05 年 1 月
  81. she had improved not only her appearance, but also her attitudes towards life and the way she feels about herself
  82. cultivate kindness and show love for others
  83. next Sunday
  84. the problem how he should raise his family
  85. she didn’t want to embarrass him
  86. the welfare and happiness of others
  87. people took part in the great celebration for him and held a great dinner in his honor
  88. we have been practicing been miserable for far too long
  89. Agent X play more music after dinner
  90. give news uses to old words 05 年 4 月
  81.came from a swan's egg .
  82.with his friend or relative by being himself .
  83.investing his money very wisely .
  84.he seemed to be afraid that there wasn't enough food on the Ship .
  85.TV gave a distorted picture of the real world/a false sense of reality . /
  86.remove a major obstacle that keeps others from changing .
  87.freedom is/was stronger than love . /
  88.it had symmetrical Sides with paired organs .
  89.offer his help if he was ever faced with a similar situation .
  90.dying his hair green . 05 年 10 月

  81. the results of tomorrow’s horse races
  82.no matter what family you were born into, as long as you ‘ve got ability and do your best, you will succeed
  83.we are able to choose our attitude towards our death
  84.a way to study
  85.to do huge amount of reading
  86. the ten questions were exactly the same ten questions he had made up the day before
  87. exposing him to what the human race has achieve3d and what great minds have thought/putting him in touch with those great human minds
  88.a completely undetectable poison
  89.he wanted to gain more experience
  90.he was not sure how the white woman would receive a black man’s offer to help/he was
afraid the woman would refuse him
06 年 10 月
  81. write a confession of his intention to murder his wife .
  82.Never take advantage of a person’s misfortune .
  83.to run outside and call the police .
  84.Telling her she was fat and forcing her to face the reality .
  85.laughter was more important than money .
  86.An information leak in his office .
  87.He didn’t look like a writer or an actor .
  88.it had symmetrical sides with paired organs .
  89.spoke very fast .
  90.reading a letter found in the old man’s pocket . 07 年 1 月
  82.he came across many new words
  83. a way to study
  84. his love of life
  85. to listen to Agent X play more music after dinner
  86.become a welcome visitor
  87. racism and prejudice had divide people
  88. once mentioned organ donation
  89.“ discussed the topic“
  90. “ never take advantage of a person’s misfortune ” 07 年 4 月
  81.his road to a new world .
  82. to learn a (useful) trade (like shoemaking)
  83. explain the meaning of the words
  84. the Marine
  85. a historian
  86. playing the violin/fiddle
  87. self-esteem
  88. a very happy one
  89. racial discrimination/alienation

  90. there was an information leak at his office 07 年 7 月
  81.if you don’t control time, it will control you
  82.reading articles from the front page of the paper with the help of the customer
  83.contribution, self-esteem
  84.how television gives children a false sense of reality
  85.body and soul free
  86.observe a fish in yellow alcohol
  87.misshapen thumbnail and an upper tooth filled with gold
  88.who gets the most laughter
  89.preventing murders
  90.beautiful silver box 07 年 10 月
  81. it has a poetic way to tell the truth
  82. a way to study(and to live)
  83. playing the fiddle
  84. honesty, productive work, contribution, and self-esteem
  85. protect himself and Sangstrom’s wife
  86. a false sense of reality/a sense of unreality
  87. personal advertisement
  88.some teeth filled with gold and a misshapen thumbnail
  89. the master of time, not its servant
  90.The letter “A"
08 年 1 月
  81. There are people who care what happens to their fellow men.
  82. the “true meanings” of words

  83. He scrawled the letter”A” with his left foot
  84. Using transitional words
  85. are dirty and unpleasant
  86. her life style, her attitude, and her self-image
  87. make deposits and withdrawal
  88. crying loudly
  89. the author was eager to learn
  90. he wanted to see Cross be arrested
08 年 4 月

  71. turn all the paintings upside down
  72. he thought nobody would ever come to his shop to have his hair cut
  73. all the time they live in fear of being exposed as cheats.
  74. freedom and movement
  75. suffered from an incurable liver disease
  76. gazing at a fish did not seem to be challenging enough to an eager student and the alcohol had an unpleasant smell
  77. selling newspapers
  78. sit out near the kitchen door and read the newspaper
  79. he dared to challenge the authority of the dictionary
  80. he knew the result of the next day’s race by reading the newspaper he bought
08 年 7 月

  71. time management
  72. Cross was in police uniform while the real police were in plain clothes
  73. joy of seeing her husband alive
  74. brought into connection with some general law
  75. a small sack of gold
  76. said nothing
  77. trust, love and dignity
  78. how to evaluate his own life
  79. a rude boy calling her fat
  80. she loved him



   Lesson 10 1. How could I describe to him the estrangement I'd always felt from the kind of traveler who visits shrines to America's past greatness, those rebuilt forts with muskets behind glass and sabers mounted on the walls and gift shops selling ...


   综合英语二 下册 14 课单词中英文释义表格 n 1.person who listens 听者 listener 2.person listening to a radio programme 收听电台广播的人: violinist n a person who plays a violin 小提琴手 n a person who plays a musical instrument or writes music, especially as a musician job:乐师,音乐家 ...


