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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Business Advanced Salon List:

  33. Breakfast Cereals. Selling Off A Line Of Business. Human Resources Management. Advanced Business Design Servicing A Debt. Idioms, Quotations and Interjections. Dealing With Mistakes. Luxury Perfumes. No Smoking. Telephone Skills. Email Skills. Where Should I Put My Money? Decision Maker Activity: A Year in Fashion. Decision Maker Activity: Big Fish Don’t Jump. Decision Maker Activity: The Barbecue. Decision Maker Activity: The Hohokum Virus. Decision Maker Activity: Wall Street Blues. Decision Maker Activity: Dirty Work. Decision Maker Activity: Selling Your Soul. Decision Maker Activity: Advertising. Decision Maker Activity: Hard Times. Corporate Culture Presentation Skills Office Work Negotiating 1 Negotiating 2 Meetings Practice 1 Meetings Practice 2 Managing the Future Customer Service 1 Customer Service 2 Case Study-Federal Motors A big new feature film

  34. Law and Order

  35.What They Think of Us and What We Think of Them
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Salon 1:
Review this vocabulary: Manufacturer, wholesaler, well ?known makes, readily available, cereals, breakfast cereals, market share, retailer’s own name, awareness, brand image, delighted, the full range, guaranteed presence, inferior, profit margin, reputation, a retailer, a retailer's own brand, on the shelves, wheatflakes, to work at full capacity. Think about buying at the supermarket: Do you buy the supermarkets own-brand products or not? Why ? Why do some people make a different choice to you? Think about why a shop might prefer to sell both branded and own-brand products: What advantages does this have for the shop and the shopper? Are there any disadvantages that you can think of for the shop or the shopper?
Salon 2:
Review this vocabulary: Redundant, Strike, Sack (Dismiss or fire) ,Compensation payments, Amalgamate, Unit Trust, Subsidiary, Productivity Think about which is the one most important one thing in a business. Profits Market Share Sales Cash Good employees Something other than the above? Think about the costs associated with closing a section / division of a business. Redundancy? Losses on selling assets during a downturn in the market? Any others?
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Can you think of any advantages to an organization in selling off some of it’s business? Salon 3:
Review this vocabulary: Contributions, computer hardware, computer software, health insurance, IT, pay scales, pensions, personnel, recruitment, time-consuming, top-grade. Think about the following; What does an HR Department do? Why are they necessary? Which things connected with employees do they NOT do? Why do many organizations choose to have someone else look after their HR function rather than have their own department “in-house”? . Think about the methods that HR Departments use to select the “right person for the right job”. Some of these methods are controversial; graphology, horoscopes, psychometric testing etc. If a Company does not use the above methods or have an HR Department, does that mean it is under-performing?
Salon 4:
Summary: This lesson is designed as a companion for the Business Intermediate salon “Business Design”. In this lesson, a more specific business model is asked for although the nature of the lesson (design and presentation) is the same as the BI one. Review this vocabulary: utilities, depreciation, occupancy Brainstorm all of the considerations required when drawing up a design for a new line of business.
Salon 5: Vocabulary
bankrupt: unable to pay what you owe consortium: association of creditors or companies creditor: someone who has lent money to a business forcibly: with force and conviction
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
institutional investor: big investor like a bank, an insurance company or a pension fund receivership: the compulsory sale of the assets of a bankrupt company; when a company goes into receivership it is forced to stop doing business because of its financial difficulties recoup: to regain, recover, get back share: part of the capital of a company shareholder: owner of shares share issue: sale of shares to the public subcontractor: person or company who does part of the work of manufacturing, construction or service provision for the main contractor suspend repayments: to stop repayments temporarily toll: money paid by users of roads, tunnels or, in this case, a bridge uninterrupted roadlink: continuous road with no break working capital: money a business uses to meet everyday costs write off a debt: to recognize that a debt will never be paid
Salon 6:
You do not need to prepare for this class.
Salon 7:
Review this vocabulary: Alleged, a boiler, a bug, cancellation insurance, catastrophic,a cornerstone, depreciation, a hotline, a keystone, on-site repair, potentially, a refund, software, a spreadsheet, unbearable, a unit trust. A company has to consider many things in setting an after-sales policy. Think about the following; Money back guarantee, replacement ? no questions asked, Do It Yourself DVD repair guide…..Can you think of any others? .
Think about the advantages and disadvantages to the company of offering an after sales service. Salon 8:
Review this vocabulary: an exclusive outlet, fashionable, an outlet, prestige, prestigious, profit margins, a resort, a subsidiary, turnover, unlawful, upmarket A company must decide the best way to market and distribute its products. Think about why a company might choose to sell in only one named shop (at different locations) and refuse to sell other businesses products.
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
What are the advantages of such a policy to the business, retailers and customers?
Salon 9:
Review this vocabulary: Implement a ban, passive smoking, contributory factor, life-threatening, a “gentle” ban. Think about the obligations that a business has to both its smoking and non-smoking employees. Make a list of as many as you can think of. How do they conflict with each other? Think about the costs for a business associated with allowing or disallowing smoking at work. Make a list of these. In your opinion which is the cheapest for the company ? What can businesses do to encourage people to stop smoking, especially at work?
Salon 10:
