【最给力版】人教版新目标初一下册英语复习提纲 Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from?
一、词组 be from= come form 来自... Where is he/she from? Where does he/she come from? A pen pal=a pen friend 笔友 net friend in the United States of America (USA)/the United Kingdom(UK)在美国/在英国 like and dislike 好恶;爱憎 live in….在...居住 what language 哪一门语言 Japanese for Kids 儿童日语 our world in English 我们的英语世界 her favorite subject 她最喜欢的科目 like sth best. want a pen pal in China want to have a penpal in China=would like to have a pen friend of China 想有一位来自中国的笔友 an interesting country 一个很有趣的国家 speak English 讲英语 say sth.in English play sports 做体育运动 play basketball/football/soccer/volleyball/tableball/ tennis a little French 一点法语 a little 修饰不可数名词 little=not a few 可数名词复数 few=not an action movie 一部动作片 go to movies=see a film=go to cinema like going to+地点=like to go to+地点 喜欢去某地 go to movies with+人 和…一起去看电影 write to+人 给…写信 (不加 letter) hear from (不加 letter) tell me about yourself 告诉我关于你自己的 事情 tell sb (not) to do sth. tell a story tell a lie/lying tell from 区分 =be different from=differ from on weekends 在周末 on weekdays 在周日 Excuse me 对不起,打扰(正常生理反应) I am sorry. (违反法律法规) get to=arrive in 大/at 小=reach=leave for at beginning of 在...开始的时候 at the end of 在...结束的时候 in the end= finally=at last 二、句型
  1. Where+be+ 主 语 + from? 主语+ be+from+地点.
  2. Where does+主语+come from? 主语 +be+from+地点.
  3. W here do/does+ 主 语 + live? 主 语 + live/lives in… =be in
  4. He lives in Canada=He is in Canada=He comes from Canada
  5. What language do/does +主语+speak?主 语+speak/speaks….
  6. 主语+like/likes+doing… 三、日常交际用语
  1. -Where is your pen pal from?-He’s from China.
  2. where does your penpal come from?
  3. -Where does she live?-She lives in Tokyo.
  4. Where is she in?
  5. - Does she speak English? - Yes,she does/No.a little.
  6. - Is that your new pen pal? -Yes,he is(不缩写) /No,he isn’t.
  7. -What language does she speak?-She speaks English.
Unit 2 Where’s the post office
post office 邮局 I want to buy a stamp to post a letter this afternoon. phone =call=ring=make a telephone to=communicate with sb. by phone 打电话 across from 在 ... 对 面 go across river/desert/acroosing/road go through forest/crowd/city in front of (外部的)在...前面 in the front of 内部的前部 between…and… 在...和...之间 near here =around here 在附近 be near to =be closed to=nearby=be next to=be a neighborhood on busy Central Street 在繁忙的中央大街上 be busy doing sth=be busy with sth next to 紧挨着,隔壁 =be neighborhood on Eighth Avenue 在 第 八 大 街 上 in the street on the road in the neighborhood 在附近 just go straight 仅 径 直 走 go direct to somewhere turn left/ turn right 向左转/右转 = take a second turning on the left/right go down Bridge Street 沿着 Bridge 大街走 go along walk down=walk along on the right /left of 在…右边/左边 be off the busy street 离开这个繁华的街路 enjoy the city’s quiet streets 置身于城市中寂 静的街路 enjoy doing sth=enjoy oneself 乐于 take a walk through the park 步行穿越公园 二、句型 (
  1)、Is there a bank near here?Yes,there is .It’s on Centre Street./ No,there isn’t. (
  2)、Where’s the sumpermarket?/It’s next to the library. (
  3)、Bridge Street is a good place to have fun. (
  4)、I hope you have a good trip. (
  5)、If you are hungry,you can buy food in the restaurant. (
  6)、Talk a walk though the park.. (
  7)、enjoy 后接名词或动词-ing 形式. Do you enoy(=like) your work?/Do you enjoy(=like) living in the city? 三、日常交际用语
a small house with flowers 一个附带着…的 小房子 There are flowers around a small house at the beginning of the garden tour 游园开始 a good place to 一个…的好去处 have fun (in) doing sth 玩得高兴 It’s interesting for sb to do sth. It’s funny to do sth. if you’re hungry 如果你饿了 be thirsty and drink cole/water/juice/tea/coffee/cafe buy some food 买一些食物 buy sth for sb.= buy sb. sth. arrive at/in/on 到达 tell you the way to 告诉你去…的路 take a taxi to+地点 从…打车 go to SW by taxi Go to school on foot=walk to school go to school by car= drive a car to school=inmyfather’s car pass a bank on your right 你的右边路过一个 银行 turn left at New Park 在 New Park 处向左转 go through 穿过 have a good trip [to] 一路顺风 旅途愉快 have a good time/enjoy oneself on one’s right/left 在某人的右边/左边 take a walk 散步 go out for a walk=go for a walk go down(along)…沿着...走 go through...穿过.. (
  1).Is there a ?句型 Excuse me.Is there a hotel in the neighborhood.-Yes, there is. No.there isn’t (
  2).Where is …? 句 型 Eg:-Where is the park,please?-It’s behind the bank.(肯定回 答)-I’m sorry I don’t know. (否定回答) (
  3).Which is the way to +地点? 句型.例如:Which is the way to the library. (
  4).How can I get to +地点?句型.例如: -How can I get to the restaurant? (
  5).Can you tell me the way to +地点?句型. 例- Can you tell me the way to the post office? (
  6).Let me tell you the way to my house. (
  7).Just go straight and turn left.
