Unit 1
  1. 读研究生时应该学会的最很需要的技能之一就是如何建 立联系网.这是一种学得的技能,因此你们不应该期望立即就 能熟练掌握. One of the most important skills you should be learning in graduate school is how to “network”. Networking is a learned skill, so you shouldn’t expect to be an expert at it immediately. One of the most important skills while you are graduates / you study as a graduate is how to set up a network, which is a learned skill, so you shouldn’t hope to master it skillfully at once.
  2. 由于两代人对于世界不断发生的巨大变化有不同的理解 及偏好,因而产生了代沟. Generation gap results from different understanding and appreciation of the great and constant changes of the world. The two generations have different understanding and preferential in the great change of the world, which leads to generation gap.
  3. 当个人之间有着相似的兴趣及共同的人生观时,朋友关系 便会持久发展. Enduring/Continuous/Going-on friendships develop when
individuals have similar interests and a common outlook on life. Friendship won’t develop further / have a further development unless individuals have similar interests.
  4. 任何人想要生活既硕果累累又充满快乐,他就应处理好工 作和娱乐的关系. Anyone who wants to have a both fruitful and cheerful life should deal well with the relationship between work and play. Whoever wants to have … should cope with / do with …
  5. 我认为真正的朋友应是那些能与你同甘共苦的,你可信
任的,不会背弃你的人. I think a real friend should be one who shares joy and hardships with you, one you can trust and one who won’t turn his back on you. I believe that true / real friends should be those who share joy and hardships with you, those who you can trust and those who never betray you.
  6. 得体,熟练的人际交往将会满足我们的心理需求,社会需求 和其他实际需求. Proper and skillful interpersonal communication will satisfy our psychological needs, social needs and other practical needs. … communication between persons will meet our … needs
  7. 我们生活中不能没有朋友,就好像我们不能没有空气和水
一样. We cannot live without friends just as we cannot survive without air and water. Just as we cannot survive without air and water, (so) we cannot live without friends.
  8. 人际交往技能非常重要,因此我们应该进行有意识的培养. 这些技能同礼貌一样都是可以学会的. Interpersonal communication skills are so important that we should develop such skills conscientiously. Like good manners, they can after all be learned Interpersonal communication skills are very important, so we should cultivate / nurture / foster such skills, which, like good manners, can be learned after all. Unit 2 Translation
  1. 多数研究者花大量的时间阅读论文,与同事讨论想法,写 作,修改论文,其间会毫无表情的凝视天空??自然就有了 出色的想法并跃然纸上。 Most researchers spend the majority of their time reading papers, discussing ideas with colleagues, writing and revising papers, staring blankly into space ? and, of course, having brilliant ideas and implementing them.

  2. 现有的教育体制已不能满足学生的需要。 我们应当考虑给 他们更多的机会和选择。 The existing/present educational system cannot meet the needs of students. We should take into account / consider giving them more opportunities/chances and choices.
  3. 自学与我们终生相伴。要跟上 21 世纪世界的快速发展和 变化,我们得不断地提高自己。 Self-education stays with us throughout our lives. In order to keep up with the rapid development and changes of the 21st century world, we have to keep on trying hard to improve ourselves.
  4. 如果我们能更多地了解社会, 那么我们毕业后就更容易适 应社会。 If we can get to know the society more, we can adapt to it easier / adapt ourselves / adjust ourselves to it more easily when we graduate. If we have a further / deeper / more understanding about/on the society, …
  5. 参加俱乐部和学生社团是件好事, 不仅能与更多的人打交 道,还能丰富学生们的社会生活。 Joining clubs and students’ associations is a good way to meet more people and enrich the students’ social life (as well). / not
only to meet more people but also (to) enrich …/
  6. 我们的同学性格各异, 与他们交往能使我们学会处理不同 的人际关系。 Our classmates are of different characters, so it (the communication with them / communicating with them) enables us to learn to handle relationships between different kinds of people.
