1.疏导公众情绪 anger/discontent; defuse (public) anger/discontent;To properly channel public sentiments
  2.诚信缺失 Lack of credibility
  3. 发展为了人民、发展依靠人民、发展成果由人民共享 Development for the people, by the people and to the benefit of the people
  4.和谐共赢 allharmony; all-win harmony;Harmony and all winners
  5.实现社会公平与正义 Ensure equity and justice
  6.廉政文化建设 Foster a culture of clean government
  7.减少社会不平等现象 Reduce social inequalities
  8.和谐相处 harmony Live in harmony
  9.和谐社会的内涵 The characteristics of a harmonious society
  10.和实生物,同则不继(西周周太史史伯) Harmony generates and sameness stops/stifles vitality
  11.和为贵 precious; Harmony is most precious;Peace is to be cherished.

  12.和也者,天下之达道也(《中庸》) Harmony is the Way to be. (The Doctrine of the Mean)
  13.君子和而不同 Gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity.
  14.和则两利 Reconciliation benefits both; Peace benefits both.
  15.和则生谐 Reconciliation leads to harmony.
  16.天人合一 HeavenOneness(书面 书面); the unity of man/human and nature; Heaven-Man Oneness(书面); one(口译 口译) Heaven and man are one(口译)
  17.“和”是中国文化传统的基本精神, 也是中华民族不懈追求的理想境界。 Harmony is a defining/core value of China’s cultural tradition. It is an ideal that the Chinese nation has never ceased to pursue.
  18.“以和为贵”就是说国家之间、民族之间、人与人之间要以团结互助、友好 相处为最高境界。 “Harmony is most precious”. This means that mutual help and friendly co-existence between states, nations and people should be our ultimate pursuit.
  19.和而不同 Harmony in diversity/harmony without uniformity
  20.“和实生物”就是说只有不同文明之间相互吸收借鉴,才能文物化新,推进 文明的进步。 “Harmony generates vitality”. This means that only with mutual interaction and enrichment can different civilizations rejuvenate and continue to grow.

  21.要建设一个和谐世界,应坚持民主平等,实现协调合作;坚持和睦互信,实 现共同安全;坚持公正互利,实现共同发展;坚持包容开放,实现文明对话。 To build a harmonious world, we should uphold democracy and equality to enhance cooperation and coordination; ensure amity/fertility and mutual trust to achieve common security; uphold justice and mutual benefit to advance common development; and stay open to facilitate dialogue among civilizations.
  22.一个和谐的国家是法治的国家,稳定的国家,和平的国家,繁荣的国家。一 个和谐的世界是民主的世界,和睦的世界,公正的世界,包容的世界。 A harmonious country should be one of laws and stability, peace and prosperity. A harmonious world should be one of democracy, peace, justice and tolerance.
  23.中国人提倡“海纳百川,有容乃大”,主张吸纳百家优长、兼集八方精义。 We Chinese hold that one should be as tolerant/encompassing as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers and should draw upon other’s strengths.
  24.和谐凝聚力量,和谐成就伟业。 Harmony rallies strength and leads to great successes.
  25.中国真诚愿意兼收并蓄、博采各种文明之长 中国真诚愿意兼收并蓄 strengths China is eager to draw on/upon the strengths of other civilizations.
关于“xxx 关于“xxx 观”的译法

  1.科学发展观 Scientific outlook on development
  2.倡导公正、合理的新秩序观 Call for the establishment of a new just and equitable order
  3.以平等互利为核心的新发展观 New thinking on development based on equality and mutual benefit
Foster a new thinking on security featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination
  5.主张形成以尊重多样性为特点的新文明观 Foster a new thinking on civilization that respects diversity
  6.新能源观 New thinking on energy development

  1.古为今用、洋为中用 古为今用 旧译 let the ancient serve the present, let the foreign serve the national 现译 draw from past and foreign achievements
  2.文艺工作 Cultural and art work; work in the cultural field
  3.牢牢把握先进文化的前进方向 Firmly keep to the direction of an advanced culture/cultural advancement
  4.文化与经济和政治互相交融 Interaction between cultural work, and economic and political activities Cultural elements/factors intermingle with economic and political factors
  5.民族的科学的大众的社会主义文化 A socialist culture that is distinctly Chinese, pro-science and people-oriented
  6.弘扬主旋律,提倡多样化 Promote mainstream values and uphold cultural diversity
  7.以科学的理论武装人,以正确的舆论引导人,以崇高的精神塑造人,以优秀的 作品鼓舞人
Equip/empower people with scientific theories, guide them with correct opinions/ convey to them right messages/provide them with correct media guidance, imbue them with a noble spirit and inspire them with excellent/fine works
  8.具有中国气派的社会主义文化 Chinese-style socialist culture; socialist culture with Chinese appeal
  9.越是民族的,越是世界的 越是民族的 The pride of a nation is also the pride of the world. What's unique for a nation is also precious for the world. When you are unique, the world comes to you.
  10.文艺应当贴近群众,贴近生活,贴近实际。 Culture and arts should be/keep close to the people, their lives and reality.
  11.艺术滋润心灵,文化陶冶情操。 Art nurtures the soul and culture cultivates the mind.
  12.文化是维系中华民族生生不息、蔓延不断的精神纽带。 Culture is the spiritual bond that ensures the continuity of our Chinese nation.
  13.我们不能割断民族的文化血脉。 We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation.
  14.树立正确的世界观、人生观和价值观 树立正确的世界观 To foster a right/correct outlook/view on the world, life and values
  15.文化市场,文化贸易 文化市场 Cultural market, cultural trade
  16.始终把社会效益放在首位 Always put social benefit first

  17.扶持体现民族特色和国家水准的重大文化项目和艺术院团 Support major/top-notch cultural projects and art troupes that represent national characteristics and national level



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