Unit 3 Why do you like koalas?
词组 kind of 有点儿(修饰形容词、动词) want to +动词原形 想要做某事 [She wants to have supper.] want +名词 想要某件东西 She wants an apple.] let’s see (let’s=let us) 让我们一起去看看 eat grass/leaves 吃草/树叶 want to do sth .想要做某事 want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 want sth 想要某物 Let sb do sth 让某人做某事 二、句型 (
  1) 、 -why do you like pandas? -Because they’re very cure. (
  2)、-Why dose he like koalas?-Because they are kind of interesting. (
  3)、-Where are lions from?-Lions are from South Africa. (
  4) 、 -What animals do you like?-I like elephants. 三、日常交际用语 (
  1)、-Let’s see the lions. (
  2)-Why do you want to see the lions?-Becase they are very cute. (
  3)-Do you like giraffes?-Yes,I do./ No,I don’t (
  4)-What other animal do you like?_I like dogs.too other+ 名词的复数.表示没有特定的数量范 围 the other+名词的复数表示有特定的数量范 围. (
  5)-Why are you looking at me -Because you are very cute. (
  6)-Let us play games. ?Great!Let me see.
in South Africa / Europe 在南非/在欧洲 other animals 其它的动物 be friendly to 对…友好 five years old 五岁 a five-year-old boy 一个五岁男孩 be quiet 安静 during the day 在白天(强调整个期间) at night 在晚上 relaxes 20 hours every day 每天轻松 20 个小 时
like to do sth、like doing sth 喜欢做某事 play with … 与...一起玩 have a look at.. 看... one…the other 一个...另一个...
一、词组 = I would like to be a actor. Become a actor=get a actor=be a actor turn actor 前面不加 a a shop assistant 商 店 服 务 员 waitor waitress she/he woman actress female heroess a bank clerk 银行职员 A+as well as+B 与…同样好(谓语动词要随 A 的人称、数而变化) work with/for 与…一起工作/为…而工作 give sb. sth./give sth. to sb. 把…给谁 pass sb. sth=pass sth.to sb. teach sb.sth He teaches me English.而不 说 He teaches my English. get sth. from sb. 从…那获取 get back 取回 来 give sth back to=return to 归还 wear a white uniform 穿着白色制服 wear/put on /be in /be on/dress in/be dressed on/ dress up Put on 表动作。不用进行时态。常常表示命 令 。 Put on your raincoat. Put on your overcoat.It’s cold outside. be in +颜色 be on+衣服 dress in 穿套装 be dressed on 成套衣服 dress sb,穿衣服
Unit 4
I want to be an
actor.= I would like to be a
dress up 打扮 wear 传任何身体以外的 东西 wear?woreworn help sb. (to) do 帮助…去做 in the day/at night 在白天/在晚上 all day and all night 整日整夜 all the day 白天 work late/hard 工 作 很 晚 / 很 努 力 study hard 学习很努力 study hardly 几乎不学 习 Rain hard 下大雨 rain headly 几乎不下雨 be busy doing 忙于做… be busy with go out tohave dinners 出去就餐 like taking to people 喜 欢 与 人 交 谈 like chating with sb=communicate with sb. mobile ask questions 问问题 at/in the(a) hospital 在医院里 in hospital 生病住院 in the hospital 在医院 at table 就做吃饭 at the table 在桌子边 in bed 卧病在床 in the bed 在床上 at school 上学 at the school 在学校里 an exciting/interesting job 一份令人兴奋/有 趣的工作 ed 修身人 --ing 修饰物 I am interested in this interesting film. a newspaper reporter 一位新闻记者 a table for (two) (两)人一桌 desk 书桌 police station 派 出 所 power station 电 站 power plant 电站 plant trees TV station 电视台 police officer 警官 army official 军官 Army,Air force , Navy, Armied force #####the answer to ……的答案 the key to /the solution to/the way to doing be friendly to ,look forward to,devote to doing The key to the door 门上的钥匙 加 ly 的形容词 lonely,friendly,likely,lovely 只做表语不做定语的形容词 alone,asleep,awake,alive,ill 这些形容词后一 定不加名词 have a job for you as a … 这有一个给你准 备好的…. a job=a piece of work(不可数) call Al’s Restaurant at 888124 打电话…给 Al 餐馆