  7. 设法找人与你共事: 如果有别人与你讨论想法并给你反馈 意见,做研究就容易多了。 Try to find people to work with you: doing research is much easier if you have someone to discuss ideas with you and to give you feedback.
  8. 三年的研究生学习不仅仅是听课、讨论、研究、它还对我 们的未来做好准备,为我们的事业成功铺平道路。 The three-year graduate experience is more than / not only / not simply listening to the lecture, attending the symposium and doing research?it’s about preparing ourselves for the future and paving the way for our successful careers. Unit 3 Translation
  1. 想象一下,因特网就是两台计算机之间传递信息的公路, 而万维网就是村落。
Think of the Internet as the road carrying information between two computers; think of the World Wide Web as the village. …, and the World Wide Web as the village.
  2. 人们认为互联网的出现和印刷术(the typography)的发明 一样重要。它将永远改变曾经熟悉的媒体面孔。 People think the dawn of the Internet was supposed to be as important as the invention of the typography/the printing press. It will change the once familiar face of the media forever. … think of … as important as …
  3. 万维网能帮助人们了解其他的生活方式和情感表达, 还有 助于我们了解人类的本性。 The World Wide Web can help people to understand the way that others live and love / understand how others live and love. It helps us understand the humanity of people./ the human nature.
  4. 随着个人电脑的普及, 人们越来越关注闯入计算机系统的 “黑客”的活动。 With the wide spread / the popularity of personal computers, there is increasing concern about the activities of “hackers”, who break into computer systems…. People are becoming more and more concerned about …
  5. 从简单的产品到复杂的服务,虚拟世界正在改写商务规
则。因特网是这个转变的主导力量。 From simple products to complex services, virtual reality is rewriting the rules of business. The leader of this change is the Internet.
  6. 从网上交谈,要经济的使用语言。在网上既没有时间也没 有空间做解释。当你要离开一会儿,为什么不用 BRB 代替 be right back 呢? Net chat requires linguistic economy. There’s neither time nor space for explanation. Why waste precious keystrokes telling your friends you have to leave for a moment when BRB (be right back) will do?
  7. 随着亚洲发展中国家出现地区性金融危机, 商业巨头期待 着硅谷能寻求一种新型经济模式,去替代目前以廉价劳动力 和大规模生产为基础的经济模式。 With the emergence of regional financial crisis in Asia’s developing countries, business leaders are looking forward to Silicon Valley for new business models to take the place of ones based on cheap labor and mass production.
  8. eBay 是现在最大的网上集市,销售范围由汽车到电脑到 体育用品,货物多达一万八千种。 Today eBay is the largest online seller of goods ranging from automobiles to computers to sporting goods, a total of 18,000
categories in all. Unit 4 Translation
  1. 未成熟的产品在投放市场时需要花费大量的资金用于广 告宣传。 The immature products, when launched to the market, cost a large amount of money on advertising and publicity. When marketed/put into market
  2. 按照他的建议,我们没有选所有的选修课,只选了其中的 三门。 According to his advice, we have taken three optional / selective courses instead of all of them. … we didn’t take all the optional courses / subjects. We took three, instead.
  3. 过去十年是有史以来创新活动最集中的时期之一??不 仅有因特网的产生,还有对人类基因的破译。 The past 10 years saw one of the most concentrated bursts of innovation in our history?not just the Internet, but the decoding of the human genome.
  4. 我们欣喜地看到, 政府不仅早已意识到了金融危机的潜在 危害,而且还及时、果断地采取了一系列有力措施,进行规 范和引导。 To our delight, the government has not only been aware of the
potential harm of financial crisis but has also timely and decisively taken a series of powerful measures for regulation and direction. We are very delightful to see that the government has not only realized the potential harm of financial crisis but has also timely and decisively taken a series of powerful measures to regulate and direct them.