   综合英语二 下册 13 课单词中英文释义表格 a [only before noun] related through the mother's side of the family:母 maternal 系的,母亲一方的 a [only before noun] (of people) not closely related SYN distant:关系疏 remote 远的 ad used to introduce more exact and detailed information ...


   综合英语二 下册 8 课单词中英文释义表格 [V] to be greater in amount or number than sth/sb else in a place, group, etc. predominate 占绝大多数,占优势 N a person in a university who is in charge of a department of studies dean (大学的)学院院长,系主任 A [usually before noun] connected w ...

自考综合英语二 上册08课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二上册 08 课单词中英文释义表格.doc frame heap rag v. n. n. [usually passive] to put or make a frame or border around sth:给…… 设框 1.heap (of sth) an untidy pile of sth:堆 . 2.[usually pl.] (informal) a lot of sth: 1. [C, U] a piece of old, often torn, cloth ...

自考综合英语二 上册01课单词中英文释义表格

   自考综合英语二 上册 01 课单词中英文释义表格 3 junior high school n [vn] to go regularly to a place:上学 (also junior high) noun [C, U] (in the US) a school for young people between the ages of 12 and 14(美)初级中学 (also senior high) noun (in the US) a school for young peop ...


   综合英语二 下册 2 课单词学习表格 V assert impossibility N extraordinary adj oppose monotonously V to state clearly and firmly that sth is true: 主张 The quality of being impossible; impracticability 不可能(性) 1unexpected, surprising or strange:惊人的 2 not normal or ord ...


   综合英语二 下册 4 课单词学习表格 v waken [V][VN]~ (sb) (up) to wake, or make sb wake, from sleep:醒来 a (old-fashioned) causing trouble or difficulty Synonym: ANNOYING 讨厌的, bothersome 麻烦的 n [C] a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process ta ...


   综合英语二学习方略 1998 年下半年起江苏省高等教育自学考试英语专业已开始实施新计划。新计划对英语专、 本科的一些课程作了调整,并增设了一些新课程。这对自学考试英语专业的更加完善,更好 地适应形势的变化发展,对教育面向社会、面向现代化起到了进一步地推动作用。 新计划将英语专科段原来的精(一)、(二)改成了综合英语(一)、(二)。为什么要作此修改? 修改后有无实质性的变化?我们又应该如何学习?这是众多考生经常询问的问题, 下面就此谈 谈笔者的几点看法。 综合英语(二)的位置 1989 年出版 ...


   L1 P14 Why does the author tell s not to be afraid to ask stupid questions? The author thinks that many apparently naive inquiries like why grass is green, or why the sn is round, or why we need 55, 000 unclear weapons in the world ??are really dee ...



   终于有相对轻松地一段时间了,从今天开始,我将主要谈一下考研英语阅读的备考注意事项,这是对于 上课同学的一种查漏补缺,对于不报班的同学也希望有所帮助! 第一. 我希望同学们能够养成的第一个阅读习惯是读文章读段落时,有意识的去分析一下邻近的几个句 子的关系,在养成了这样的阅读习惯之后,逐渐的你会培养起一种能力,那就是分清楚文章层次的能力 这种能力对于做考研中的例证题,词句理解题,新题型七选五都至关重要。 简单的说:相邻的两句话有两种关系,要么是并列关系,要么是种属关系。 所谓并列范畴,是指这两句 ...


   本文由一意孤行的人1贡献 主题:大学英语六级核心词汇总结(1) 收藏本贴 | 好友分享 | 推广拿分点击:22071 | 回复:43 | 标签: 六级 词汇 (一)形容词 abnormal α.不正常的 absurd α.荒缪的 abundant α.丰富的 acute α.敏锐的锋利的 aggressive α.侵略的好斗的 ambiguous α.模棱两可的模糊的 ambitious α.有雄心的有抱负的 appropriate α.合适的恰 ...


   初中英语学习 1 (see 、 hear 、 notice 、 find 、 feel 、 listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the w ...


   级大一的同学们, 可亲可爱的 09 级大一的同学们,你们是否还在抱怨这个刚刚到来的大学生涯的第一个寒假 真的很让人空虚呢?其实在写这篇日志之前我也是觉得长假漫漫,无事可做。。但是 真的很让人空虚呢?其实在写这篇日志之前我也是觉得长假漫漫,无事可做。。但是,但 。 但是, 是现在终于有了一件能够唤醒我们的事了??英语四级机考!!经过 ??英语四级机考 ! 是现在终于有了一件能够唤醒我们的事了??英语四级机考!!经过 2009 年 12 月在全国 180 所高校进行机考试点之后,2010 年四级 ...


   经验分享:学习英语的五个好习惯 好的学习习惯会对我们的学习有很大的帮助,下面和大家介绍几个有用的习惯 还有就是要改掉的一些习惯,分成英语(论坛)学习的背单词,阅读,朗读,听写还有写作的习惯。 1、背单词的习惯 似乎背单词永远是中国学生英语好坏的标准,也是考察的重要内容,那么我首先要和大家谈这个问题,就是背单词的习惯问题。 首先,重复次数不是越多越好。同次背诵的时候,抄写或者朗读的次数不是越多越好,而是在72小时内进行有效的重复,基本上我们喜欢做的抄10次就够了,再多的次数其实在不久之后就会很容 ...