最后 40 天 高考英语单词拼写题集锦
  1. In the past few years, this young scientist has made great a in his research.
  2. It is necessary for a and industry to develop very quickly so that people can live a rich happy life.
  3. The plane crashed killed all 200 people a.
  4. I wish I'd a your advice and kept my money in the bank.
  5. The house is in a central location with good a to the shops.
  6. The museum has managed to a an important work by Dali.
  7. The a result is quite different from the story I was told at first.
  8. The letter is a to you, not me.
  9. You should be a of yourself for telling such lies.
  10.Less noise, please! Gather round and listen carefully. I have an a to make.
  11.The sudden a of a policeman caused the thief to run away.
  12. A is the eighth month of the year, after July and before September.
  13. The change in climate may a your health.
  14. I'd love to go on holiday but I can't a the time.
  15. Everyone was a at my funny story about the dog.
  16. When I was ill I completely lost my a and didn't want to eat anything.
  17. The blackboard a which he is leaning has just been painted.
  18. You must make an a to her for your not going to the party.
  19. Leaves turn brown in a.
  20. Can you name some universities a foreign students?
  21. One of the a of the job is the high salary.
  22. Environmental protection requires a more profound and broader a towards life.
  23. On your a at the hotel please wait for further instructions.
  24. The first A Olympic Games were held in 776BC.
  25. He caused his parents great a by cycling long distances alone.
  26. China's first a Yang Liwei landed safely from his 21 hour spaceflight, on Oct.
  27. The a over dinner was warm and friendly.
  28. The a age of the students in our class is
  29. A strong a attempts to persuade the reader to accept a point of view.
  30. We were a at the news of her sudden death.
  31. It makes my heart a to see her suffer.
  32. These films are suitable for a only.
  33. A person with a spirit of a and creation is more likely to succeed.
  34. He had learned a mathematics by the time he was fourteen.
  35. Last Saturday we took a of the fine weather to go on a hike.
  36. He answered the a in the newspaper and got the job.
  37. We all a him for his bravery in that battle.
  38. TV sets are a in any department store.

  39. The news will be b on CCTV at 10 o'clock.
  40. He climbed up the tree and hid among the b.
  41. I am sorry it's b my power to make a final decision on the project.

  42. Some people find it interesting to watch ads on TV, but some find it b.
  43. A small child has to learn to keep its b before it can walk far.
  44. There are many b to using online distance learning environments.
  45. Press the b and the record will work.
  46. He died in 1999 and was b in Switzerland.
  47. " B deeply," the doctor told him.
  48. If you are b by an animal, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  49. We have already made a good b. We'll surely have a good ending.
  50. The house b to the old man was built hundreds of years ago.
  51. He has formed the habit of taking a cold b every morning.
  52. He bought the second-hand car at a low price after some b with the seller.
  53. Age is no b to your dreams and goals.
  54. Betty never tells a lie and you can always b her
  55. Their b towards us shows that they don't like us.

  56.Please have a dinner with us at six if it is c to you.
  57.Type your c into your computer when you finish writing it.
  58.You must c well over the matter.
  59.Before they hold a meeting, they usually c as much information as possible.
  60.I don't have any c but to do as you tell me.
  61. Carelessness is the c of the fire.
  62. The hotel paid the taxi driver and put the c on the hotel bill.
  63.There is a light hanging from the c .
  64.She has many c , but she has no idea which to choose.
  65. Is that c large enough to hold all the vinegar?
  66.The teacher spent much time c my pronunciation.
  67.The c he referred to in his speech come as follows.
  68.I don't want to be a sailor. I want to be a c.
  69.The railway is still under c. It's expected to be completed next year.
  70.These shops are c reached from all parts of the city.
  71.What we should take into c is money.

  72.This is the c city of the whole area.
  73.I have passed the entrance examination. D C .

  74.The d from east to west is over 5,500 kilometres.
  75. Now goods are d to the customers by truck, train, plain and so on.
  76.The policeman d the crowd to move back.
  77.When I've talked it over with my wife, I'll come to a final d .
  78. In the USA d is measured in miles, not in kilometres.
  79.When I first went to Britain, I wasn't quite used to d on the left.
  80.Many new scientific d were made by chance.
  81.We decided to d going on holiday until next month.
  82.I feel d about the truth of his report.
  83. Don't keep grain in a d place. It will go bad.
  84. All his friends have d him. There is nobody he can turn to for help.
  85.They got a good deal of d from their children.
  86. He left the station in great d, for she wasn't on the train.

