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Test Paper Four
全部题目用英文作答,并将答案写在答题纸相应位置上,否则不计分。 PART ONE I. 语法、词汇。用适当的词填空。从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并将 所选答案的字母写在答题纸上。 (本大题共 25 小题,每小题 1 分,共 25 分) Complete each of the following sentences with the most likely answer. (25 points)
  1. The teacher explained the point a second time, but everyone understand. A. not even then does B. even then not did C. not even then did D. not even then
  2. All flights because of the storm, they decided to go to Beijing by train. A. having been canceled B. had been canceled C. having canceled D. were canceled
  3. We shall have completed the work by the time he back next week. A. will come B. comes C. is coming D. will have come
  4. The little girl into the lake but her father caught her. A. would have fallen B. should have fallen C. had probably fallen D. has fallen
  5. “Do you often swim now?” “No, but I when I was in my fifties.” A. used to B. am used to it C. used to do D. was used to doing
  6. A new computer costs about of this used one. A. the three times price B. three time the price C. three times a price D. three times the price
  7. He deeply regretted the only opportunity to go to college. A. to have to miss B. that he will miss C. to miss D. missing
  8. Alice and Mary waited breathlessly for the announcement, she had won the award. A. each hoped B. each hoping C. and each hopes D. and each hoping
  9. Statistics is a discipline all the other sciences. A. affected B. to affect C. affecting D. being affected
  10. It was not until she had arrived home remembered her appointment with the doctor. A. when she B. that she C. and she D. she
  11. He must have waited here for an hour, ? A. didn’t he B. mustn’t he C. hasn’t he D. must he

  12. We’ll have to go without him he comes before our flight departs. A. if B. providing C. unless D. on condition that
  13. A moment’s is sometimes worth a lifetime’s experience. A. realization B. insight C. knowledge D. vision
  14. Youth is not a time of life ? it is a of mind. You are as young as you feel, and as old as you doubt. A. peace B. presence C. ease D. state
  15. Wisdom is knowing when to your mind and when to mind your speech. A. read B. go out of C. make up D. change
  16. To wages and salaries means increasing purchasing power. A. raise B. rise C. lift D. improve
  17. Success is to be measured by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed. A. not so much B. just much C. much less D. much more
  18. The boy ran from home to school and was just in time for class. A. all the more B. all the way C. all the same D. all the time
  19. The man was sentenced to three years of imprisonment because he was in car smuggling. A. included B. connected C. involved D. concerned
  20. The Red Cross passed the money to the village school without the donor’s name. A. quoting B. calling C. bringing up D. referring to
  21. The Thinking Machine in solving the mystery of the silver box. A. persisted B. achieved C. managed D. succeeded
  22. Life is not merely , but the enjoyment of health. A. living B. alive C. lively D. liveable
  23. Most of the men working in the factory were farmers . A. formally B. formerly C. early D. firstly
  24. A successful man is who has the opportunity and takes it. A. person B. anyone C. some D. one
  25. Wise people believe only half of what they hear ? wiser ones know half to believe. A. what B. which
C. that D. such II. 完形填空。从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并将所选答案的字母写在 答题纸上。 (本大题共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分) Fill in each blank in the passage with the most likely answer. (15 points) Geography is the study of the relationship between people and the land. Geographers compare and contrast various places on the earth. But they also 26 beyond the individual places and consider the earth as a 27 . The word geography 28 from two Greek words, ge , the Greek word for “earth” and graphein, 29 means “to write.” The English word geography means “to describe the earth.” 30 geography books focus on a small area like a town or a city. Others deal with a state, a region, a nation, or an 31 continent. Many geography books deal with the whole earth. Another 32 to divide the study of geography is to distinguish between physical geography and cultural geography. The former focuses on the natural world; the 33 starts with human beings and 34 how human beings and their environment act 35 each other. But when geography is considered as a single subject, 36 branch can neglect each other. A geographer might be described as one who observes, records, and explains the differences between places. If all places 37 alike, there would be little need for geographers. We know, however, 38 no two places are exactly the same. Geography, 39 , is a point of view, a special way of 40 at places.
  26. A. pass B. reach C. go D. set
  27. A. whole B. unit C. part D. total
  28. A. falls B. removes C. results D. comes
  29. A. what B. that C. which D. it
  30. A. Some B. Few C. More D. Most
  31. A. extensive B. entire C. overall D. enormous
  32. A. way B. means C. habit D. technique
  33. A. second B. later C. next D. latter
  34. A. learns B. studies C. realizes D. understands
  35. A. on B. for C. as D. to
  36. A. each B. one C. neither D. either
  37. A. being B. are C. be D. were
  38. A. although B. whether C. since D. that
  39. A. still B. then C. nevertheless D. moreover
  40. A. working B. looking C. arriving D. getting III. 难句释义。从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并将所选答案的字母写在 答题纸上。 (本大题共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Choose the closest paraphrased version for each of the sentences or italicized parts. (10 points)
  41.Every student should regularly experience the “Aha!”? when something you never understood, or something you never knew was a mystery, becomes clear. A. When students suddenly come to understand something new, or when they solve a mystery, they usually shout, “Aha!” B. Students should keep learning new things so that they can feel the joy of discovering what they
didn’t understand before. C. Students should often change subjects in their studies so that they can experience surprises, which makes learning more enjoyable. D. If learning is made more surprising and mysterious, students will never find it boring.
