05 年 1 月
  81. she had improved not only her appearance, but also her attitudes towards life and the way she feels about herself
  82. cultivate kindness and show love for others
  83. next Sunday
  84. the problem how he should raise his family
  85. she didn’t want to embarrass him
  86. the welfare and happiness of others
  87. people took part in the great celebration for him and held a great dinner in his honor
  88. we have been practicing been miserable for far too long
  89. Agent X play more music after dinner
  90. give news uses to old words 05 年 4 月
  81.came from a swan's egg .
  82.with his friend or relative by being himself .
  83.investing his money very wisely .
  84.he seemed to be afraid that there wasn't enough food on the Ship .
  85.TV gave a distorted picture of the real world/a false sense of reality . /
  86.remove a major obstacle that keeps others from changing .
  87.freedom is/was stronger than love . /
  88.it had symmetrical Sides with paired organs .
  89.offer his help if he was ever faced with a similar situation .
  90.dying his hair green . 05 年 10 月

  81. the results of tomorrow’s horse races
  82.no matter what family you were born into, as long as you ‘ve got ability and do your best, you will succeed
  83.we are able to choose our attitude towards our death
  84.a way to study
  85.to do huge amount of reading
  86. the ten questions were exactly the same ten questions he had made up the day before
  87. exposing him to what the human race has achieve3d and what great minds have thought/putting him in touch with those great human minds
  88.a completely undetectable poison
  89.he wanted to gain more experience
  90.he was not sure how the white woman would receive a black man’s offer to help/he was
afraid the woman would refuse him
06 年 10 月
  81. write a confession of his intention to murder his wife .
  82.Never take advantage of a person’s misfortune .
  83.to run outside and call the police .
  84.Telling her she was fat and forcing her to face the reality .
  85.laughter was more important than money .
  86.An information leak in his office .
  87.He didn’t look like a writer or an actor .
  88.it had symmetrical sides with paired organs .
  89.spoke very fast .
  90.reading a letter found in the old man’s pocket . 07 年 1 月
  82.he came across many new words
  83. a way to study
  84. his love of life
  85. to listen to Agent X play more music after dinner
  86.become a welcome visitor
  87. racism and prejudice had divide people
  88. once mentioned organ donation
  89.“ discussed the topic“
  90. “ never take advantage of a person’s misfortune ” 07 年 4 月
  81.his road to a new world .
  82. to learn a (useful) trade (like shoemaking)
  83. explain the meaning of the words
  84. the Marine
  85. a historian
  86. playing the violin/fiddle
  87. self-esteem
  88. a very happy one
  89. racial discrimination/alienation

  90. there was an information leak at his office 07 年 7 月
  81.if you don’t control time, it will control you
  82.reading articles from the front page of the paper with the help of the customer
  83.contribution, self-esteem
  84.how television gives children a false sense of reality
  85.body and soul free
  86.observe a fish in yellow alcohol
  87.misshapen thumbnail and an upper tooth filled with gold
  88.who gets the most laughter
  89.preventing murders
  90.beautiful silver box 07 年 10 月
  81. it has a poetic way to tell the truth
  82. a way to study(and to live)
  83. playing the fiddle
  84. honesty, productive work, contribution, and self-esteem
  85. protect himself and Sangstrom’s wife
  86. a false sense of reality/a sense of unreality
  87. personal advertisement
  88.some teeth filled with gold and a misshapen thumbnail
  89. the master of time, not its servant
  90.The letter “A"
08 年 1 月
  81. There are people who care what happens to their fellow men.
  82. the “true meanings” of words

  83. He scrawled the letter”A” with his left foot
  84. Using transitional words
  85. are dirty and unpleasant
  86. her life style, her attitude, and her self-image
  87. make deposits and withdrawal
  88. crying loudly
  89. the author was eager to learn
  90. he wanted to see Cross be arrested
08 年 4 月

  71. turn all the paintings upside down
  72. he thought nobody would ever come to his shop to have his hair cut
  73. all the time they live in fear of being exposed as cheats.
  74. freedom and movement
  75. suffered from an incurable liver disease
  76. gazing at a fish did not seem to be challenging enough to an eager student and the alcohol had an unpleasant smell
  77. selling newspapers
  78. sit out near the kitchen door and read the newspaper
  79. he dared to challenge the authority of the dictionary
  80. he knew the result of the next day’s race by reading the newspaper he bought
08 年 7 月

  71. time management
  72. Cross was in police uniform while the real police were in plain clothes
  73. joy of seeing her husband alive
  74. brought into connection with some general law
  75. a small sack of gold
  76. said nothing
  77. trust, love and dignity
  78. how to evaluate his own life
  79. a rude boy calling her fat
  80. she loved him



   05 年 1 月 81. she had improved not only her appearance, but also her attitudes towards life and the way she feels about herself 82. cultivate kindness and show love for others 83. next Sunday 84. the problem how he should raise his family 85. she di ...


