College English Book I Unit 1
  1. A good doctor is someone who really cares about others and is always willing to give a sympathetic to the patient. A. hearing B. ear C. listening D. eye
  2. It to get angry when your children make mistakes, because making mistakes is part of the learning process for young kids. A. doesn’t pay B. pays nothing C. pays D. pays everything
  3. He the list of names of the guests, but neglected the titles of these VIPs. A. reminded B. recognized C. recalled D. memorized
  4. English is such an important language both in international relationships and academic research that most Chinese college students are requested to have some with this language. A. requirement B. knowledge C. retention D. acquaintance
  5. When their national soccer team won the 2006 World Cup, hundreds of thousands of Italians could not before the TV screen. A. help crying B. help to cry C. help cry D. help but cry
  6. The special material enhanced the sound in the music hall. A. affect B. effect C. impact D. influence
  7. According to a source of information, the price of corn will soar during the next 6 months due to the heavy drought in the northern part of the country earlier this year. A. relied B. reliant C. reliable D. reluctant
  8. The human brain is like a water container with limited capacity, which automatically crowds out outdated information while new facts to memory. A. doing B. committing C. taking D. making
  9. admiring other people’s success, we have to understand the great efforts and sacrifices they have made to achieve it. A. Except for B. Except C. In addition D. Apart from
  10. I used to Hamlet in school dramas, which eventually led me to Hollywood after graduation. A. show B. do C. go D. play College English Book I Unit 2
  1. The weather forecast said that it is going to be sunny during the week. A. followed B. following C. follower D. follow
  2. The boy is so afraid of seeing a doctor that his mother has to him to the hospital. A. drag B. drug C. drill D. dug
  3. Using the new engine, your car can twice the distance with I liter of gas. A. discover B. recover C. go D. cover
  4. It’s rather difficult for him to smoking, for he has smoked since he was only 14 years old. D. give out A. give in B. give off C. give up

  5. The professor requests that all the term papers be by the end of this month. A. turned in B. turned on C. turned over D. turned up
  6. After many failures, he to understand why the plan did not work out. A. set out B. set up C. set forth D. set back
  7. With countless awards, she is the most successful actress in the film making industry in recent years. A. so far as B. afar C. so far D. by far
  8. He back to his home in the snowstorm. A. dissuaded going B. was dissuaded to go C. was dissuaded from going D. dissuaded to go
  9. You should never speak to an old lady in such a manner. A. cough B. rough C. tough D. sough
  10. the problems, we have to go ahead. C. Though D. However A. In spite B. In spite of College English Book I Unit 4
  1. How long does it to travel from Beijing to Shanghai? A. pay B. cost C. spend D. take
  2. During the summer vacation, swimming is a good . A. timetable B. pastime C. part time D. leisure
  3. It is worthwhile for us to attend the party. We will . A. have a ball B. be literate C. feel radical D. be popular
  4. I’m sorry to you with this question. A. divorce B. disturb C. distrust D. attract
  5. In Australia, the importation of raw fruits and vegetables is . A. accepted B. declined C. permitted D. prohibited
  6. A job does not always mean high pay and social status, but the contribution it makes to the people and community is what gives it worth. A. worthwhile B. worthy C. worth D. worthily 7 .It 30 years since I got to know him in Wuhan. A. is B. was C. had been D. being
  8. Nobody could a satisfactory explanation of the accident. A. come through B. come upon C. come up with D. come into
  9. In is well known that lung cancer is caused at least by smoking too much. A. in spite of B. in detail C. in addition D. in part
  10. We have come to a crucial stage: you must take immediate . A. act B. activity C. action D. actions College English Book I Unit 6
  1. He visit his retired parents at weekends. A. is used to B. was used to C. uses to D. used to
  2. Big Jim was fired for being , because he was very slow and all the shirts were held up at his workstation. D. effective A. efficient B. ineffective C. inefficient

