1. While in London, we paid a vist to the hospital founded Florence Nightingale.
??? A. in honour of?????? B. in favour of?????? C. in line with? D. in place of

  2. The Un is toan end to the dispute between the two countries. I’m sure the issure will an end soon.??
??? A. bring; come to????? B. come; put??????? C. come; bring D. put; come to

  3. My daughter told me that of her homework had been finished.
??? A .two-fifth??????????? B. two-fifths??????? C. second-fifth D. second-five

  4. The river are covered with trees is polluted.
??? A. of which the banks??????? B. whose banks
C. the banks of which??????? D.A,B,C are right??

  5. The weather turned out to be very good,was more than we could expect.
??? A. what?????????????? B.which????????????? C. as?????? D. it

  6. Because of my grandma’s poor memory, she has forgotten all you told her.
???? A. which???????????? B. what?????????????? C. as?????? D./

  7. London, last year, is a nice old city.??
???? A. that I visited??????? B.which I visited??????? C. I visited? D. where I visited

  8. Our teacher makes good use of any time he can spare.
???? A. which???????????? B. that???????????????? C. when??? D. in which

  9. It was in the labwas taken charge of by our teacher they did the experiment.
???? A. which; that???????? B. where; which???????? C. which; where D. that;where

  10. I can’t say which wine is best, it’s a(n) of personal taste.
???? A.thing????????????? B. event???????????????? C.affair???? D. matter

  11. Our school had about 20 notebook computers but only one-forthused regularly. Now we have 50 working all day long.??
???? A. is??????????????? B. are?????????????????? C. was????? D.were

  12. We wish no war and no poverty in the world.
???? A. there is??????????? B. there being??????????? C. there to be D. there be

  13. Never before in our country.??
???? A. has such a thing happened?????????? B. such a thing has happened
???? C. has so a thing has happened????????? D. so a thing has happened

  14. We often share the goals and interests.
????? A. same???????????? B. common????????????? C. positive?? D.different

  15. He is positive and powerful emotion, for which we all strive.
????? A. one????????????? B. the one?????????????? C. very one?? D. only one

  16. I followed his advice that Imys tudy plan.
????? A. changed????????? B. would change????????? C. change???? D. had changed

  18. She doubted whether he would be to the task, so he was not admitted.
????? A. similar?????????? B. equal???????????????? C.familiar???? D. content

  19. Tom got nothing in for her kindness, made him very sad.
????? A.award; as????????? B. reward; which???????? C. prize; which? D. medals; as

  20. Doesmatter if an engineer is a man or a woman???
????? A. that????????????? B.it???????????????????? C. this??????? D. what

  22. Everyone stood up the hero came into the lecture hall.
????? A. while??????? B. instant?????????? C. every time?????? D.immediately

  23. Is that the small town you often talk about?
?? Yes, just the one I used to work for years.??
????? A. that?????????????? B. which???????????????? C. where????? D. what

  24. He finally bought several books by Tom, is one.
????? A. which of them????? B. which of whose???????? C. of which this D.any of them

  25. Dr.King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his achievement and.
????? A. honor???????????? B. victory??????????????? C. courage???? D. failure

  26. As soon as the children were , their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.??
????? A. woke??????????????? B. waken??????????????????? C. wake???????? D. awake

  27. Jim was so badly burnt that at first they began to of his life.
????? A. despair????????????? B. designate????????????????? C. disappoint????D. despise

  28. The government's strong action demonstrated its to crush the rebellion.
????? A. energy????????????? B. resistance????????????? C. courage????????? D. determination

  29. New mineral resources may be discovered during the forthcoming Antarctic .
????? A. excursion??????????? B. execution????????????????? C. extraction???? D. expedition

  30. Driving a car without insurance can have consequences.??
????? A. uncertain???????????? B. disastrous????????????????? C. potential????? D. unworthy

  31. The police refused to the clues they were working on.
????? A. exhibit?????????????? B. disclose??????????????????? C. expose?????? D. discern

  32. What you have done is the doctor's orders.
????? A. attached to???????????? B. resistant to????????? C. responsible to???? D. contrary to

  33. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of quality, he'd tell them so.??
????? A. minor??????????????? B. humble????????????? C. inferior?????????? D. awkward

  34. The continuous rain was for the exceptional poor harvest
????? A. blamed?????????????? B. condemned?????????? C. accused?????????? D. charged

  35. The rocks are very big with of colors on them.
????? A. bands???????????????? B. marks?????????????? C. rails????????????? D. shapes