   综合英语二 下册 12 课单词中英文释义表格 doc n a person who travels into a city to work each day, usually from quite commuter far away:每天使用月票往返上班者 n [C] (BrE) the outer edge of an area or a group:边缘;外围 fringe a (of a situation) not encouraging or giving any reason t ...


   综合英语二 下册 13 课单词中英文释义表格 a [only before noun] related through the mother's side of the family:母 maternal 系的,母亲一方的 a [only before noun] (of people) not closely related SYN distant:关系疏 remote 远的 ad used to introduce more exact and detailed information ...

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   自考综合英语二 上册 01 课单词中英文释义表格 3 junior high school n [vn] to go regularly to a place:上学 (also junior high) noun [C, U] (in the US) a school for young people between the ages of 12 and 14(美)初级中学 (also senior high) noun (in the US) a school for young peop ...

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   综合英语二 下册 3 课单词学习表格 doc v to give a religious talk in a public place, especially in a church during preach a service:布道; 2[v] (disapproving) to give sb advice on moral standards, behaviour, etc, especially in a way that they find annoying or boring: ...


   综合英语二 下册 5 课单词学习表格 largely adv. mostly or mainly: to a great extent;主要地,很大程度上 doings n (infml 口) 1.[pl] things done or being done; activities 所做之事 2.[C] (plunchanged 复数不变) (Brit) thing(s) needed 需要的东西: dark-haired gratitude vapor melting fragrant d ...


   综合英语二 下册 2 课单词学习表格 V assert impossibility N extraordinary adj oppose monotonously V to state clearly and firmly that sth is true: 主张 The quality of being impossible; impracticability 不可能(性) 1unexpected, surprising or strange:惊人的 2 not normal or ord ...


   自考综合英语二课文 全国高等教育自学考试指定教材 综合英语二(上下) 主编 徐克荣 外语教学与研究出版 社 Lesson One Twelve Things l Wish They Taught at School Carl Sagan 俗话说: “活到老,学到老。 ”人的一生就是不断学习、不断丰富和充实自己的过程。青 少年阶段,尤其是中学阶段,无疑是学习的最佳时期。中学教育的重点应放在什么地方?美 国著名科学家和科普作家萨根批评中学只抓各个学科具体内容的做法, 他认为中学要注重对 青少年的 ...


   L1 P14 Why does the author tell s not to be afraid to ask stupid questions? The author thinks that many apparently naive inquiries like why grass is green, or why the sn is round, or why we need 55, 000 unclear weapons in the world ??are really dee ...



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   2011 年职称英语教材(理工类 B)幺建华押题班第一位阅读理解第 34、38、33 篇 WORD 年职称英语教材( 押题班第一位 )幺建华押题班第一位阅读理解第 、 、 【第一位】 *第三十四篇 Batteries Built by Viruses *第三十八篇 Longer Lives for Wild Elephants * 第三十三篇 Experts Call for Local and Regional Control of Sites for Radiocative Waste ...


   警惕:这样学英语等于自欺欺人 凡想学好英语(论坛)的人,无不奢望自己能有一口流利优美的英语发音,而为了锻造一口流利优美的英语发音,却几乎百分之百的中国人都在犯一个天大的错误,那就是把“流利”误认为是“快”,误认为发音越快越流利,越快速练习英语发音,就越能练出流利的英语发音。 因此,风行全国的好多英语发音学习方法都倡导“快”,都比赛“快”,都以“快”为标准来衡量一个学生英语发音的流利程度。在“以快为流利”的错误思想的指导下,很多老师在教学生英语发音时就像是绕口令的比赛教练,要拿着秒表组织学生进行 ...


   2011 年新东方最新口语笔记 1st Speaking Lecture(Date: 2005.5.15 A.M) Ⅰ、评分标准精解 一、 Fluency 1、keep going 2-4 句话,表现出 willing to/prepared to speak,可通过以下途径来实现:⑴ expansion strategy:回答一般疑问句后,加上 what,which,who,when,how 等问题的答案,形成 1-2 个附加信息。 ⑵ add details: when,what,how ...


   Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin, both to protect against the weather and against constantly having the door shut in your face. Bill Porter puts up with all this and much, much more. 干挨家挨户上门推销这一营生得脸皮厚,这是因为干这一行不仅要经受风 ...