001 See you later.待会见;再联络
A: I have to go.
B: See you later.
002 What’s up?近来过得如何?
A: Hey! What’s up?
B: Nothing much! As usual.
003 It’s on me.我来付
A: The beer is on me.
B: Thank you.
004 I mean it.我是说真的
A: Do you really want to quit your job?
B: I mean it.
005 Check, please.买单
A: Check, please.
B: Yes, sir.
006 Mind your own business.别多管闲事
A: What were you talking about?
B: Mind your own business.
007 Hold on.请稍等
A: May I leave a message, please?
B: Hold on.
008 Whatever!随你的便
A: Shall I tell him tonight or tomorrow?
B: Whatever!
009 After you.你先(请)
A: Please come in.
B: After you.
010 Nonsense!胡说八道!
A: Tell me the truth. I don’t want nonsense.
B: I am telling the truth.
011 Cheer up!振作点
A: We lost the game again!
B: Cheer up! You’ll do better next time.
012 No way!不行
A: Let’s have pizza for lunch.
B: No way! I hate pizza.
013 Go for it!加油!
A: It’s an important test.
B: Yes, I will go for it!
014 You’ve got me there. / (it) beats me.我想不出来:我不知道:你考倒我了
A: Do you know the height of that building?
B: You’ve got me there. (Beats me)
015 Who Cares!谁管你呀!
A: I can’t finish my homework. Can you help me to do some?
B: Who cares!
016 I’ll get it.我来接(电话)
A: The phone is ringing.
B: I’ll get it.
017 It depends.看情形
A: When will you wake up?
B: It depends.
018 Out of the question!不可能的
A: Could I borrow your bike?
B: Out of the question!
019 Allow me.让我来
A: Please allow me to open the door for you.
B: Thank you.
020 Calm down冷静一点
A: Calm down. It’s not such a big deal.
B: You won’t understand.
021 Thank you.谢谢
A: You are beautiful!
B: Thank you.
022 You’re welcome.不客气
A: Thank you for the flowers.
B: You’re welcome.
023 Goodbye.再见
A: Take care!
B: You too! Goodbye!
024 How are you(doing)?你好吗?
A: How are you?
B: Not very good. I got a cold.
025 I have had enough!我真是受够了!
A: I have had enough!
B: Why? What did he do?
026 Let’s call it a day.今天到此为止吧!
A: Let’s call it a day. I am so tired.
B: All right!
027 Not again!不会吧!
A: Everyone’s late.
B: Not again!
028 Knock it off!住手!不要吵!
A: Knock it off! I am trying to study.
B: Sorry, I didn’t know that you are studying.
029 Good night.晚安
A: Good night, everybody.
B: Good night, Jill! Have a sweet dream.
030 Sure!可以呀!
A: Could I use your computer?
B: Sure!
031 Of course.当然!
A: Could I borrow your car?
B: Of course.
032 Yes.是的
A: Is this your cell phone?
B: Yes, it is mine.
033 Why?为什么?
A: Sarah is not coming.
B: Why?
034 Be careful on the road.路上小心
A: Be careful on the road. It’s getting dark.
B: Ok!
035 You decide.你决定吧!
A: Do you want the black tie or the red one?
B: You decide.
036 Never mind.没关系;不要紧
A: I am sorry that I broke your radio.
B: Never mind.
037 That’s all right.没关系
A: I didn’t mean to be bump into you.
B: That’s all right.
038 I don’t know.我不知道
A: Do you know where the police station is?
B: I don’t know.
039 Is there anything wrong?有问题吗?
A: The boss was every angry at the meeting.
B: Why? Is there anything wrong?
040 No problem.没问题
A: Could I borrow your car tomorrow?
B: Sure! No problem.
041 You are joking! (No kidding)别开玩笑了
A: Did you know that Linda’s uncle is Jacky Chen?
B: You are joking! How did you know that?
042 Why not?为什么不行?
A: You can’t go out today.
B: Why not?
043 I don’t understand….我不懂
A: Betty broke up with her new boyfriend.
B: I don’t understand how could this happen?
044 And then?然后呢?
A: You should take this form to the first counter.
B: And then? What should I do?
045 So what?那又如何?那又怎样?
A: Do you know there is a new theater down the street?
B: Yeah. So what?
046 It’s alright.还好
A: How’s your steak?
B: It’s alright.
047 I am OK.我没事
A: Are you hurt?
B: I am OK.
048 Bon voyage.一路顺风
A: We are leaving for Boston tonight.
B: Bon voyage.
049 What happened?发生了什么事?
A: Lucy is crying.
B: Why? What happened?
050 Come on!来嘛!拜托!
A: I don’t want to go to the party.
B: Come on! Don’t be shy



   001 See you later.待会见;再联络 A: I have to go. B: See you later. 002 What’s up?近来过得如何? A: Hey! What’s up? B: Nothing much! As usual. 003 It’s on me.我来付 A: The beer is on me. B: Thank you. 004 I mean it.我是说真的 A: Do you really want to quit your job? B: I ...