  36. There were no tickets for Friday's performance.
????? A. preferable??????????? B. possible??????????? C. considerable????? D. available

  37.. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the witness that his story was true.
????? A. stuck out???????????? B. stood out?????????? C. kept down???????? D. held up

  38. In a typhoon, winds a speed greater than 120 kilometers per hour.
????? A. assume??????????????? B. accomplish??????????? C. attain??????????? D. assemble

  39. Professor Smith and Professor Brown will in giving the class lectures.
????? A. exchange????????????? B. alter??????????????? C. shift??????????? D. alternate

  40. Pack the cake in a strong box, or it might get in the post.??
????? A. splashed?????????????? B. spilt?????????????? C. crushed????????? D. crashed

  41.. The thief the papers all over the room while he was .
????? A. abandoned?;searched???????????????????????? B. vanished; searched for
????? C. scattered?; searching????????????????????????? D. deserted;searching for

  42. Today, housework has been made much easier by electrical .
?????? A. facilities???????????? B. appliances????????? C. instruments????????? D. equipment

  43.. The of the trees in the water was very clear.??
?????? A. mirror??????????????? B. sight?????????????? C. reflection??????????? D. shadow

  44. They have been waiting for many hours to see the singer, but the airplane must have been .
?????? A. behind the times????? B. behind schedule???? C. ahead of time??????? D. in no time

  45. Neither of them thought of him and they both tried to him in his work.
?????? A. hamper?;highly????? B. support??;ill??????? C. assist??;/??????? D. encourage;high

  46. Her display of bad temper completely the party.
????? A. harmed???????????? B. damaged????????????? C. spoilt????????? D. hurt

  47. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son's illness had put him under great .??
?????? A. emotion???????????? B. excitement??????????? C. crisis????????? D. stress

  48.. The reference she made to her friend, the poet, was interesting but too for anyone to appreciate.
????? ?A. drastic????????????? B. dull?????????????????? C. obscure?????? D. distinct。

  49. He his engagement just before the wedding.
????? ?A. broke out??????????? B. broke away from????? C. broke off?????? D. broke up

  50. When she heard from the hospital that her father had died, she into tears.
????? A. burst???????????????? B. went???????????????? C. exploded?????? D. fell

  1.【解析】A. 考查介词短语意思辨析。in honour of? “是为了纪念”的意思, 及后面的短语作后置定语,相当于定语从句。in favour of赞成,支持;in line with跟一致;in place of 代替。依据句子意思选A.

  2.【解析】A. 考查end用作名词时的用法。 其中come to an end意思是“结束”,常用作谓语动词,而bring and end to sth.“使结束”,常用作及物动词。依据句子意思和语言用法选A。

  3.【解析】B. 考查分数的表达方法。?

  4.【解析】D. 考查关系代词的选择。关系代词代替的是先行词在定语从句中作定语。

  5.【解析】B 考查非限制性定语从句 as,which 的辨析。As正如,正像;这一点的意思,用于句首和句中;which仅用于句中,代替前面句子的整体和部分内容。

  6.【解析】D 考查定语从句中关系代词的用法。本题要防止误选B

  7.【解析】B 考查的是非限制性从句,防止误选C.

  8【解析】B 考查定语从句关系词的选择。弄清楚先行词与spare的关系。

  9.【解析】A 考查强调句型中的定语从句的用法。分析句子结构,防止误选B

  10.【解析】C 考查名词辨析。thing事情,东西;event事件,事变,活动,竞赛;affair事务,事件;matter问题,物质,口语为日常较为普通的个人事件。

  11.【解析】D 考查主谓语的一致性原则和省略句式。依据one-forth (of the computers)可知。?

  12.【解析】B 考查there be 结构的非谓语形式。其中there与be作wish的宾语,并且是主谓结构,因此选B

  13.【解析】A 考查倒装句和so,such的辨析。当never,little hardly,scarely等否定意义的副词置于句首句子要倒装。So+adj/av+n.而such+a(n)+adj.+n

  14.【解析】A 考查形容词的词义辨析。依据题意分享的应该是相同的目标和兴趣。

  15.【解析】A? 考查句子结构分析。strive for sth.“力求达到,力求获得”,选项应作a positive and powerful emotion的同位语,表泛指概念。?

