自考综合英语二 上册 10 课单词中英文释义表格.doc
washwoman laundry sickly ancestor accumulate n n adj n vt (美)洗衣妇 [U] clothes, sheets, etc. that need washing, that are being washed, or that have been washed recently SYN washing:待洗的衣服
  1.often ill / sick:多病的
  2.not looking healthy and strong SYN frail:不健康的 a person in your family who lived a long time ago: SYN forebear 祖先,先辈
  1.[v] to gradually increase in number or quantity over a period of time SYN build up:积 累
  2.[vn] to gradually get more and more of sth over a period of time SYN amass: shiny as a result of polishing SYN gleaming 打磨亮的 tidy and in order; carefully done or arranged:整洁地 to make clothes, etc. smooth by using an iron:熨烫 a thing or person that has been found, especially one that is interesting, valuable or useful:发现物 [pl.] the sheets and other covers that you put on a bed(复)被褥,寝具(床单、毯子) [sing.] an act of scrubbing sth:用力擦洗 (in the past) a large metal container for washing clothes, etc. in 洗衣盆,洗濯盆 to remove the soap from sth with clean water after washing it 以清水冲洗 洗衣服用的,清洗用的 [U] a chemical substance in common use that is a compound of sodium:苏打 soak (sth) (in sth) to put sth in liquid for a time so that it becomes completely wet; to become completely wet in this way:浸湿,泡 凉干 [U] enthusiasm (for sth / for doing sth) a strong feeling of excitement and interest in sth and a desire to become involved in it:热情 (formal) very old:年老的 [vn] to ask God to protect sb/sth:为……祝福,使幸福
  1.the ? (of sth) | a ? (on / to sb) a duty, responsibility, etc. that causes worry, difficulty or hard work:负担
  2.(formal) a heavy load that is difficult to carry [vn] (formal) to take responsibility for sth:负担,承担 痛苦,悲伤 bitter adj. (of people) feeling angry and unhappy because you feel that you have been treated unfairly: a holy table in a church or temple:圣坛 (formal) not loyal; that you cannot rely on or trust:背信弃义的,不忠实的 insult (to sb/sth) a remark or an action that is said or done in order to offend sb:侮辱 [C, U] the fact of giving up sth important or valuable to you in order to get or do sth that seems more important; sth that you give up in this way:牺牲 (of weather or living conditions) very difficult and unpleasant to live in:艰苦的,恶劣的 covered with ice:结冰的 to make sth hot or warm; to become hot or warm:加热 [not usually before noun] (BrE) expensive; costing a lot of money:昂贵的 extremely bad or serious:严酷的 a container with a spout, a handle and a lid, used for making and serving tea 茶盖 [U] a disease that causes pain and swelling in one or more joints of the body 关节炎 in an unusual or surprising way:奇怪地,异常地 坚定,坚强 stubborn adj. (often disapproving) determined not to change your opinion or attitude SYN obstinate: an animal of the horse family, with short legs and long ears. People ride donkeys or use them to carry heavy loads.驴子
  1.[U] the act or process of making sth that is new, or of causing sth to exist that did not exist before:创作;
  2.[C] (often humorous) a thing that sb has made, especially sth that shows ability or imagination:创作物 [C] a small amount of air, smoke, etc. that is blown from somewhere:(空气、烟雾等) 一股 extremely large SYN enormous, huge 巨大的 unload sth (from sth) to remove things from a vehicle or ship after it has taken them
polished neatly iron find bedclothes scrub washtub rinse washing soda soak drying enthusiasm aged bless burden
adj adv vt n n n n vt adj n vt n n adj v n
bear bitterness
vt n
altar faithless insult sacrifice harsh icy heat dear severe teapot arthritis strangely stubbornness
n adj n n adj adj vt adj adj n n adv n
donkey creation
n n
puff gigaqntic unload
n adj vt
utter priest Himself wash blessing good cross indomitable property rightful fulfill undertake sphere holy tongue paradise have contact with count out be blessed with use up beyond the limits live to be from side to side as though send for speak of
n n n n n n vt adj n n vt vt n n n n
somewhere:卸下,放下 [vn] (formal) to make a sound with your voice; to say sth:说,讲 a person who is qualified to perform religious duties and ceremonies in the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Churches:教师,神父 上帝 [singular, u] clothes that are to be washed, are being washed, or have just been washed:洗 濯物 祝福 [U] something that helps sb/sth:利益,好处 [VN] ~ yourself to make the sign of the CROSS (= the Christian symbol) on your chest 用右手在胸前划十字 (formal, approving) not willing to accept defeat, even in a difficult situation; very brave and determined 不可征服的,不屈的 [U] a thing or things that are owned by sb; a possession or possessions:财产 [only before noun] (formal) that is correct, right or legal SYN proper:合法的 if you fulfil a hope, wish, or aim, you achieve the thing that you hoped for, wished for etc:完成 [vn] to make yourself responsible for sth and start doing it:承揽,接受 an area of activity, influence or interest; a particular section of society SYN domain:范 围,领域 good in a moral and religious way:神圣的 [C] (formal or literary) a language:语言 (often Paradise) [U] (in some religions) a perfect place where people are said to go when they die SYN heaven:乐园 与…联系 contact [U] contact (with sb) | contact (between A and B) the act of communicating with sb, especially regularly: count sb/sth?out to count things one after the other as you put them somewhere:数出 If someone is blessed with a particular good quality or skill, they have that good quality or skill.具有 use sth?up to use all of sth so that there is none left:用完 越出,超出(范围、限度) 活至…… live [v] [v to inf] to remain alive: 左右(摇摆) as if / as though in a way that suggests sth 似乎 send for sb to ask or tell sb to come to you, especially in order to help you:请来 speak for sb to state the views or wishes of a person or a group; to act as a representative for sb 表达 speak of sth (formal) to be evidence that sth exists or is present: paying no attention to sth/sb; treating sth/sb as not being important:不顾
regardless of


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