综合英语二 下册 13 课单词中英文释义表格 a [only before noun] related through the mother's side of the family:母 maternal 系的,母亲一方的 a [only before noun] (of people) not closely related SYN distant:关系疏 remote 远的 ad used to introduce more exact and detailed information about sth that you namely have just mentioned:即,那就是 n [C] a person, situation or thing that makes you very afraid:引起恐怖的 terror 事物 n a person's descendants are their children, their children's children, and descendant all the people who live after them who are related to them:后裔,后代 n [U]the time when a child is a baby or very young:婴儿期,幼年 infancy n [C, U] the process of giving birth to a baby before it is fully developed miscarriage and able to survive; an occasion when this happens(医)流产 n a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again 寡妇,遗孀 widow n a person who starts an organization, institution, etc. or causes sth to founder be built:奠基者,创建者 ad very sad or making you feel sadness SYN mournful, sombre:忧郁的 melancholy a very unhappy or uncomfortable:痛苦的 miserable n [C] a way of living especially when this is difficult or boring:(尤指 existence 在逆境中的)生活 ad [only before noun] usual or typical of sb/sth:惯常的,通常的 habitually a of or shown by statistics 统计的;统计学的;以数据表示的: statistical a good for your health:有益于健康的,增进健康的 wholesome ad [usually before noun] connected with a person's mind and the way in which psychologicall it works:心理上;精神上 y n absorption absorption (in sth) the fact of sb being very interested in sth so that it takes all their attention:专心致志,全神贯注 n [U] energy and enthusiasm SYN vigour:生命力;活力 vitality ad
  1.used to say that a particular situation is not normal or expected: unusually 异乎寻常地
  2.used before aectives to emphasize that a particular quality is greater than normal:非常 a [not before noun] insensible (to sth) unable to feel sth or react to it: insensible 无感觉的,麻木的 a thinking quietly and seriously about sth:沉思的 contemplative a Philanthropy [U] the practice of helping the poor and those in need, philanthropic especially by giving money 乐善好施的,仁慈的 a [not usually before noun] indifferent (to sb/sth) having or showing no indifferent interest in sb/sth:不关心的;冷淡的 a producing many useful results SYN productive:有收益的,富有成效的 fruitful v to make clothes, etc. from wool or cotton thread using two long thin knit knitting needles or a machine:编织 n (BrE) a knitted piece of clothing made of wool or cotton for the upper jumper part of the body, with long sleeves and no buttons:(英)(针织)女套 衫 n [U, C] justification (for sth / doing sth) a good reason why sth exists justification or is done:正当的理由 ad existing or done for a good reason, and therefore acceptable SYN justifiably legitimate:情有可原地 a (formal) not good or honest; that should make you feel shame SYN base: ignoble 卑鄙的;不光彩的 n
  1.your sense of your own value and importance:自我价值感 ego
  2.(psychology) the part of the mind that is responsible for your sense of who you are (= your identity)自我,自己
recede passionately waterfall painlessly weariness
v ad ad ad n
unwelcome passion overwhelmingly unbearable wayward anguish verge ecstasy (=sales pitch/talk) shiver rim unfathomable
a n ad a A n n n v n a
(especially of a problem, feeling or quality) to become gradually weaker or smaller:变得模糊,变得淡漠 Passionate a.having or showing strong feelings of enthusiasm for sth or belief in sth:情绪激昂地 a place where a stream or river falls from a high place, for example over a cliff or rock 瀑布 Painless a. not unpleasant or difficult to do:(口语)不难地,不费力地 Weary a. very tired, especially after you have been working hard or doing sth for a long time: 疲劳,疲倦 not wanted:不受欢迎的,不想要的 [C, U] a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger, enthusiasm, etc.: (常用复数)强烈的情感 Overwhelming a. very great or very strong; so powerful that you cannot resist it or decide how to react:势不可挡地 too painful, annoying or unpleasant to deal with or accept SYN intolerable:难以忍受的,不能容忍的 (formal) difficult to control SYN headstrong: 难以控制的,倔强的 [U] (formal) severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness:(精神上的) 极度痛苦,悲痛 (BrE) a piece of grass at the edge of a path, road, etc.:(路边的)小 草地,绿地;起始点,临界点 起始点, 起始点 [U, C] a feeling or state of very great happiness SYN bliss 狂喜 [v] shiver (with sth) (of a person) to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc.:颤抖,哆嗦 the edge of sth in the shape of a circle:边,边缘
  1.too strange or difficult to be understood:难以理解的,莫测高深的
  2.if sb has an unfathomable expression, it is impossible to know what they are thinking (表情)难以琢磨的,微妙的 [usually sing.] (formal or literary) a very deep wide space or hole that seems to have no bottom:深渊 involving religious,spiritual,or magical powers that people cannot understand:神秘的;玄妙的 [vn] (formal) to suggest or show sth that will happen in the future(通 过形象)预示 the reflecting of sound off a wall or inside a confined space so that a noise appears to be repeated; a sound that is reflected back in this way: 回响,回声,回音 [v] (of a sound) to be repeated several times as it is reflected off different surfaces SYN echo:回响 [C, U] a lack of food during a long period of time in a region:饥荒 a person who has been attacked, injured or killed as the result of a crime, a disease, an accident, etc.:受害者 to make sb feel extremely unhappy or anxious SYN torment:折磨,使痛苦 a person or group of people that treats sb in a cruel and unfair way, especially by not giving them the same rights, etc. as other people 压 迫者,压制者 to dislike sth/sb very much:憎恨,憎恶 [U] comments or actions that are intended to make sb/sth seem ridiculous SYN ridicule, scorn:嘲笑,嘲弄 [vn] to make sth less severe SYN ease:减轻,缓解 devote yourself to sb/sth to give most of your time, energy, attention, etc. to sb/sth:致力于
abyss mystic prefigure echo
n a v n
reverberate famine victim torture oppressor
v n n v n
hate mockery
v n
v alleviate devote oneself to
have difficulty in doing sth have no reason to do
做……有困难 [U] reason (to do sth) | reason (why … ) | reason (for sth / for doing sth) a fact that makes it right or fair to do sth: 没有理由做某事 guard against sth to take care to prevent sth or to protect yourself from sth:防止 [C, usually pl.] ground for sth / for doing sth a good or true reason for saying, doing or believing sth: 因为,鉴于 cling [v]
  1.cling (on) to sb/sth | cling on / together to hold on tightly to sb/sth: 紧紧抓住(或抱住);
  2.cling (to sb) (usually disapproving) to stay close to sb, especially because you need them emotionally:感情上依恋(或依靠); cling to sth | cling on to sth to be unwilling to get rid of sth, or stop doing sth:坚持 because of:由于 it's no use (doing sth) | what's the use (of doing sth)? used to say that there is no point point(=[U, sing.] the purpose or aim of sth:) in doing sth because it will not be successful or have a good result: 做……是徒劳的 make a mockery of sth to make sth seem ridiculous or useless:是对……的嘲笑,践踏 [vn] sacrifice sth (for sb/sth) to give up sth that is important or valuable to you in order to get or do sth that seems more important for yourself or for another person:为……牺牲……;以……换取
guard against on the ground that on the grounds that cling to
owing to it is no use doing
make a mockery of sacrifice sth for



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