  87.Since then, the Great Wall has been rebuilt and repaired, especially in Ming d.
  88.We are d to spend our summer holidays in America.
  89.The water was shallow, not d. E
  90.There was a surprised e on his face.
  91.I feel d about the truth of his report.
  92.He got a raise because he always did his work e .
  93.Thank you for the e you have made to help us out of the trouble.
  94.Thomas Edison is known to have invented the first e light.
  95.The city is very beautiful, e in spring with flowers in full bloom.
  96.There will be an international trade e next spring in our city.
  97.It was an e difficult and dangerous task.
  98.The plane fell to the ground and e .
  99.Russia is usually thought to be a E country, but there is also large area of it in Asia. 1
  00.He e $3000 a year by trading with that company. 1
  01.What parents say and act has an e on their children. 1
  02.Walking, running, rowing, jumping, and horse riding are all healthy forms of e . 1
  03.Pens, pencils and paper are writing e . 1
  04.The boss prefers to employ e who are clever at some special work. 1
  05.Possibly in future the wealth of the whole world will be shared more e among countries than it is now.
  06.Young people will have plenty of chances of receiving further e after they leave school. F 1
  07.Being a teacher ,we should be f and friendly to every student. 1
  08.There is a large stone f in front of the temple. 109Though I have never seen him, his name is quite f to me. 1
  10.The passengers are asked to f the safety belt. 1
  11.Can you tell me the word " f " whose pronunciation is the same as flower. 1
  12.Two weeks can be called f in English. 1
  13.Can you speak English f and f? 1
  14.In F , the second month of the year, it is always very cold in my hometown. 1
  15.China is f the policy of reform and opening up to foreign countries. 1
  16.The Great Wall of China is made up of blood and f of ancient people. 1
  17.Enough exercise and balanced diet lead to one's f. 1
  18.They are sitting in the classroom ,their mind f on the games. 1
  19.Lack of f is the urgent problem for human being ,without which ,engines cannot be started.
  20.A g mind is not enough for great things, diligence being the most important personality or quality. 1
  21.One of the g worries is fighting or war in the whole world .
  22.The company g the safety measure of the product , but it went wrong. 1
  23.G speaking, you are right ; Exactly speaking, maybe you are wrong. 1
  24.According to British Curriculum , all British boys shall be promoted to be g, while girls to be ladies.. 1
  25.The new law g against the interests of people. 1
  26.The g in power is working hard to meet people's need. 1
  27.G is the birth country of Olympic games.
  28.The degree of h depends on your own life attitude. 1
  29.The students always goes to the library h after class because he is afraid of not being able to find any seat. 1
  30.His appetite isn't good, and he hasn't the sense of h.
  31.I is hard to learn , which has its own special meaning in its own language and culture. 1
  32.Learning English means using it in a live situation, which i like planting trees. 1
  33.The other day he received an i to a party ,and he doesn't know whether to accept it or not. 1
  34.The i to history is brief and convenient for us to get a general idea of the history.. 1
  35.The misunderstanding between the student and his teacher i the difficulty of learning the subject. 1
  36.We all went to the place of interest , 0ur teacher i. 1
  37.The baby can i the mother's facial expression. 1
  38.They started the project ,i they got there. 1
  39.One's Childhood's experience has a great i on his later life. 1
  40.The teacher left a good i on the students. 1
  41.Teachers should care much for each i, not just the top ones in class. 1
  42.From what he said ,we can get his i which means to go to a better key university. 1
  43.China is on her way to i, so more and more people come to big cities . 1
  44.When you are asking for a job ,you have to have an i by the company.
  45.Women like j ,such as necklace and so on. 1
  46.Voyage j records the process of the ship's sailing . 1
  47.Every one has his own idea ,but the j about the problem is rather different. K 1
  48.He has a good k of English ,which is helpful to the job. 1
  49.K is a good perfect personality of a person .
  50.Something is wrong with the k, without which , I cannot type. 1
  51.K can also be called a little child . L 1
  52.Art is long ,but life is l. 1
  53.Can you mark the exact l of your town in the map ? 1
  54.The l between parents and children is tight ,so no one can break it . 1
  55.Thunder and l caused a lot of disasters. 1
  56.L is the poison , while diligence is the power.
  57.A person who wants to become a doctor has to study m. 1
  58.The cinema emptied when the m ended. 1
  59.M is something that is mixed together. 1
  60.The child was lost in the forest, where he was at the m of wild beasts. 1
  61.Can you give one of the best m to learn a foreign language? 1
  62.You are m .I'm not Alice. 1
  63.Magriculture has many advantages than traditional agriculture. 1
  64.-Would you like me to carry it for you No, thanks. I can m it myself. 1
  65.When building m cost more, the price of houses increases. 1
  66.First aid is the science of giving m care before a doctor can be found. 1
  67.The dress made to her own m fits her very well. 1
  68.He m wants to know the truth, nothing else. 1
  69.The m of people at the meeting were for the plan. 1
  70.Antonio was a m of Venice who was liked by everyone.
  71.Don't be frightened by the television camera, Just speak n. 1
  72.Hebei is in the n part of china. 1
  73.Do you think it is n for us to learn to everything taught in class 1
  74.The n letter of the alphabet is I. 1
  75.One's n body temperature is 37 c. 1
  76.They use n gas for cooking. 1
  77.Her mother lived in a n town. So it was convenient for she to see her. 1
  78. I can't sleep with those n children in the house.
  79.English is the o language in India. 1
  80.We should not only practise written English, but also practise o English. 1
  81.Thank you for o to help, but I can manage it myself. 1
  82.Have you ever heard of the unidentified flying o in the sky. 1
  83.The Red Cross is an international o which cares for people who are in need of help.
  84.You are sure to succeed if you do it p . 1
  85.The person whom you work together with is called your p . 1
  86.It takes years of p to become an expert. 1
  87.Your friendship is most p to me. I'll treasure it forever. 1
  88. prevented the girl from continuing her education. 1
  89.After an earthquake the buildings fell to p. 1
  90.Tom p to be sleeping when Jenny came in. 1
  91.This change of state is a p change and not a chemical one. 1
  92.Severe p will be given to whoever cheated on the exam. 1
  93.The final exam is coming. Please make ful



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   2010 年考研政治、英语复习规划:三大阶段寒假起步 众所周知, 现在的考研政治越来越倾向于考查考生利用所学的基本原理分析问题的能力, 因 此,考题的难度也就逐渐上升,而不会再要求大家来死记硬背一些条条框框。而是需要大家 利用所学的只是分析解决现实中的问题。这一点大家一定要重视,因此,政治课的复习也不 能想有些人说的考前突击式的复习了。而应该是一个系统的有序的过程。在此,建议大家将 复习分为三个阶段。 第一阶段,6 月到 9 月初。考试大纲一般在六月底就可以出版,相应的种目众多的参考书也 就 ...