   网络时代学英语其实很简单,大部分人花在找英语学习资料上的时间比学英语本身还多,下面 是我自己的一些结合网络学习的方法,信不信由你,我三年间从四级勉强及格到高级口译笔试 210,口试232。找工作面试时给我口试的老外考官听我说了一分钟就说你的英语不用考了。我 不敢说我的方法一定是最好的,但是我敢保证从现在开始随便谁不要再去找学习资料,每天花 两个钟头照我说的做,坚持三个月的提高会超过你过去三年。 不废话了,就按照听说读写一个个来。 听: 网上比较有代表性的论坛是普特 www.putclub.c ...


   疯狂英语 365 句 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 疯狂英语 365 句 1.Absolutely. 小心不出大错。 12.Can I have a day off? 我能请一天假吗? 13.Can I help? 2 ...


   27 每天读一遍,坚持27 27天,你的英语水平就可以达到跟美国人交流的 水平啦! 来源: 王涛的日志 What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?) Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。 ) How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?) Just because.(没有别的原因。 ) It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。 ) You will never guess.( ...


   Are you by yourself?你一个人来吗? Come to the point!有话直说! Do you accept plastic?收不收信用卡? Does it keep long?可以保存吗? Don't be so fussy!别挑剔了! Don't count to me!别指望我! Don't fall for it!不要上当! Don't get me wrong!你搞错了! Don't give me that!少来这套! Don't lose your hea ...


   1. Have a nice day. 祝你今天愉快 2. So far, so good. 目前为止一切都好 3. Take it or leave it. 要就要,不要就拉倒 要就要, 4. Keep it up! 继续努力,继续加油 继续努力, 5. Good for you. 好啊!做得好! 好啊!做得好! 6. Time flies!时光如梭 ! 7. Time is money. 时间就是金钱 8. That's life. 这就是人生 9. Now you're talking ...


   别人的方法我看了 还都不系统 仔细读读我的,加分那 朋友 口语水平与过四六级没太大关系。光靠大胆自信还不够。练练练,挂个 MP4 天天 听也不行,关键是系统的方法。我是英语专业毕业的,英语八级,现在当翻译, 在大学时去英语角,上课发言等都不管用,一度非常苦恼。后来发现口语练习需 要系统的方法。 建议你按照我的方法做。 买个带同声对比的复读机或 CD 或 MP4 1 语音阶段,买个学习音标书,我用的是(正音美语发音基本功)航空工业出版 社的。非常棒的纠正音的适合你的。照书上的内容练,一天俩小时 ...


   英语口语辩论话题: Topic 1 Do you prefer to experience the process of pursuing happiness or enjoy the result of obtaining happiness? Why? Topic 2 Do you believe in fate and some mystery power? 素材: 1 结果和过程都很重要,人类往往惯性的希望在思维意识里得到一个固定的不变更的把握,遵循自然界流变的过程仅仅是一种顺服,它忽 ...


   low key 低调 I’ve been back and forth.我犹豫不定。 squeezed juice 鲜榨的果汁 juice with pulp 带果肉的果汁 side effect 副作用 he can’t come to the phone now.他 现在不能接电话 herbal tea 花草茶 ready for a refill?我再给你倒一杯吧? I love what u have done with this place.我喜欢这里的布置。 what was t ...


   In the middle of something?正在忙吗? What are you up to?你正在做什么? Can you just give me a ballpark figure?能不能给我一个大概的数字 Bottom line: We have to turn into profit by 2002. 最重要的是: 我们必须在 2002 年前转亏为盈 The new CFO was sent to bring the company out of the red这位新的财 ...



   Cooking Oil Fumes Cause Tumor The leading cause of lung cancer among women in the city was cooking oil fumes while men are more likely to develop the disease from smoking,said medical experts after a five-year research study. Doctors announced the ...


   2010 年高考英语阅读理解和任务型阅读课堂综合练习六 一 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Technology is the application(应用) of knowledge to production. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to increase greatly the efficiency of our work force. New machin ...

初二英语NSE外研社英语八年级下Module 2 Friendship

   更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 更多资源 桐乡求是实验中学 沈红梅 goldenshm@163.com " " " " " " " 教材内容分析 学情分析 教学目标 教学重点、 教学重点、难点 突破途径 课时安排 教学过程设计 一.教材内容分析 本模块以友谊为话题,通过听力、 本模块以友谊为话题,通过听力、对话和阅读文 友谊为话题 章使学生了解、 章使学生了解、掌握并会运用带宾语从句的复合 通过设计较真实的语境, 句; 通过设计较真实的语境,教育学生去积极地面 对生活,真诚地 ...


   Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes) Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the co ...


   大学生该如何学英语 大学生该如何学英语 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 作者:唐辉(北京外国语大学翻译学硕士 ) 大学阶段的英语学习,往往令我们感到茫然又无所适从:学来学去,掌握的 还是高中的那些知识;单词背了又忘,让人 ...