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电大学位英语 复习资料

  1.电大学位英语考试词汇(东北财经大学) ......................................................... 2
  2.学位英语综合 ..................................................................................................... 7
  3.电大学位英语单选题 ....................................................................................... 12
  4.电大学位英语完形填空 ................................................................................... 15
  5.电大学位英语阅读理解 ................................................................................... 18
  6.电大学位英语作文 ........................................................................................... 24
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  1.电大学位英语考试词汇(东北财经大学) 电大学位英语考试词汇
  1. virtue??amusement amusement
  2. relax??value value
  3. affected??prevented prevented
  4. direction??practical practical
  5. field??seize seize
  6. breach??least least
  7. bulletin??bullet bullet bulle
  8. shook??wood wood
  9. occasionally??television television
  10. notice??stomachs stomachs
  11. sign??life life
  12. schoolyard??coo coo
  13. scratch ??check check
  14. master ??tiresome tiresome
  15. pigoen ??Jewish Jewish
  16. opposite ??balloon balloon
  17. scatter ??gravity gravity
  34. pressure ??directly directly float ??bellows bellows twinkle ??drink drink essay ??away away splendid ??wretched wretched wretch singer ??tongue tongue mountain ??captain captain owner ??narrow narrow mouth ??south south stomach ??books books century ??actual actual forehead ??regret regret chapter ??check check period ??perseverance perseverance counter ??south south eyebrow ??town town geography ??remark remark
  50. replied ??entered entered candle ??taxi taxi cross ??fond fond postmark ??chance chance appear ??atmosphere atmosphere stamps ??desks irrigate ??mirror waist ??paint improve ??include quiet ??society behind ??blind latent ??squirrel flood ??blood cookie ??wolf mud ??lung creature ??belief
  1. The bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people.
  2. There were no tickets available for Friday’s performance.
  3. Many new opportunities will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.
  4. The rain was heavy and consequently the land was flooded.
  5. The engine gives off smoke and steam.
  6. Don’t release this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead.
  7. My camera can be adjusted to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.
  8. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become spoiled spoiled.
  9. When Mr.Jones gets old, he will hand over his business to his son.
  10. Some old people don’t like pop songs because they can’t resist so much noise.
  11. It was difficult to guess what her reaction to the news would be.
  12. There were some artificial flowers on the table.
  13. We are interested in the weather because it affects us directly what we wear, what we do, where we go and even how we feel.
  14. Chlidren are very curious by nature nature.
  15. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into consideration when judging my examination.
  16. When I was very young, I was terribly frightened of school, but I soon got over it.
  17. Many people complain of the rapid pace of modern life.
  18. American women were denied the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle.
  19. He was ashamed of having asked such a silly question.
  20. Mr.Morgan can be very sad in private , though in public he is extremely cheerful.
  21. Students or teachers can participate in excursions to lovely beaches around the island at regular intervals. intervals
  22. Physics is equivalent to the science which was called natural philosophy in history.
  23. Finding a job in such a big company has always been beyond his wildest dreams.
  24. It is not easy to learn English well, but if you hang on you will succeed in the end. on,
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  25. Last year the advertising rate rose by 20 percent.
  26. The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages: several fishing boats were wrecked and many houses collapsed.
  27. You see the lightening the instant it happens, but you hear the thunder later.
  28. The manager lost his temper just because his secretary was ten minutes late.
  29. Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you stain the new carpet.
  30. Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are available in grocery stores. vailable
  31. Sixty percent of the readers chose her as their favorite writer.
  32. Excuse me. I haven’t taken my textbook with me. Shall we share one?
  33. The news you told me the other day has yet to be confirmed confirmed.
  34. Quite a lot of people watch TV only to kill time.
  35. Tom’s parents died when he was young, so he was brought up by his uncle.
  36. The textile industry contributes greatly to the economy of Hong Kong.
  37. Depending on intuition, Mary led us through an unknown part of the forest. intuition
  38. The little boy, who got home very late, was greatly relieved when he found out he had been spared spared.
  39. I was told that this cloth would not shrink in the wash, but it did.
  40. He just couldn’t figure out what in the world she had been talking about all the time.
  41. The old lady felt very disappointed when her daughter forgot her birthday.
  42. I’d like to go over the lessons once more before we take the exam tomorrow. nightmare.
  43. The little girl woke up screaming because she had a nightmare
  44. Would you please help me to wrap up the present for the old gentleman?
  45. She has to reason to refuse John’s invitation.
  46. Tom has got a decent job in a chemical factory.
  47. Being poor is no disgrace while being dishonest certainly is.
  48. When you read a book in a hurry, you can skip some less important details.
  49. He used to have a hobby of stamp-collection, but he has given it up.
  50. She talked to him for a long time and dissuaded him from doing that dangerous job. 填词语 Section B
  1. (thirst)Do you have any water? Iam (thirsty)todeath. thir thi sty
  2. (industry)The United States is an(industrialized nation, so we still have a long way to catch it. industrialized industrialized)
  3. (silent)She gave her husband a sharp look to (silence him. silence silence)
  4. (economic)I am a college student now. My major is (economics). economics economic
  5. (wonder)Don’t you think that’s a (wonderful wonderful wonderful)story?
  6. (lie)It seems that he can always lie his way out of trouble. But sooner or later, people will find him a (liar liar liar).
