自考综合英语二 上册 12 课单词中英文释义表格.doc
tramp woods tampering vi n adj (also AmE informal tromp) to walk with heavy or noisy steps, especially for a long time: 步行,徒步穿行 wood [C](also woods [pl.]) an area of trees, smaller than a forest: a large wood(复)树 林 干预的,干涉的 tamper v. tamper with sth to make changes to sth without permission, especially in order to damage it: [sing., U] the limit to which sb/sth has the power or influence to do sth:范围 [vn] dam sth (up) to build a dam across a river, especially in order to make an artificial lake for use as a water supply, etc.筑坝拦 [C, usually sing.] the direction a river moves in:路线;道路 [U] interference (in sth) the act of interfering:干涉 [VN] to give a signal such as a warning by making a sound 发出警报 [vn] to put sb/sth in a situation in which they could be harmed or damaged:威胁 an indiscriminate action is done without thought about what the result may be, especially when it causes people to be harmed:不加选择的,任意的 [C, U] a chemical used for killing pests, especially insects:杀虫剂,农药 [C] the name of a book, poem, painting, piece of music, etc.:题目,标题 [U] the season of spring:春天,春天的时候 made by people; not natural SYN artificial:人为的, 人造找的 any small creature with six legs and a body divided into three parts. Insects usually also have wings. Ants, bees and flies are all insects:昆虫 [U, C] (pl. -ies) controversy (over / about / surrounding sb/sth) public discussion and argument about sth that many people strongly disagree about, disapprove of, or are shocked by:争论,争议 [U] enthusiasm (for sth / for doing sth) a strong feeling of excitement and interest in sth and a desire to become involved in it:热情 done very often, or existing in many places, and therefore not unusual:平凡的, 老生常谈 的 [usually before noun] very enthusiastic about sth (often a hobby) SYN keen:急切的,渴 望的 showing pleasure or enjoyment:有鉴赏力的 读者 having or showing new and exciting ideas SYN inventive: OPP unimaginative 有想象力 的,想象力丰富的 [vn] fire sb (with sth) to make sb feel very excited about sth or interested in sth:刺激, 激 起 [U, C] the ability to create pictures in your mind; the part of your mind that does this:想 象力 a student in the second year of a course of study at a college or university 大学二年级学 生 [vn] redirect sth (to sth) to send sth to a different address or in a different direction:重新 指向 a business or an organization that provides a particular service especially on behalf of other businesses or organizations:机构;代理处 a bird with long wings and usually white and grey or black feathers that lives near the sea. There are several types of gull.鸥 a very large animal that lives in the sea and looks like a very large fish. There are several types of whale, some of which are hunted:鲸 (literary) to make the edge of a blade sharp 磨快 covering a large area; great in amount:数量大的;数目多的 [U, C, usually sing.] focus (for / on sth) the thing or person that people are most interested in; the act of paying special attention to sth and making people interested in it: (注意、兴趣等的)中心,集中点 [C] a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers (= curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things). Crabs move sideways on land.蟹
  1.(NAmE also sea turtle) a large reptile with a hard round shell, that lives in the sea 海龟
  2.(NAmE, informal) any reptile with a large shell, for example a tortoise (陆龟)or terrapin(水龟),龟 in the end; finally:最后
reach dam course interference sound endanger indiscriminate pesticide title springtime man-made insect controversy
n vt n n vt vt adj n n n n n n
enthusiasm commonplace avid appreciative reader imaginative fire imagination sophomore redirect agency gull whale whet extensive focus
n adj adj adj n adj vt n n vt n n n vt adj n
crab turtle
n n
formal academic thrill layman best-seller consecutive magic informative preachy exhilarating ignorance publication numerous increasingly alarm endlessly recycle poisonous
adj adj vt n n adj adj adj adj adj n n adj adv vt adj vt adj
cycle revoltingly grisly vicious bait worm fatten maggot variable fish observations confirm concentration opposition persist salvo be at ease with
n adv adj adj vi n vt n adj vi n vt n n vi n
find out be aware of
