自考综合英语二上册 08 课单词中英文释义表格.doc
frame heap rag v. n. n. [usually passive] to put or make a frame or border around sth:给…… 设框
  1.heap (of sth) an untidy pile of sth:堆 .
  2.[usually pl.] (informal) a lot of sth:
  1. [C, U] a piece of old, often torn, cloth used especially for cleaning things
  2.[pl]clothes that are old and torn: (复)破旧衣服 a long coat worn in the past by men, now worn only for special ceremonies 19 世纪男子所穿的一种方领角的长外衣 [U] the state of being poor:贫穷
  1.offer (of sth / to do sth) an act of saying that you are willing sth) . to do sth for sb or give sth to sb:
  2.offer (for sth) an amount of money that sb is willing to pay for . sth:提供之物 feeling no pity for other people SYN cruel:无情的,残酷的
  1.[vn] to improve a system, an organization, a law, etc. by making changes to it:改革
  2.to improve your behaviour; to make sb do this:改变
  1.intended for or involving a particular person or group of people, not for people in general or for others to know about:私人的
  2.that you do not want other people to know about; SYN secret: [C, U] a sudden wish to do or have sth, especially when it is sth unusual or unnecessary:怪念头儿,奇想 a set of clothes made of the same cloth, including a jacket and trousers / pants or a skirt:套装
  1.a nobleman of the lowest rank. In Britain, barons use the title Lord; in other countries they use the title Baron.男爵;
  2.a person who owns or controls a large part of a particular industry: 巨头,大亨 hear astonished (to find / hear / learn / see sth)| astonished (at / by sth/sb) | astonished (that … ) very surprised SYN amazed:吃惊的 a loud deep sound made by an animal, especially a lion, or by sb's voice: 吼叫 [U] clothes for either men or women:衣服 unlucky unlucky (to do sth) having bad luck or happening because of bad luck; not lucky SYN unfortunate:倒霉的 (informal) used to talk about sb and to emphasize an opinion that you have of them:(强调对人的看法)人,家伙 used when speaking to or about a French-speaking man ? Madame, Mademoiselle:先生(用于法国男士人名前) [C, U] apology (to sb) (for sth) a word or statement saying sorry for sth that has been done wrong or that causes a problem:道歉 very small in degree:轻微的 [v] bow (down) (to / before sb/sth) to move your head or the top half before of your body forwards and downwards as a sign of respect or to say hello or goodbye:鞠躬 to speak with difficulty, repeating sounds or words and often stopping, before saying things correctly SYN stutter 结结巴巴地说 have the honour of sth / of doing sth (formal) to be given the opportunity to do sth that makes you feel proud and happy:有幸做…… care for sb/sth (in negative or interrogative sentences 用于否定句 或疑问句) have a taste or liking for sb/sth 对某人[某事物]爱好或喜 爱: 变得或摔得粉碎 bits: to bits: into small pieces: to have sth as a purpose or intention SYN intend 有意做…… (informal) definitely not:绝不 burst into sth to start producing sth suddenly and with great force:爆发出,突然闯
frock coat poverty offer
v n. n
heartless reform
adj. vt.
whim suit baron
n n n.
astonished roar dress unlucky devil monsieur apology slight bow
adj. n. n adj. n. n. n adj vi.
stammer have the honour of
care for
fall/break to bits mean to do not for anything burst into
make a fool of
to begin with in high spirits it never enter one’s mind that
入 make a fool of sb to say or do sth deliberately so that people will think that sb is stupid:出洋相 used to introduce the first point you want to make:首先 兴致勃勃 spirits [pl.] a person's feelings or state of mind: ……从未想到……


自考综合英语二 上册08课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二上册 08 课单词中英文释义表格.doc frame heap rag v. n. n. [usually passive] to put or make a frame or border around sth:给…… 设框 1.heap (of sth) an untidy pile of sth:堆 . 2.[usually pl.] (informal) a lot of sth: 1. [C, U] a piece of old, often torn, cloth ...

自考综合英语二 上册06课单词中英文释义表格

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   综合英语二 下册 5 课单词学习表格 largely adv. mostly or mainly: to a great extent;主要地,很大程度上 doings n (infml 口) 1.[pl] things done or being done; activities 所做之事 2.[C] (plunchanged 复数不变) (Brit) thing(s) needed 需要的东西: dark-haired gratitude vapor melting fragrant d ...

自考综合英语二 上册02课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二 上册 02 课单词中英文释义表格 cultural icon heroine adj n n [usually before noun]connected with the culture of a particular society or group, its customs, beliefs, etc.:文化(上)的;人文的 a famous person or thing that people admire and see as a symbol of a part ...

自考综合英语二 上册09课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二 上册 09 课单词中英文释义表格.doc passport exit visa n n n an official document that identifies you as a citizen of a particular country, and that you may have to show when you enter or leave a country:护照 an act of leaving, especially of an actor from t ...

自考综合英语二 上册04课单词中英文释义表格

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自考综合英语二 上册03课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二 上册 03 课单词中英文释义表格.doc explore element tangible budget vt n adj. v. explore (sth) (for sth) to travel to or around an area or a country in order to learn about it:探索;探险 [C] element (in / of sth) a necessary or typical part of sth:要素;因 素 1.[us ...

自考综合英语二 上册05课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二 上册 05 课单词中英文释义表格.doc engagement n 1.[C] an arrangement to do sth at a particular time, especially sth official or sth connected with your job:约请 2.[U, C] (BrE) an arrangement to employ sb; the process of employing sb: 受聘 during or for the n ...


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   “综合英语(二)”考前串讲讲义 综合英语( 综合英语 考前串讲讲义 《综合英语二》这门课是成绩测试,不是水平测试。成绩测试就是学什么 就考什么。严格按照教学大纲去命题。大纲规定,统一考试的试题中教材 内容要占 60%,这就意味着不学教材,不把课文学懂学透,就根本没有通 过考试的希望。因此考生如果要通过《综合英语二》的考试,首先一定要 把教材学好,复习好,在复习好的基础上,再作一些模拟练习题。如果你 学完《综合英语二》上下册,在规定时间内做完一套模拟考试题,自己估 算一下才得 30 分或 40 ...



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