Name: Melvin Gender: Male Date of Birth: May, 1982 Citizenship: Junan county, Linyi, Shandong Major: English (B.A) ? Objective Assistant of your office or the manager; Interpreter of company or organization which concerns international business; College or vocational university‘s teacher. ? Education Background September 2002 to July 2006, Shandong University of Architecture September 1998 to July 2002, Linyi No.1 Middle School ? Main Skills About English Have past the Test for English Major -4; fluent oral English, and good pronunciation. Major target: ESP of technology, esp. architecture and real estate, and also international business. About German Have learned about 200 hours of Hochschuldeutsch 1,
  2. Can do basic reading and writing. About Chinese Have got the Certificate of Chinese, the score is
  86.2 About Computer Have a good command of computer, knowing the basic maintain of hardware and software; Good sense of Visual Foxpro language.Intersted in web page design, and had mastered the MACROMEDIA, which including Dreamweaver,Flash and Firework. Skilled in Microsoft Office, including FrontPage.
? Work Experience Have part time job in Shanghai Yaru Consulting Co.Ltd during 2004 and 2005 summer holiday. Did the market research for Shandong Shiguang Boiler Co.Ltd (shanghai branch) in shanghai. Experiences on be a tutor of junior, senior middle school students and college students. Many times of doing promotion sales for stores during the campus life. ? Activities From 20
  03.10 to20
  05.5, be the assistant of the director of Foreign Language Department. From 2004 to 2005, be the minister of the Network Department and Publicity Department of the Students Union. ? Awards & Honors In the year of 2004, awarded the "Model student stuff "prize of our school. In the year of 2004, won the third level scholarship of our school. In the year of 2003, won the "Excellent Student" prize of our school. ? Interests Have intensive interest in traveling, photographing; Reading,esp.on business, economy and computer. ? Self-uation Strong sense of responsibility, good spirit of teamwork. Can learn new things well in short time.
jin hu Yan
Birthday 1986
February 17,
Home town Hai
Shan Dong Wei
37108119860217 Nationa P. R. C. the Number of lity Han Identification 3013 Card Card
Martial Status
Health Condition
E-mail .com
Phone Number
Postal Code
College class
Playing basketball. Jogging
Reading Training
Educational background
★8/2005-Present Qingdao hotel management college ★6/2002/-6/2005 Weihai Wendeng No.4 Middle School,
★During my work in Badaguan hotel, I worked as baggage clerk, and I was in charge of the daily service for the guests as well as picking up and seeing off the important politicians.
Work Experience
★6/2006-8/2007 Qingdao Badaguan hotel(Qingdao State Guesthouse) ★12/2006-present Qingdao Pizza Hut restaurants
Social Practice
★10/2005-6/2006 Qingdao Shangri-La Hotels(Part-time) Chinese restaurant waiter ★10/2005-6/2006 Qingdao Lijing hotel(one of the most famous hotels in Qingdao) Chinese restaurant waiter (Part-time job) ★12/2007-now sell LG mobile phone
★I have taken part in several activities as model for commercial purpose ★ Work as a job intermediary agent in campus
Extracurricular Activities
★Work as the monitor during my freshman year ★Be secretary of social practice department in Student Union
School Awards
Third class school scholarships (outstanding intern)
Abilities Abilities and strengths
★Running and playing basketball ★Skillfully use of office software and other office equipment. ★Clothing performance ★Good communication skills ★Deep insight into life and work
The job I’d like to apply for
Convention and Exhibition Department Attendants. Baggage clerk. restaurant waiter
★Honest ★Love life, Love ★Have a good image, behave properly, have strong responsibility and enthusiasm in work ★Like to self-improvement ★A good sense of teamwork, be good at communicating with the people ★Like challenging work, be able to endure greater work pressure
《Hotel Information Management System》 《Hotel Lobby management》 《Hotel Financial Management》 《Hotel Rooms Management》 《Hotel Restaurant Management》 《Hotel human resources management》 《Hotel Marketing》 《English hotel scene》 《College English》
Qingdao in Shandong Province Water City Licang District 9 East Road 599, 05 hotel managers in 17 classes



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