综合英语二 下册 2 课单词学习表格 V assert impossibility N extraordinary adj oppose monotonously V to state clearly and firmly that sth is true: 主张 The quality of being impossible; impracticability 不可能(性) 1unexpected, surprising or strange:惊人的 2 not normal or ordinary; greater or better than usual:非凡的 to disagree strongly with sb's plan, policy, etc and try to change it or prevent it from succeeding:反对
adv never changing and therefore boring: 单调的 n1 [C, U] the ability to control your thoughts and actions in order to achieve what you want to do; a feeling of strong determination to do sth that you want to do:意志 2 [sing] what sb wants to happen in a particular situation:意愿 V n v to use the power of your mind to do sth or to make sth happen: [VN] [VN to inf] 用意志的力量驱使(控制等) Reluctant adj adv ~ (to do sth) hesitating before doing sth because you do not want to do it or because you are not sure that it is the right thing to do:不情愿地,勉强地 int (英/美)喂,你好 (用来打招呼或引起注意) erj Adj impossible or very difficult to believe: 难以置信的,不可思议的 N [C, U]a hot bright stream of burning gas that comes from sth that is on fire:火焰 1(AmE also wreck) an accident in which a vehicle hits sth, for example another vehicle, usually causing damage and often injuring or killing the passengers 坠毁; 2[usually sing]a sudden loud noise made, for example, by sth falling or breaking: (东西坠落或相撞时的)轰响声 a person who rides a bicycle:骑自行车的人 [VN]to avoid sth by moving your head or body out of the way 躲闪,躲避 a feeling of great worry or unhappiness; great suffering: 筋疲力尽;不适 1(BrE) a man who owns or manages a pub or a guest house(酒馆等的)店主 2 a person or company from whom you rent a room, a house, an office, etc 房东 [only before noun]used to emphasize that sth happens at a particular time or in a particular way:恰好的,正是的 If someone says something heavily, they say it in a slow way which shows a feeling such as sadness, tiredness, or annoyance 沉重地
reluctantly hello/hullo Incredible flame
crash cyclist duck distress landlord redred-faced precise heavily
Adj with a red face, especially because you are embarrassed or angry 面红耳赤的 adj adv
v [v] feel (about / around) (for sth) to search for sth with your hands, feet, etc: 摸索着寻找 V n n 1 the feel the feeling you get when you touch sth or are touched:感觉 2 an act of feeling or touching: V 1 [v] grope (around)(for sth) to try and find sth that you cannot see, by feeling with your hands:摸索 2 [+adv / prep] to try and reach a place by feeling with your hands because you cannot see clearly(用手)摸索着往前走
  2. easy to lift or move; not heavy 轻的 [esp attrib 尤作定语] of less than average weight (比平均重量)轻的
light futile perception enlarge candlestick
adj having no purpose because there is no chance of success 无效的,无用的 N V N [U] (formal or technical) the way you notice things, especially with the senses:感知;认识 to make sth bigger; to become bigger 扩大;增大 an object for holding a candle 蜡台
gaze address reflection cautious
N V N Adj
[usually sing] a long steady look at sb/sth:(只用单数)凝视 ~ sth to sb (formal) to say sth directly to sb:对……说话 [U] careful thought about sth, sometimes over a long period of time:深思 ~ (about sb/sth) ~ (about doing sth) being careful about what you say or do, especially to avoid danger or mistakes; not taking any risks:十分小心的,谨慎的
extremely clever or impressive: 2very successful: 3very intelligent or skilful: Adj 4(of light or colours) very bright:阳光灿烂的 5(BrE, informal) very good; excellent: 杰出的 V N to take off your clothes; to remove sb else's clothes: 脱衣 a long loose shirt that someone, especially a man, wears in bed 衬衫式的长睡衣
undress nightshirt woolen immense thoughtful landlady conceal
Adj made of wool SYNwool:毛料的,毛线的 Adj extremely large or great SYNenormous:巨大的 Adj quiet, because you are thinking:沉思的,思考的 N V 房东太太 [vn] conceal sb/sth (from sb/sth) (formal) to hide sb/sth:隐藏 [U] trouble or problems, especially concerning what you need or would like yourself: 不方便 like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky SYN extraordinary, phenomenal:神奇地,奇迹般地 [U] care that you take in order to avoid danger or mistakes; not taking any risks:小 心,谨慎
inconvenience N miraculously caution watchful gasworks Adv N
paying attention to what is happening in case of danger, accidents, etc:注 Adj 意的;警惕的;提防的 watchfulness 警觉性,慎重 N (pl gas?works) [C+sing/pl v] a factory where gas for lighting and heating is made from coal( 形式为复数,用作单数 ) 煤气厂
blossom accomplish footstep considerable rosebush irritate assault confused casually rot swiftly Hades
n[C, U] a flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a fruit tree or bush: V n花 V(of a tree or bush) to produce blossom 开花, V N [vn] to succeed in doing or completing sth 完成,实现 [usually pl] the sound or mark made each time your foot touches the ground when you are walking or running:脚步声;足迹 玫瑰丛 [vn]to annoy sb, especially by sth you continuously do or by sth that continuously happens:激怒,使恼怒 to attack sb violently, especially when this is a crime:攻击,袭击 unable to think clearly or to understand what is happening or what sb is saying:慌乱 的,困惑的
Adj (formal) great in amount, size, importance, etc SYN significant:很大的,相当大地 N V V adj
[usually before noun] not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; Adv not wanting to show that sth is important to you: 不经意的;无忧无虑的;漫不经心地;不在乎的 N Adv N (口语)蠢事 swift (to do sth) happening or done quickly and immediately; doing sth quickly: 迅速地 [U] (in ancient Greek stories) the land of the dead SYN hell 希腊神话)阴间;(口 语)地狱
flower transfer
of a plant or tree) to produce flowers SYN bloom:开花 transfer (sth/sb) (from … ) (to … ) to move from one place to another; to move sth/sb from one place to another:转移 (used especially when talking to a police officer of the lowest rank) = police constable:(abbr PC) (in Britain and some other countries) a police officer of the lowest rank:警察 迫使某人干…… different from sth; against sth:(介词) 违反,与 …… 相反
drive sb+ adj/prepphrase/ to do sth contrary to upside down
Adverb;adjective [not usually before noun]:
in or into a position in which the top of sth is where the bottom is normally found and the bottom is where the top is normally found:OPP right side up 倒过来,颠倒 throw/shed/cast light on something to provide new information that makes a difficult subject or problem easier to understand:使明白,把…理出头绪
throw light on sth
to the effect that … | to this / that effect to the effect that used to show that you are giving the general meaning of what sb has said or written rather than the exact words:大意是 dawn on/upon sb [no passive] if sth dawns on you, you begin to realize it for the first time:使开始明 白;(事物)变得令人明白
as far as I know | as far as I can remember, see, tell, etc so/as far as sb can used to say that you think you know, remember, understand, etc sth but you cannot see be completely sure, especially because you do not know all the facts:据 …… 看 make up for sth among others/other things give sb/oneself away to do sth that corrects a bad situation SYN compensate: 补偿,弥补 used to say that you are only mentioning one or two people or things out of a much larger group: 特别是,值得提一提的时 to make known sth/sb that sb wants to keep secret SYN betray:暴露(自己的真实 情况或身份),出卖
what became, has become, will become of sb/sth? what has/had become of sth/sb… used to ask what has happened or what will happen to sb/sth:……后来怎样