write stories/ a story 写 文 章 wirte down write?wrotewritten set down 写下来 want to act in the school play 在校本剧中扮 演角色 a busy but exciting job 繁忙而又兴奋的工作 the Evening Newspaper 晚 报 help wanted 急聘 an international school 一所国 际学校 for children of 5-12 为五至十二岁孩子准备 的 want a PE teacher to teach 需要一位教体育 的教师 a movie actor 一位电影演员 want to be+职 业 想要成为。。work hard 努力工作 。 work as 作为。 。而工作 二、句型 (
  1)-What do/does+某人+do? -What do you do? What’s his her job? What are you? -I’m a student.-What dose he do? He’s a teacher. (
  2)-What do/does+某人+want to be? 例:What do you want to be? -I want to be a teacher. -What does she want to be ? She want to be a nuser. (
  3)-Where does your sister work? -She works in a hospital. (
  4)-Does he work in the hospital? Yes.he does/No,he doesn’t (
  5)-Does she work late? -Yes,she does/No.she doesn’t (
  6)-英语中询问职业的几种表达方式: What do/does he /she/Tom/Lucy/your father…do? What is…? What is your father? What’s one’s job?例:What’s your father’s job?
Unit 5 I’m watching TV.
一、词组 eat/have dinner 吃 晚 饭 meal/breakfast/lunch/supper talk on the phone 在电话中交谈 have a chat
with sb. on the line go to the movies 去看电影 see a film=go to cinema sound good 听 起 来 不 错 sound beautiful/ taste delicious wait for 等候 talk about 谈 论 have a talk about look at=have a look at try to do =have a try to do sth some of my photos 我的一些照片 piture take photos in the first photo 在第一幅照片中 at the pool 在水池 a swimming pool a poor pool need a camera 需要一台相机 digital camera 数码相机 digital army 数字化部队 do homework 做家庭作业 watch TV 看 电 视 see a film read books/newspaper/map on watch=on duty clean the room 打 扫 房 间 do some cleaning clean up sweep over read newspaper/a book 看报纸/看书 write a letter 写信=write to sb. play basketball/soccer/ 打篮球/踢足球 take photos 拍照 TV show 电视节目 talking show Some of。。 。。中的一些 。 。 a photo of my family 我的家庭照 at school 在学校 be with 和。。一起 。 in the tree 在树上(树外之物) on the tree on 有接触面 二、句型 (
  1)-What+be+主语+doing? ….正在做什么? -主语+be+doing。。 …正在做某事。 。 例: -what are you doing? ??I’m doing my homework. (
  2)-Thanks for doing … 为 。 。 而 感 谢 。 例:Thanks for your letter. (
  3)-Here are/is 主语在后面…例:Here are some of my photos.Here is a photo of my family. (
  4)-That sounds good. (
  5)-This TV show is boring. Sb. is bored
三、日常交际用语 (
  1)-Do you want to go to the movies? ?Sure, but…. (
  2)-When do you want to go? ?Let’s go at seven. (
  3)-Where do people play basketball? ?At school. (
  4)-What’s he waiting for?-He’s waiting for a bus. (
  5)-What’s he reading? He’s reading a newspaper.
  1)现在在进行时的形式是: 助动词 be(am,is,are)+动词-ing 形式(也叫现 在分词) ,表示现在(说话的瞬间)正在进 行或发生的动作。
  2)现在进行时的肯定句形式 主语+be(am,is,are)+动词现在分词+其他 I’m watching TV.
  3)现在进行时的否定句形式 主语+be(am,is,are)+not+动词现在分词+其他 They are not playing soccer.
  4)现在进行时的一般疑问句形式及回答: Is(am,are)+主语+动词现在分词+其他? Yes, 主 语 +is/am/are. No, 主 语 +isn’t/aren’t/am not. Are you reading? Yes,I am. No,I am not.
  5) 现在进行时的特殊疑问句



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