  7. (patience)Nelson is certainly unfit for the teaching profession, for he is too (impatient) with slow learners.
  8. (child)He was born in China, spent his (childhood childhood childhood)in England, and now he is an American citizen.
  9. (disappoint)To our great (disappointment disappointment disappointment),Mrs White won’t be able to join us in the party this weekend.
  10. (invent)What an important(invention invention invention)he has made!
  11. (able)Airplanes(enable enable enable)people to travel great distances rapidly.
  12. (add)They need(additional additional additional)help to get the work done as planned.
  13. (wide)The roads have to be (widened widened widened)so that problem of traffic jam can be solved.
  14. (sharp)Your scissors needs to be (sharpened sharpened sharpened).
  15. (honest)He said he would have nothing to do with(dishonest)people who always tell lies. dishonest dishonest
  16. (decide)While still a young boy, Louis made his(decision decision decision)to become a scientist.
  17. (encourage)High interest rates (discourage discourage discourage)people from borrowing money from bank.
  18. (solve)We will not give up until we find a satisfactory (solution to the problem. solution solution)
  19. (mystery)It was very (mysterious mysterious mysterious)how he had got into the room without being seen.
  20. (produce)His farm is so (productive productive productive)that he grew more corn than he could sell.
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(lock)Before you enter the house, you have to (unlock unlock unlock)the door. (propose)I feel very sorry that the boss didn’t pay any attention to my (proposal proposal proposal). (unexpected)Frankly speaking, I didn’t (expect)to see you here. expect) expect (unusual)I (usually usual usua ly)go shopping on Sundays, but this coming Sunday I am going swimming. (ordinary)This novel is(extraordinarily)interesting. I suggest you read it. extraordinarily) extraordinarily
语法 Part 3 Structure
  1. It wasn’t such a good dinner (as she had promised us. as) as
  2. They decided to chase the cow away (before it did more damage. before) before Any)
  3. (Any student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question. Any
  4. All (that is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life . that) that
  5. (When compared with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all. When compared)
  6. He must have had an accident, or he (would have been here then.. here) would be sent)
  7. It was essential that the application forms (be sent) back before the deadline.
  8. We (had just had our breakfast when an old man came to the door. had) had informed)
  9. The manager promised to keep me (informed) of how our business was going on. informed
  10. She never laughed, (nor did she ever) lose her temper. ever) nor
  11. I decided to go to the library as soon as I (finish what I did did). finish
  12. The teacher doesn’t permit (smoking in class. smoking) smoking going)
  13. I like watching TV (more than going to the cinema. more
  14. I appreciate (being invited) to your home. being invited)
  15. You (needn’t have done all those calculations! We have a computer to do that sort of thing. done) needn’t
  16. The speaker, (known for her splendid speeches, was warmly received by the audience. known) known
  17. No sooner had we reached the top of the hill (that) we all sat down to rest.
  18. Evidence came up (that specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old. that) that
  19. The last time we had a family reunion was (at my brother’s wedding ceremony four years ago. at) at
  20. How close parents are to their children (has a strong influence on the character of the children. has) has
  21. Only a few minutes was (spent learning how to use the telephone book. spent) spent
  22. Nature had equipped the fellow (with two hands, but not ,obviously, (with the brains to use them with) with) with with properly.
  23. When filled with a gas lighter than air, a balloon can (float in the air. float) float
  24. Only when (he comes will it be possible to settle this problem. be) he
  25. Since you have written to each other, you should (keep in touch with him without being asked. with) keep
  26. So excited (did he seem that he could not say a word. seem) did
  27. Obviously, his opinion is completely opposite (to ours. to) to
  28. He began to speak to us in an (excited and (trembling voice. excited) trembling) excited trembling
  29. It was not until the teacher came (that the students stopped talking talking). that
  30. -These students work very hard. -(So they do) I always find them studying. So
  31. Tom is the boy (who I think scored the winning points for the basketball team. who) who
  32. Madame Curie is believed (to have discovered radium. discovered) to
  33. (Whether it rains or not is of no concem to me. not) Whether
  34. Later, Tom was told (why what he had done was not necessary. why what)
  35. Would you consider (going to Finland with us this summer? going) going
  36. (So great was the destruction that the South took decades to recover. So) So
  37. I (wouldn't talk that way if I were Peter. wouldn't) wouldn't
  38. I (didn't go) swimming until Father returned. didn't go
  39. You ought not to (have told him the news that day. have told)
  40. (It is only when the people have become masters of their own country (that) science can really serve when) It the people.
  41. This is my handbag, and that is (yours yours). yours
  42. My wallet is made (of) leather. And what about yours? of)
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  43. Who is the man standing (over there? over) over
  44. Excuse me, sir. I've lost my watch. Do you have (the time? the) the
  45. What a shame! I could (no longer) to the movie with her. no longer
  46. She insist that i (go to the movie with her. go) go
  47. No one could (live on so little money a month. live on) under)
  48. He was put into prison (under the law of this state. under
  49. Mark Twain was famous (for his excellent writings. for) for
  50. The accident nearly (led to a world war. led to) 完形填空
  1.意大利面条 Memory when served those none for him time hand in graded Somebody pleasure for laugh
good at loud
旧书词汇: 旧书词汇:vocabulary
  1. Don't talk about her son's behavior at school. It's a(n) (embarras



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