   综合英语二 下册 2 课单词学习表格 V assert impossibility N extraordinary adj oppose monotonously V to state clearly and firmly that sth is true: 主张 The quality of being impossible; impracticability 不可能(性) 1unexpected, surprising or strange:惊人的 2 not normal or ord ...


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   综合英语二 下册 5 课单词学习表格 largely adv. mostly or mainly: to a great extent;主要地,很大程度上 doings n (infml 口) 1.[pl] things done or being done; activities 所做之事 2.[C] (plunchanged 复数不变) (Brit) thing(s) needed 需要的东西: dark-haired gratitude vapor melting fragrant d ...

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   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 age n.年龄 able a.能够 April (名)四月 air n.空气 airport n.机场 airplane n.飞机 [英]aeroplane any a.(用于否定句、疑问句等)任何 anyone pron.(用于疑问句,否定式)任何人 anything pron.任何(事物) anywhere ad.在(用于否定、疑问等)任何地方 ask vt.询问 apple n.苹果 absent a.缺席的 ...

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   }?合英??二 下Q? ?参姆?o 1 礼貌:一个更加愉快的世界的秘诀 礼貌: 多年以前,帮助人们解决各种各样的问题的过程使我深信:在一个个事例中,如人们相 互以礼相待,问题完全可能会得到解决,或许根本不会出现。 礼貌也好,客气,或文明举止也好,无论你如何称呼它,其供应似乎总是小于需求。一 位泪流满面的妻子向我吐露说, “使我伤心的倒不是我丈夫说的那些话,而是他说话时的态 度,他凭什么要对我大声嚷嚷?” “我讨厌我的上司。 ”一位面色铁青的职员嘟哝说: “不管 干什么,就没有听到他一句赞扬的 ...



   1. a pen pal 一位笔友 2. be from=come from 来自于 3. in the United States /the United Kingdom 在美国/在英国 4. live in+地点 住在某地 5. what language 哪一门语言 6. Japanese for Kids 儿童日语 7. our world in English 我们的英语世界 8. her favorite subject 她最喜欢的科目 9. want a pen pal in ...


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   试问同学:取消英语四六级统考 拿什么证明你的勤奋? 新华川耗子 如今每到英语四六级统考时期,就会引来不少的新闻,网上有漏题的,考场 有作弊的,学生有咒骂的,教授有质疑的。。。。。。这两天,英语四六级考试 又成了新闻热点了,据说网上又出现了漏题的情况,还有的地方因为考场或管理 故障造成了几千个考生今年不能完成考试。 互联网上也出现了一片对四六级考试 声讨的声音,还有两位教授参与进来了,他们义正词严地《建议取消英语四六级 统考》,认为现在的大学里,无论什么专业,外语都成了头等大事,绝大多数高 校 ...


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   一、 听录音, 选出跟录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里 ) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1、A. meat ) 2、A. black ) 3、A. mouth ) 4、A. go ) 5、A. China ) 6、A. have music class C. have math class ( ( ) 7、A. mutton B. cabbage C. mutton and cabbage B. seat B. bread B. mouse B.goat B. Ameri ...