最新高考英语词组归纳总结-A 最新高考英语词组归纳总结
越来越:be increasingly +adj.,be on the rise,a growing number of
  2. 人们认为:it is generally/widely believed/held/agreed that
  3. 许多问题:a host/ number of problem
  4. 引起人们注意:claim call/attract general/public/world attention to sth.
  5. 意识到:there is a growing awareness(知道)/realization of/that,awaken sb. To the fact/danger
  6. 适应新的形势/变化:adapt/adjust/accommodate(使适应) oneself to new environment/ change
  7. 接触各种思想/经历:be exposed to new ideas/experiences/problems
  8. 接触社会:come into frequent/close contact with the world/society
  9. 获得成功:achieve/accomplish success
  10. 提出观点/建议:advance/put forward/come up with the arguments/ideas/suggestions
  11. 作出努力:make tremendous(极大的)/persistent(持久稳固的)/sustained(持续不变 的) effort to do sth.,take great pains to do(with work/study)
  12. 影响学习:interfere with studies/work
  13. 产生影响: have/exert a profound (深刻的) influence on life/personality, have a dramatic/ undesirable(令人不快的) effect on
  14. 较好地驾驭生活:be a better pilot of one's life
  15. 剥夺机会/权力:deprive oneself of the chance/right/opportunity
  16. 取代:substitute(替代) for/take the place of the old way
  17. 采取措施:take effective steps/measures to
  18. 控制我们的环境:take/gain increasing control over our own environment
  19. 躲避危险/挑战:shy(躲避)/run away from the dangers/challenge
  20. 满足要求:meet/satisfy/accommodate the demand of
  21. 补偿损失:compensate for / make up for the loss/damage
  22. 解释某现象:account for / explain the phenomenon
  23. 对……很好的了解:have a better understanding/appreciation of,have a new perspective (观点) on,provide/gain an insight into
  24. 把某因素考虑进去:take sth. into account(consideration) ,give much thought to
  25. 品位人生/自由青春:savor the life/freedom/youth
  26. 培养对……的信心:develop/foster one's interest/confidence in
  27. 经历变化/困难/艰险:undergo/experience great changes/hardships/experience
  28. 表现出自信心等: project one's confidence/feeling/image
  29. 生活充满不公正的地方:life is full of minor irritation/injustice
  30. 追求学习/职业:pursue one's academic(理论的) interest/professional career
  31. 学习知识/技术:pursue/acquire knowledge/technology/skill
  32. 被看作学习的……榜样:be held up as a good example
  33. 交流经验/知识:share experience/ideas/problems/knowledge
  34. 发挥/起到重要作用:play an (important/active/great)role/part
  35. 逃学/缺课:skip school/a class/a meeting/a lecture
  36. 知识/经验丰富:rich in knowledge/experience
  37. 确立/追求目标:set/pursue a goal/higher standard
  38. 到达目标:achieve/accomplish/stain the goal/aim/object