  16.【解析】C 考查advise 同位语从句中谓语的形式。advice同位语从句应用虚拟语气。

  18.【解析】A 考查形容词辨析和搭配。be similar to 和相似;be equal to 有“胜任之意”; be familiar to 对熟悉;be content to 满意的,满足的。依据句子意思选B

  19.【解析】B 考查名词辨析和as/which 的辨析。依据前面的空in reward for 为固定搭配。意思是“作为报答”;award 奖品;medal 奖牌,奖章,纪念章;prize奖品,主要是在比赛中获得。

  20.【解析】B 考查it 的用法。

  21.【解析】B 考查it的用法。注意区分代词。

  22.【解析】D 考查连词连接前后两个句子表示“一就”的用法,类似用法的词有

  23.【解析】C 考查定语从句中关系词的选择。 先行词为the one(the town),定语从句work后少地点状语。?

  24.【解析】C 考查介词与关系代词的搭配。依据句意他最后买了几本汤姆的书,这是其中的一本可知。

  25.【解析】B 考查名词和动词的搭配。Win 与 victory 搭配恰当。

  26.【解析】 D. 考查词的用法。awake adj.醒着的 (作表语) 。Awake, awaken, wake, waken都可以作及物和不及物动词用, 但是awake多用作不及物动词, 其中wake最常用

  27.【解析】 A. 考查同一字母开头的动词变析。 despair of (=be in despair) 对.......失望??? designate指明, 指出, despise 轻视, 藐视。?

  28.【解析】 D. 考查名词词义辨析。determination意为“决心”, 后常接动词不定式作定语

  29.【解析】 D. 考查名词后缀意思辨析。 expedition 远征, 探险; excursion 短途旅行, 游览; execution 实施, 执行; extraction 提取。

  30.【解析】B. 考查形容词词义辨析。 disastrous 灾难性的。

  31.【解析】 B. 考查动词词义辨析。本题句意是警方拒绝透露他们正在调查的线索。
disclose透露, 使显露: exhibit 展览, 展出, 显示, expose 暴露,discern 认出, 发现, 辨别,识别。B 吻合句意。

  32.【解析】 D. 本题考查形容词短语意思辨析。.(be) contrary to与.......相反, 违反 (作表语) contrary to也可以作状语;作定语。

  33.【解析】 C.考查形容词词义辨析。本题意思是这位商店售货员对顾客很坦率。如果货物质量不好, 他就把情况告诉顾客。而minor次要的,不重要的;humble谦卑的,地位低下的;inferior劣质的,地位差的符合句意;awkward难使用的,笨拙的。?

  34.【解析】A. 考查动词词义辨析。 blame sb./sth. for ... 因.......埋怨、责怪 .......;condemn 谴责、判刑。accuse sb. of控告某人犯有.......;charge sb. with控告某人犯有......。

  35.【解析】 A. 考查名词词义辨析。bands.(颜色与其余部分不同的) 条纹。Mark痕迹, 斑点; 记号, 标记。本题是讲岩石上色彩不同的“条纹”, 故用bands. rail (轨道) ,shape (形状) ,均不合题意。

  36.【解析】 D. 考查形容词词义辨析。 available可利用的; 可以找到的。

  37.【解析】A.考查动词短语的辨析。 stick out 坚持。Stand out 显著,突出;keep down压制;hold up支撑,阻滞。

  38.【解析】 C.考查同一字母表中词义辨析。 attain (=succeed in doing or getting) 达到 (目的等) ,取得 (成就等);accomplish (顺利



         最新高考英语第三轮复习词汇和语法精练详解4 1. It is often saidteachers havevery easy life A. /; /????????????? B. /; a??????????????? C. the; /????????????? D. the; a 2. To tell youtruth, it seems to me that you are not being treated withrespect due to a King.???? ...


   最新高考英语第三轮复习词汇和语法精练详解1 1. After a long walk, they pass over the mountain. ??? A.? could be able to? B.can? C. would?????? D.were able to? 2. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A.admitted???? B..ac ...


         最新高考英语第三轮复习词汇和语法精练详解5 1. At that time ,his country was Japan, so hearing from him was extremely difficult. A. at war with???????? B. at the war with???? C. at war against? D. during the war with 2. Igot more than 650 marks in the middle examin ...


   最新高考英语第三轮复习词汇和语法精练详解2 1. The appearance of Yao Ming and T-Mac has the fans of a sure victory for the Huston Rocket in the coming NBA contest. A. accused????????? B. expected???????? C. convinced????????? D. persuaded 2. She put some soil in th ...


   最新高考英语第三轮复习词汇和语法精练详解8 1.is known to us all, things can easily go wrong when people are under. A. Which;control????? B. As; load???????? C. It; strength??????? D. As; stress 2.? the storm on the sea, it is reported that the president has put of ...