Think about In this class you will learn more about talking on the telephone in English. Beforehand, you should think about: ? ? ? ? ? ? How you would introduce yourself on the phone. How you would ask for someone. How you would reply when someone is not available. How you would ask who is on the telephone. How you would connect someone. How you would take a message.
You may want to think about what language would be polite in each situation and what language would be impolite.
Also consider For this class you should also think about what will make you a better listener.
Salon 11:
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Think about In this class you will learn more about writing e-mails in English. Beforehand, you should think about: ? ? ? Subject headers. What are these? What are the most common ones used? How can you express intonation and emotion when writing an e-mail? Acronyms. What are these? Do you use any online? If yes, which ones?
Also consider For this class you should also think about what steps you would take when preparing for and writing an e-mail.
Salon 12:
Summary: This lesson brings up specific vocabulary related to investment opportunities as well as the economy. The second part of class is a role-play where the Three Gorges Project in southern China is analyzed. Vocabulary: hydroelectricity, feasibility, archaeologist, sociologist, economist, environmentalist Do you invest? What kinds of investments do you think are the best? The safest? How much do you know about the economy? How much do you know about the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Project in China? Is it a good idea?
Salon 13:
Vocabulary Review the following vocabulary (if you don’t know it is ok as your teacher will explain to you in the class, but try find out first on your own):
thriving, fashion house, spring collection, wholesale customers, outgoings, to shoot up, fabric, overdraft, gloomy, to cost an arm and a leg, recession, to ship, credit controller, installments, to slash, to lay off, to scale back, to re-mortgage
Think about Imagine that you run a fashion business (designing and selling clothes). What is unique about your business as compared to other businesses (e.g. making and selling stationary)?
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
What challenges do you think you will face? Do you think this is a good business to be in? Why or why not? What is most important to you when you buy clothes? Also consider Do you think a company can grow too quickly? What is a cash flow problem? Have you ever experienced such a problem at your work, or in your own company? What is the best way to finance increased costs: existing profits, overdraft, bank loan, other type of loan, pay your suppliers late? Do you think its fair to pay suppliers late? Have any of your customers done this to you? What has been your company’s (or your) policy in this situation?
Salon 14:
Vocabulary Review the following vocabulary (if you don’t know it is ok as your teacher will explain to you in the class, but try find out first on your own):
press conference, deadline, tycoon, aide, contractors, botched negotiations, completion date, intransigence, local planning authorities, industry insiders, standstill, to turn sour, liquidity, financial backers, court case
Think about How important is reputation to a company? Can you put a monetary value on a company’s reputation? What can a company do if there is some damage to its reputation? Do you think the price of a company’s shares can be affected by rumour alone? What can a company do in such a situation where market rumours have led to a fall in the stock price? Also consider Do you think that doing business in Hong Kong is the same as doing business in mainland China? Do you think that if a businessman is successful in Hong Kong that he is guaranteed of success on the mainland? If you think yes, why do you think so? If you think no, what are the reasons for your opinion?
Salon 15:
Vocabulary Review the following vocabulary (if you don’t know it is ok as your teacher will explain to you in the class, but try find out first on your own):
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
multinational, to mix socially, subsidiary, request the pleasure of your company, RSVP, in full swing, admin., blazer, a running vest, behind his back, to command respect
Think about Think about your values and beliefs. Why do you hold such values and beliefs? Why do you think, act and feel the way you do? Does everyone think, act and feel this way? How about all Chinese people? How do you feel if someone has different values and beliefs (e.g. that children should be independent of their parents after age
  21)? Also consider Have you ever been to a party with people of different nationalities? Have you ever been to a work party with people of different nationalities? Did you ever go out with Western people socially? Where you afraid that you would make some mistake or offend someone by accident?
Salon 16:
Review this vocabulary: fraud, scheme, antidote, offshore account, tamper, hostage, kidnap, terrorist, virus What do you know about computer viruses? How much do you know about computer related crime? How much independence are you given in regards to making decisions in your workplace? Are you good at making decisions in a crisis situation? Do you agree with negotiating with terrorists? How much is a human life worth?
Salon 17:
Vocabulary Review the following vocabulary (if you don’t know it is ok as your teacher will explain to you in the class, but try find out first on your own): Wall Street, blues, investment bank, a long-term bet, fund manager, pension fund, Harvard, to turn round, bankruptcy, to plunge, the Mid-west, to bail out
Think about Have you ever bought any stocks or bonds? Have you ever been to the casino? Do you think buying stocks/bonds is much like gambling? Have you ever “thrown good money after bad”? Where do you think the best place to invest your money is?
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Business Advanced Salon Preparation Sheet
Also consider Have you ever had to take a big risk in your life? What was the biggest risk you ever took in your life? Do you see yourself as a risk-taker or do you generally like to avoid risk? Do you think success only comes to those who are willing to take big risks? When you have to make a difficult choice how do you decide on the best option?
Salon 18:
Summary: The class i



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