  39. 克服困难:overcome obstacles/difficulty
  40. 面临危险/困难:be confronted/faced with/in the face of danger/difficulty
  41. 阻碍了成功: stand in the way of success, an obstacle be (障碍) /barrier to success/ growth
  42. 阻碍了发展:hamper/impede/stunt the development of
  43. 持传统的看法:hold conventional wisdom
  44. 发表看法:voice/express one's opinion
  45. 持相反/合理的观点:take the opposite/fresh view
  46. 揭穿某种一贯的说法:shatter the myth of
  47. 求得帮助:enlist one's support/help
  48. 缩小差别:bridge/narrow/fell the gap/gulf(between city and country)
  49. 把成功/错误归咎于:attribute/own the success/failure to
  50. 对……重要:be indispensable/important/vital to
  51. 施加压力:put/exert a academic pressure on
  52. 重视:assign/attach much importance/significance to
  53. 强调:place/put much emphasis/stress/value on
  54. 把注意力集中在:focus/concentrate one's attention/efforts/thoughts upon
  55. 提供机会/信息:provide/offer/furnish an opportunity/information for sb.
  56. 抓住机会:grab/seize/take the opportunity
  57. 得到机会:enjoy/gain access to a opportunity/likelihood that
  58. 有可能:there is (little/much)possibility/likelihood that, chances/the odds (可能的机会) are that
  59. 展开竞争:compete against/with sb. for the prize/position/control/the mastery of
  60. 开展运动:conduct(carryon/undertake/initiate/launch/wage) a vigorous/nation-wide/ publicity/advertising)
  61. 对我很有/没有什么意义:make much/little sense to me
  62. 带来无穷的幸福/满足:be a source of happiness satisfaction/contentment(满意)/pride/ complaint
  63. 献身于:devote/dedicate/commit oneself to a cause /career
  64. 大不(没什么)两样:make much(little/no)difference
  65. 真正重要的是:what really matters/accounts is……
  66. 改变生活旅程:change/alter the course of life
  67. 建立在大量的学习/实践上:build on tremendous amount of study/practice
  68. 进行调查/执行任务:conduct/carry out an study/task/experiment
  69. 辞去工作/学习:leave/quit one's job/work/school
  70. 参加考试/竞赛等:enter (for)the examination/contest, race a couple of 一对,一双;
几个 a good deal 许多,大量;…得多 a good(great) many 大量的,许多,多 a little 一些,少许;一点儿 a lot of 大量,许多;非常 a number of 若干许多 a point of view 观点,着眼点 a series of 一系列,一连串 a variety of 种种,各种
abide by 遵守(法律等) above all 首先,尤其是 above-mentioned 上述的 (have) access to 有得到..权利,靠近 according to 根据…所说;按照 account for 说明(原因);解释;占… adjust(oneself)to 调整以适应 adapt (oneself) to 调整以适应 accuse sb. of sth. 控告(某人某事) act on 按照…而行动 act out 表演出, add up to 合计达,总计是 add up 加算,合计 admit of 容许有,有…余地 after all 毕竟,终究;虽然这样 agree on 就…达成协议决定 agree to 同意,商定 agree with 同意,与…取得一致 agree with 与…相一致;适合 ahead of 在…前面,先于;胜过 ahead of schedule 提前 ahead of time 提前 all but 几乎,差点; all the while 一直地;始终 all the more 更加越发 all the same 尽管如此,仍旧 all along 始终,一直,一贯 all) at once 突然;同时;一起 all in all 总的说来;头等重要的 all of a sudden 突然,冷不防 all one's life 一生,一辈子 (go)all out 竭尽全力 all over 到处,遍及;全部结束 all over again 再一次,重新 all right 行,可以;顺利;确实 all round (在…)周围,处处 all the same 仍然,照样地 all the time 一直,始终 all the years round 一年到头 all too soon/often… 太 allow for 酌量;考虑到 allow of 容许(有…),容得 along with 同…一道(一起) amount to 总共达到;实际上是
and all that 诸如此类 and so (on)forth 等等 and the like 等等,以及诸如此类 and yet 而,然而 allow for 考虑到,估计到;体谅 answer for 对…负责;符合… answer sb. back (与某人)顶嘴,回嘴 apply for 提出申请(或要求等) apply oneself to 致力于 apply to 向…申请或要求 apply sth..to 把…应用于 arm in arm 肩并肩 around the clock 昼夜不断地,全天地 as a matter of fact 事实上,其实 as a result 结果 and vice versa 反过来也一样 anything but,决不是 nothing but 只是,只不过是 . apart from 除了;且不说 appeal to 要求;上诉;引起…注意 approve of 赞赏,同意;获准,认可 around the corner 在拐角处;即将到来 as a matter of course 理所当然的(事) as a result/consequence 结果;因此 as a rule 通常,一般(说来) as a whole 总体上 as far as …那么远,直到;至于 as follows 如下 as for/as to/as regards 至于,关于 as good as 几乎,(实际)已经 as if 好象,仿佛 as well 也…;和 as against 相对与 as long as 只要,长达 as soon/early/quickly/easy as possible(one can 尽早/快.. as soon as 一…就… as usual 照常,照例 as well (as)也,和, as yet 到目前为止 as/so far as 就…而言;在…范围内 aside from 除…以外 ask after 问候,询问,探问 ask for 请求,要求,寻求
ask for a few days' leave 请几天假 =ask for.. days off=take a few days off at a stretch 一口气地 at a time 每一次 at times 有时 at a speed of 以…的速度 at all costs 不惜任何代价 at all risks 无论冒什么危险 at all times 一直 at all 完全,根本;到底,确实 at any cost 不惜任何代价 at any rate 无论如何; at best 充其量,至多 at ease 自由自在;舒适,舒坦 at full speed 以全速 at hand 在手边;在附近 at a loss 不知所措 at all/any cost(s) 不惜一切代价 at any moment 随时,马上 at first 起初;开始 at first sight 乍一看,一见就 at intervals (of) 不时,时时;每隔… at large 一般的;普遍的;在逃; at leisure 有空闲,闲着的;从容地, at length/at last 最后,终于 at (the) most/least 至多/至少 at night 天黑时;在夜里 at no time 决不, at once 立刻,马上;同时 at one time 同时;曾经,一度 at one's best 处在最好状态 at peace 处于和平(或和睦)状态 at present 目前,现在 at sb's disposal 任某人处理 at the mercy of 完全受…支配,听命于 at the moment 此刻 at stake 在危险中;危如累卵 at table 在餐桌边,在进餐时 at the cost/expense of 以…为代价 at the latest 最迟,至迟 at the moment 此刻,目前;那时 at the same time 同时,然而,不过 at the thought/sight/sound/mention of at this rate 这样的话,照此速度 一(想)起…(就)
at work (人)在工作;忙于 attach importance to 认为重要,重视 attach oneself to 依附;参加党派 at the risk of 冒…的危险 attach to 附上;贴上;使隶属 be attached to 附属于;喜爱;爱慕 attend on 照顾,侍候 attend to 处理,照料;注意,专心于



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       本文由百科英语贡献     doc          没有  百度文库财富值请到  www.365xueyuan.com  免费帮下载  百度文库积分资料     登陆下载更多资料     www.lzcyy.net     量子场女生英语     高一英语必修 2 词组归纳总结     Unit 1 1. look into 调查     2. insist on/upon sth/doing 坚持做,坚决做 3. belong to 属于 迷路,丢 失     4. get /b ...


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