   同心圆梦高考资源网(www.txymedu.com) 2010 高考英语三轮复习-词汇和语法精练详解 7 Tom, you’d better find money for the rent, or I’ll sweep you out. A. somehow B. anyhow C. anyway D.somewhat 2.Which of the story books do like best? . They both are expensive and of little intres ...


   高考英语复习?词汇和语法精练详解 4 1. It is often saidteachers havevery easy life A. /; / B. /; a C. the; / D. the; a 2. To tell youtruth, it seems to me that you are not being treated withrespect due to a King. A./; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; / 3.?I had a go ...


   高考英语复习?词汇和语法精练详解 2 1. The appearance of Yao Ming and T-Mac has the fans of a sure victory for the Huston Rocket in the coming NBA contest. A. accused B. expected C. convinced D. persuaded 2. She put some soil in the box, then sowed the seeds carefu ...

2011年中考英语复习 词汇和语法的复习专题辅导

   英语总复习的方??词汇和语法的复习 英语总复习的方??词汇和语法的复习 ?? 一、 复习方法 所谓的复习方法,简言之,就是复习时所采用的手段。 纵观古今中外取得成就的人他们的成功主要是比别人更能善于把握成功的方法方法不当劳 而无功方法得当事半功倍方法如同打仗要有勇有谋有胆有识讲究战术遇到难点应知难而进 咬住不放敢攻坚战不获全胜决不收兵遇到重点要常看常记常思稳扎稳打步步为营立足阵地 使之不断加深理解巩固学习成果一日计划一日毕不等明天来补习爱因斯坦的成功方法里说: “成功=艰苦劳动+正确方法+少 ...


   2010 年中考英语词汇表 a(an) art. able a. ad. a. 一(个、件…) 能够,有能力的 大约,到处,四处 上面的 among prep. 在…中间, 在(三个以上)之间 and conj. 和,有,而 angry a. 生气的,愤怒的 animal n. 动物 pron. 另一个 answer n. 回答,答复,回信,答案 v. 回答,答复,回信, (作出)答案 any pron. (无论)哪一个,那些 a. 任何的,用于(疑问句、否定句) ,一些, 什么 anybo ...



   初中英语一般过去时知识讲解与训练 第一部分:知识讲解 1.一般过去时表示过去某个时间发生的动作或存在的状态,常和表示过去的时间状语连用。一般过去时也表示过去经 常或反复发生的动作。 2.Be 动词在一般过去时中的变化: ⑴am 和 is 在一般过去时中变为 was。(was not=wasn’t) ⑵are 在一般过去时中变为 were。(were not=weren’t) ⑶带有 was 或 were 的句子,其否定、疑问的变化和 is, am, are 一样,即否定句在 was 或 we ...


   Unit 1 Section A Learning A Foreign Language 导入 预习 课文 写作 Back English Equivalents of Chinese 1. 难而有意义的经历 2. 有时,偶尔 有时, 3. 很值得努力 4. 初中 5. 踊跃回答问题 6. 在班上名列前茅 7. 高中 5. 渴望 6. 用??????指着 指着 7. 上上下下 随 笔 difficult yet rewarding experience at times well worth ...


   句 子 先 行 ?自考《英语写作基础》辅导(Ⅲ) (赵海燕  上海外国语大学国际教育学院) III. 常见的错误 (2) 上期我们就常见的错误中的吊句和残缺句两类错误进行了分析和练习, 这一期我们来分析另 外三类错误: (三)   错误平行结构 (faulty parallelism) 平行结构是一种有效表达思想的手段,它使句子整齐、对称、流畅,使句意贯通并富有节奏 感。平行结构是把两个或两个以上意思并列的成分用同等的语法形式表达出来。 平行结构可以是 单词、词组、从句,也可以是句子。如果意 ...


   找外语学习资料,学视频网络课程,就来外语教育网 年职称英语等级考试用书(综合类) 2010 年职称英语等级考试用书(综合类) 新增文章参考译文 第四部分 阅读理解 第五篇 中日敌意减少 根据周三在北京举行的记者招待会发布的调查显示, 较之去年, 中日人民对待彼此的态 度稍微积极了一些. 这项调查是由《中国日报》和 Genron 共同负责的,Genron 是日本一家非营利性组织, 类似于美国外交关系委员会.它也曾压倒性的赞同中日两国关系很重要. 这项调查是北京??东京论坛的一部分. 北京??东 ...


   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What does SSO stand for? What does SSP stand for? What does DOC stand for? What does SSAS stand for? What does CSO stand for? What does ISSC stand for? What does CSR stand for? It stands for Ship Security Officer Ship Security ...