official; following an agreed or official way of doing things:正规的 [usually before noun] involving a lot of reading and studying rather than practical or technical skills:学术的 [vn] to excite or please sb very much:使震颤,使激动 (also lay?per?son) a person who does not have expert knowledge of a particular subject:外 行人,门外汉 a product, usually a book, which is bought by large numbers of people:畅销书 [usually before noun] following one after another in a series, without interruption:连续不 断的 (informal) having a special quality that makes sth seem wonderful:有魔力的 giving useful information:增进知识的;增进见识的 (informal, disapproving) trying to give advice or to persuade people to accept an opinion on what is right and wrong 说教的 very exciting and enjoyable:使人愉快的 [U] ignorance (of / about sth) a lack of knowledge or information about sth:无知 [U, C] the act of printing a book, a magazine, etc. and making it available to the public; a book, a magazine, etc. that has been published:出版 (formal) existing in large numbers SYN many:无数的 more and more all the time:逐渐地;逐增地 to make sb anxious or afraid SYN worry:使担心,使害怕 continuing for a long time and seeming to have no end:不断地;无穷尽地 [vn] to treat things that have already been used so that they can be used again:重新利用
  1.causing death or illness if swallowed or absorbed into the body SYN toxic:
  2.(of animals and insects) producing a poison that can cause death or illness if the animal or insect bites you SYN venomous:
  3.extremely unpleasant or unfriendly: the fact of a series of events being repeated many times, always in the same order:循环 extremely unpleasant SYN disgusting:令人作呕地,使人反感地 extremely unpleasant and involving people being killed or injured:恐怖的,可怕的
  1.violent and cruel SYN brutal:
  2.(of an attack, criticism, etc.) full of hatred and anger: [vn] to place food on a hook, in a trap, etc. in order to attract or catch an animal:以饵引 诱
  1.[C] a long thin creature with no bones or legs, that lives in soil:蚯蚓
  2.[C] the young form of an insect when it looks like a short worm(昆虫的)幼虫 fatten (sb/sth) up to make sb/sth fatter, especially an animal before killing it for food; to become fatter:养肥 a creature like a small short worm, that is the young form of a fly and is found in decaying meat and other food. Maggots are often used as bait on a hook to catch fish.蛆
  1.often changing; likely to change SYN fluctuating:变化的
  2.able to be changed:可变的 [v] fish (for sth) to try to catch fish with a hook, nets, etc.:钓鱼 [U, C] the act of watching sb/sth carefully for a period of time, especially to learn sth:观 察 to state or show that sth is definitely true or correct, especially by providing evidence:证 实
  1.[u, c] a large amount of something in a particular place or among particular people
  2.[C, U] the amount of a substance in a liquid or in another substance:浓度,含量 [U] opposition (to sb/sth) the act of strongly disagreeing with sb/sth, especially with the aim of preventing sth from happening:反对 persist (in sth / in doing sth) | persist (with sth) to continue to do sth despite difficulties or opposition, in a way that can seem unreasonable:坚持 (pl. -os or -oes) the act of firing several guns or dropping several bombs, etc. at the same time; a sudden attack:(火炮的)齐射 轻松 at (your) ease relaxed and confident and not nervous or embarrassed: find out (about sth/sb) | find out sth (about sth/sb) to get some information about sth/sb by asking, reading, etc.:发现 [not before noun] aware (of sb/sth) | aware (that … ) noticing that sth is present, or that sth is happening:知道
stir up be acquainted with break down
remind of
all over persist in know of be connected to sound a warning
stir sth?up to try to cause arguments or problems:引起 [not before noun] acquainted with sth (formal) familiar with sth, having read, seen or experienced it:接触,认识 分解 break sth?down to make a substance separate into parts or change into a different form in a chemical process: remind sb of sb/sth if sb/sth reminds you of sb/sth else, they make you remember or think about the other person, place, thing, etc. because they are similar in some way:令……回忆,想起 everywhere:到处 persist (in sth / in doing sth) | persist (with sth) to continue to do sth despite difficulties or opposition, in a way that can seem unreasonable:坚持 know (of / about sth) to have information in your mind as a result of experience or because you have learned or been told it:听说 to be joined to something else or joined to a large system or network 有关联 发出警告


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