接近



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