  5. 我们被这突如其来的消息惊呆了,简直说不出话来,也没 有作出任何反应。 We were stunned by the sudden news and could hardly say any word or show any response… say a word / anything
  6. 对那次事故我已不怎么记得了, 我当时只是隐约觉得被爆 炸的力量推向空中,然后又重重的摔在地上。 I can’t remember what exactly happened in that accident and I vaguely felt at that time myself being propelled / thrown into the air by the force of the explosion / blast, then falling down heavily on the ground.
  7. 课税负担继续从富人那里转移至工薪阶层, 这样更加剧了 这个国家的财富与收入差距。 The tax burden continues to shift from the wealthy to the working class, which increases the sharp disparities in wealth and income in this country… thus increasing / widening the
great difference …
  8. 投资者通常要考虑风险, 并在一定的风险程度下最大限度 得增加收益,而且只有在收益较高的情况下他们才接受较大 的风险。 Investors often consider risks and they maximize returns for a given level of risk and generally accept a higher risk only if returns are higher. Unit 5 Translation
  1. 风险资本投资于一些创业公司被认为具有极优秀的发展 前景但有无法进入资本市场. Venture capital finances start-up companies, who are perceived to have excellent growth prospects but don’t have access to capital markets.
  2. 对未来移动通信而言,图象的重要性将和语音不分上下. Images will be just as important as sound to the future of mobile communications.
  3. 心脏病和高血压的发病率可以通过让高危人群经历对比 强烈的温度,以保持身体的反应来降低。 The incidence of heart attacks and high blood pressure could be reduced by exposing at-risk people to highly contrasting temperatures and retraining their body’s reaction.

  4. 信用卡起代用货币的作用,被称作“信用工具” ,并被人 们广泛认同和使用. Credit cards perform the function of substitute money and are known as “instruments of credit,” accepted and used widely… play a role in replacing …
  5. “全球市场”包含全世界大多数国家,其习俗、生活方式 和购物习惯都不同,因此,营销家们需要考虑这些差异. The “global market” consists of hundreds of nations, each with its own customs, life styles, and buying habits, and marketers are urged to take these differences into account.
  6. 大家倡导设计既保护生态又富含文化气息的建筑, 并就此 召开了一个研讨会. It is advocated to design eco-friendly buildings with cultural richness and a seminar on the subject has also been held.
  7. 很明显,在你的公司里,如果人才不流动,你就没机会占 领新市场. It is apparent that you have no chance to capture new markets if the talented people are not in and out in your company.
  8. 既然有关各方面都在准备进行谈判, 那么局势应该会缓和 了. The situation should ease up now that the sides involved are prepared to make a talk/ for a negotiation.
Unit 6 Translation
  1. 在生日宴会上,他傲慢无礼的举动冒犯了他姐姐的客人; 她因此发誓要为自己所受到的羞辱雪耻. At the birthday party, his arrogance and rudeness insulted his sister’s guests, and she swore to avenge the disgrace she had suffered. …offended …. She swore to do something in return for …
  2. 常言道“入乡随俗” ,无论你身在何处都必须遵守当地的 习俗,否则你会发现自己令人讨厌. Just as the saying goes “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, you’ll have to observe the local customs wherever you are; otherwise, you’ll find yourself offensive to others.
  3. 中年人和高血压患者被推荐多喝豆奶, 因为豆奶脂肪中的 脂肪酸有助于降低血液中胆固醇的含量(consume) Middle-aged people and patients with h



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   通过交流阻抗谱表征锂离子电池的 老化效应 摘要 阻抗谱是最有前途的用来表征便携式二次电池的老化 效应方法之一, 因为它提供了不同的老化机制的信息。 然而, 阻抗谱“在这些领域“的应用具有一定的比实验室实验更高的 要求。它需要一个快速的阻抗测量过程,一个需要几节电池 精确的模型与应用和一个可靠的估计模型参数方法。 在本文中,我们提出了一个同时测量不同频率的阻抗方 法。我们建议使用复合电极模型,有能力来描述多孔复合电 极材料。 一个在结合进化策略和 Levenberg- Marquardt 法基 ...


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