  42. When Hughie came in he found Trevor putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life-size picture of a beggar-man. A. Trevor was adding some decorations. B. Trevor was making some corrections. C. Trevor had just checked a few details. D. Trevor had almost finished the picture.
  43. I think this makes a man out of a boy sooner than almost anything else. A. This helps a boy to become mature sooner. B. This makes a little innocent boy grow faster. C. Nothing else can make a boy understand the hardships of life. D. This, more than anything else, helps a boy see how he should behave.
  44. It was in her mind to share their refuge. A. The thought that they should share the refuge was constantly troubling her. B. She was wondering if they should share their shelter with the neighbours. C. She didn’t mind that their shelter should be made a public place. D. She thought they should share their shelter with the neighbours.
  45. However, today’s businessman, selling in overseas markets, will frequently meet situations where it is difficult to square his business interests with his moral conscience. A. It is difficult to get his moral standards to serve his business interests. B. It is sometimes difficult for him to keep his business interests in line with his moral standards. C. His interests in business and his moral standards can affect each other. D. He finds it hard to sacrifice his business interests for his moral principles.
  46. Another ingredient of courtesy is empathy , a quality that enables a person to see into the mind or heart of someone else, to understand the pain or unhappiness there and to do something to minimize it. A. to realize that he would never let others know his secrets. B. to know that he is suffering from pain or unhappiness. C. to perceive the pain or unhappiness he keeps to himself. D. to understand what is going on in his mind.
  47. The beauty of our country ? or at least all of it south of North Scotland ? is as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy. A. The beauty of our country is easy to enjoy but difficult to describe. B. It is difficult both to state the beauty of our country and to really appreciate it. C. It is more difficult to really appreciate the beauty of our country than to give it a definition.
D. To discover the beauty of our country requires much intelligence, but to define it is a different matter.
  48. His [my adviser’s] reaction indicates to me that I actually stand a chance of coming up with a workable design [of an atom bomb]. A. My chance of working out a satisfactory design is actually very little. B. It is in fact a good chance for me to design and make an atom bomb. C. It is likely that I am able to work out a plan for making an atomic bomb. D. I must seize the opportunity and think up the blueprint of an atom bomb.
  49. One rainy night when car windows were sealed against me I came back soaked and with not a single sale to report. A. I run all the way home wet through, and I was too tired to say anything to my mother. B. I hurried home in the rain to report to my mother how many magazines I had sold. C. I didn’t bring any money back, and I had nothing interesting to tell my family. D. I didn’t even sell one copy of the magazine and I came home wet through.
  50. Thus the age we live in offers little prospect of outward stability, and only those who by an inner serenity and disentanglement have learned how to deal with the continually unexpected can be at home in it. A. One of the characteristics of our age is that it is constantly changing. B. It is impossible for us to be living in the same age all our lives. C. We are living in a very dangerous age ,and it is not stable at all. D. Living in an age of instability, we can’t hope to live peacefully. IV. 阅读理解。认真阅读下列两篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 个问题,根据短文的内容从 A、B、 C、D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并将所选答案的字母写在答题纸上。 (本大题共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Read the two passages and answer the questions. (10 points) Passage 1 On my voyage to Japan, I shared a cabin with Mr. Kelada. He was chatty and seemed too sure of himself. One evening at dinner the passengers started talking about culture pearls(人工养殖珍珠) the Japanese were making, Mr. Kelada rushed the new topic: “I’ going to Japan just to look into the Japanese pearl business. I’ in the trade and I know all m m the best pearls in the world. They’ never be able to get a culture pearl that an expert like me can’ ll t tell with half an eye.” He pointed to the chain that Mrs. Ramsay wore. “You take my word for it, Mrs. Ramsay, that chain you’re wearing will never be worth a cent less than it is now.” Mrs. Ramsay in her modest way flushed (脸红) a little and slipped the chain inside her dress. Mr. Ramsay leaned forward. He gave us all a look, and a smile shone in his eyes. “That’s a pretty chain, isn’t it? ” “I noticed it at once,” answered Mr. Kelada. “Gee, I said to myself, those are pearls all right.” “I didn’t buy it myself, of course. I’d be interested to know how much you think it cost.” “Oh, in the trade somewhere round fifteen thousand dollars. But if it was bought on Fifth Avenue
I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that anything up to thirty thousand was paid for it.” Mr. Ramsay smiled grimly. “You’ll be surprised to hear that Mrs. Ramsay bought that string at a department store the day before we left New York, for eighteen dollars.” Mr. Kelada flushed. “Nonsense. It’s not only real, but it’s as fine a string for its size as I’ve ever seen.” “Will you bet(打赌) on it? I’ll bet you a hundred dollars that it’s imitation.” “Done.” “Oh, Elmer, you can’t bet on a certainty,” said Mrs. Ramsay. She had a little smile on her lips, and her tone was gently showing strong disagreement. “Can’t I? If I get a chance of easy money like that I should be all sorts of a fool not to take it .” “But how can it be proved?” she continued. “It’s only my word against Mr. Kelada’s”. “Let me look at the chain, and if it’s imitation, I’ll tell you quickly enough. I can afford to lose a hundred dollars,” said Mr. Kelada. “Take it off, dear. Let the gentleman look at it as much as he wants.” Mrs. Ramsay hesitated a moment. She put her hands to the clasp(项链扣). “I can’t undo it,” she said. “Mr. Kelada will just have to take my word for it.” I had a sudden suspicion that something unfortunate was about to occur



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