  3. Thousands of workers are going strike for increasing their pay. A. to B. on C. for D. in
  4. She couldn’t stand such a film, so she left only 5 minutes after it began. B. bored C. exciting excited A. boring
  5. The man was relieved when he discovered that the information about his crime was from the file. A. missed B. missing C. losing D. lose
  6. It was a very long meeting, but it wasn’t . A. productivity B. product C. production D. productive
  7. I that he, the efficient engineer, had been out of work. A. amazed at B. was amazed C. amazed D. was amazed
  8. Those nurses are trained to help people suffering from cancer. A. especially B. particularly C. specially D. in particular
  9. I to be out when he called me. C. took D .went A. came B. happened
  10. The overcoat is ready the buttons. A. except B. besides C. except for D. apart College English Book I Unit 9
  1. The project was by the frequent absences of staff members. A. set back B. set off C. set out D. set up
  2. We are puzzle how it happened. A. as for B. as if C. as to D. as well
  3. He was ill for about on month, has really set him back in his studies. A. that B. which C. what D. it
  4. I’m concerned, the English football supporters should not be held responsible for starting the fight. A. As long as B. As well as C. As soon as D. As far as
  5. The street was the hero who died for the city. A. named after B. known for C. known to D. known to
  6. The speaker said something about the actors first and then to talk about the film. A. advanced B. progressed C. processed D. proceeded
  7. The earth’s surface water. A is mostly composed of B. mostly contains C. is mostly consisted of D. mostly constitutes
  8. Supporters of gun control have worked for many years to ban the sale of handguns in America. A. dying B. deadly C. deadening D. deathly
  9. Of the six people in the plane that crashed, only on . A. existed B. recovered C. survived D. lived
  10. He has come to that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. A. conclusion B. the conclusions C. result D. the conclusion
College English Book I Unit 1 by no means 决不 at fault 有过错,有责任 seek out 寻找,找出 in detail 详细地 apart from 除…之外 put … into practice 把…用于实践中 it pays to do 做…是值得的 employ strategies 应用策略 a process of accumulation 积累的过程 gain a good command of 精通 language input 语言输入 seize an opportunity 抓住机会 daily life 日常生活 College English Book I Unit 2 set out to do 开始 / 着手做某事 sail round the world 环球航行 be determined to carry out one’s plan 决意实施某人的计划 The sea becomes rough. 海面上波涛汹涌 can not help doing…禁不住做某事 experience and conquer fear 产生过并战胜了恐惧 depend on 依赖 give…new pride 赋予…以新的自豪感 College English Book I Unit 4 current social problems 当前社会问题 be prohibited by law 依法禁止 distraction of TV 电视的干扰 generation gap 代沟 emotional difficulty 感情障碍 fail to communicate 无法沟通 come up with good shows 制作好节目 involve imagination 发挥想象 have a ball 过得开心 the generation growing up with television 伴随电视成长的一代 College English Book I Unit 6 industrial engineering 工业管理 efficiency expert 效率专家 lay a good foundation 打下良好基础 most curious of all 最令人奇怪的是 quality control 质检 on a short-term basis 短期 assembly line 生产流水线 work flow 工作流程 beautify the dull settings 美化乏味的环境 pay increases and promotions 加薪并提拔 College English Book I Unit 9 as to 关于 as far as …be concerned 就…而言 base on 根据 be known as 以…闻名 for one thing…for another 一方面…另一方面 give off 散发出 name … after 以…名字命名 set back 耽搁 stick up 直立;突出 be composed of 由…组成 come to a conclusion 得出结论 manned flying saucer 载人飞碟 a press conference 记者招待会



   大学英语四级词汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 adjust vt.调整,调节;校正 administration n.管理;管理部门 admire vt.钦佩,羡慕, calculate vt.计算;估计;计划 calculator n.计算器,计算者 calendar n.日历,历书; crane n.起重机,摄影升降机 crash vi.碰撞,坠落 n.碰撞 crawl vi.爬,爬行 crazy ...


   大学英语四级词汇练习一 1. In the Mediterranean seaweed is so abundant and so easily harvested that it is never of great . A) fare B) payment C) worth D) expense 2. The writer was so in her work that she didn’t notice him enter the room. A) absorbed B) abandon ...


   Where there is a will, there is a way. Translation Practice for Band Four Xiong Xuehui Translation 1. We should care all the students, (不管他们的家庭如何). regardless of their family backgrounds 2. We have prepared a surprise gift to (明天第一个到我们店里的人,不管是谁). w ...


   中考英语词汇训练[1] 中考英语词汇训练 1. Let's go to(一家) Chinese restaurant. 2. My elder brother is (一个) university student. 3. The poor old man is (一个) honest person. 4. The foreign visitors will be (能) to come tomorrow. 5. Later a neighbour told me (关于) him. 6. T ...


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   大学英语四级词汇?短语( 大学英语四级词汇?短语(一)、 (二) be able to 能,会 abound in 盛产,富于,充满 be about to 即将(做) above all 首先,首要,尤其是 be absorbed in 专心致力于… be abundant in …富于,…丰富 by accident 偶然 in accordance with 与…一致;按照, 根据 according as 根据…而… according to 根据…所说;按照 account for ...


   A a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对 ...


   您下载的该文件来自TXT下载 欢迎访问: a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.遗弃;放弃;放纵(自己) ability n.能力,才能 able a.有的能力;有本事的,能干的 aboard ad.&prep.在船(飞机、车)上;ad.上船(飞机) about ad.周围;大约;prep.关于;到处;忙于 above prep.高于,在…之上 a.上述的 ad.在上面 abroad ad.在国外,在海外 absence n ...


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   ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 哈佛大学★ 英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站: 官方网站: 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了”。为什么有好多学生对英语的学习 都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么 你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半 年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。但很多中学生 ...


   阳光家教网 高考英语学习资料 天津市六校 2010 届高三第三次联考 英 语 试 题 本试卷共四部分,满分 130 分,考试用时 100 分钟. 第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共 95 分) [来源:学科网 ZXXK] 第一部分:英语语言知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:多项选择(共 l5 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 l5 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. 1.An accident happened at c ...


   G gage/gauge n.标准尺寸,规格;量规,量表 gain v.获得,博得;增加,(钟,表)走快 n.收益,得益 galaxy n.星系;[the Galaxy]银河(系);一群(杰出或著名的人物) gallery n.长廊,画廊,美术馆 gallon n.加仑 gallop v./n.奔驰,飞奔 gamble n./v.投机,冒险;赌博 game,娱乐;比赛,运动会;猎物 gang n.一帮,一群,一伙 gaol n./v.=jail ...


   维普资讯 第2 4卷第 4 期  20 0 3年 1 2月  韩 山 师 范 学 院 学 报  J u n l fHa s a T a h r   o lg   o r a    n h n e c e s C l e o e v0LZ Nn    4 4 D  2 0   0 3 非 英 语 专 业 学 生 英 语 口语 技 能 的培 养  郑 佳 燕  . ( 山 师 范 学 院 大 英 部 。广 东 潮 州  5 1 4 ) 韩 2 0 1  ...


   高中必修 1--高中必修 2 一.时态:现在完成时现在完成进行时过去完成时将来进行时过去将来时 1. this is the first time we a film in the cinema together as a family. a. See b. had seen c. saw d. have been 2. The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities rising steadily since 19 ...