Ⅱ. Word form
  1、Don’t you see him __coming (come) towards us?
  3. Have you any difficulty _in _analyzing__ (analyze) the sentence? Every boy and girl treat(treat) in the same way. (cross) before him.
These days I don’t watch television, demand as 5 B.great effort as television.
1B. but a few years ago I 2 A.used
to watch it every 4C.
night. I was often 3 D.more tired in the evenings and there are few forms of entertainment that
6 D.Unfortunately , there are a large number of people in 8D.
my family, some wanted to watch one program 7 B.while others preferred another. I was happy to look at any program, but the others spent a great deal of time arguing each night and there was no way of settling the matter except 9 A.for selling the set. Now everyone at home reads passage 1 A person who is able to operate a machine, prepare a financial statement, program a computer, or pass a football has a technical skill. That is,
  1. Which of the following does not seem to be a technical skill? A. Managing non-production workers.
  2. The first paragraph is mainly about _B)the definition of a technical skill
  3. In the writer’s opinion, (C)it is necessary for managers to learn some technical skills.
  4. General management skills B. are used by general managers in different ways
  5. The best title for this passage would be C. Technical Skills and Management Skills Passage 2 The students who enter a course with the best marks in qualifying examinations are not necessarily those who achieve the highest grades at college. Remember that the set work (assignments or homework) is not all that you should be doing.
  1. A qualifying examination is one (D)for those who want to enter college
  2. In saying “you must extend yourself”, the writer means A. you must take an active attitude towards your course study
  3. The phrase “play part in ” in line 4 refers(B).make a contribution
  4. Soon after starting a course of study, a student finds the work uninteresting, or not what he expected, or much too difficult, then he should C. talk to his academic adviser for advice
  5. The author seems to encourage us toA. help others with courses they choose Passage 3 How men first learned to invent words is unknown, in other words, the origin of language is a mystery.
  1. According to the writer, “words” are C. sounds
  2. Letters here refer to(B)signs representing sounds
  3. What is the origin of language? C An unanswerable question.
  4. What does the real power of words exist in?A. Sounds and letters.
  5. Words become filled with meaning by C. experience Passage 4 (depend) on the climate. Banks were developed to keep people’s money safe and to make it available when they needed it. Since money was invented, people have been borrowing and lending it.
  1. A modern bank offers the following services except .C. putting its money in other banks
  2. The savings account helps Mr. JonesA. put aside his money and earn some interest
  3. Traveler’s checks D. are one of the services provided by the bank
  4. To cash a check means to B. get money for it
  5. The purpose of depositing money in a savings account at the bank isA. to earn some interest faul (fault) one. persons.
  1. The struggle to tame the American continent had been going on D. about two hundred years
  2. Free white men in America numbered C. about four and one-half million
  3. Two-thirds of the American people D. lived near big rivers
  4. We may conclude that around 1800 the United States A. was sparsely populated
  5. This description of the United States in 1800 suggests that B. most of the new nation was undeveloped Passage 6 There are thousands of free libraries about the country. The fact that everyone can use these libraries means that, as a whole,
  2. How many citizens of America do not read one book a year? C. Half.
  3. According to the passage, how many Americans did not read a book for a three-year period? B. 48 percent of.
  4. How many Americans who didn't read books didn't read magazines either? B. Over fifteen million.
  5. What does the author call on Americans to do? D. Make good use of their libraries. Passage 7 The water level of oceans rises and falls alternately twice a day. This movement of water is called the tide.
  1. Which of the following may be the best title for the passage?B. The Moon and the Tide
  2. The pull of the moon on the earth's surface is stronger than that of the sun because C. the moon is closer to the earth
  3. Water level reaches its low point when C. the moon moves far away
  4. High tide occurs A. every 12 hours
  5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? D. Tides are the result of the pull of the moon and the sun. Passage 8 The movement for black civil rights grew larger and more popular. In August 1963, 250,000 people attended a peaceful demonstration in Washington, 4D. many . He wiped his feet at the door
  1. What is the best title for the passage? A. Martin Luther King, Nobel Prize Winner.
  2. It can be inferred from the passage that Dr. King continued his nonviolent methods because A. they were effective
  3. According to the passage, as a consequence of his protests, Dr. King became C. famous in the world
  4. According to the passage, In 1963 the federal government B. allowed black students to enter University of Alabama
  5. The word "discrimination" in the last sentence of the passage means B. treating differently Passage 9 If you encounter a difficulty in your studies, first try to sort things out for yourself. For example, think about the problem, 1 A.others . 9 B.admit , I do find at home all day. I was working hard at Passage 5 According to the census(人口调查 of 1800, the United States of America contained 5,308,483 人口调查) 人口调查 3 others _ , perhaps, by the hot material (stable) enough to continue with 10B. instead . Ⅳ. Reading comprehension

  4、He stood there with his hands crossing

  5、Lu Xun was known__(know) as a great writer and was respected by many people.
  6、It is essential that every child_ _has_ (have) the same educational opportunities.
  7、It rained__continually (continual) the whole day yesterday.
  8、When she arrived, I __had _waited_ (wait) for three hours.
  9、She was annoyed _ignoring__ (ignore).
  10、 He left his hometown to look for employment (employ) in a big city.
  11、Five planes
  13、 He was attacked (attack) three coastal village on the island.
  12、They are working hard to industry ( industry ) their country. strongly __(strong) criticized for being so careless in work.
  14、She _was_ (be) alive today if the doctor had come sooner last night.
  15、He _flied (fly) to Egypt to conduct negotiations on the Aswan Dam last week.
  16、You must all take the example. I can make no exception (except).
  17、I’m sorry you will be__ separated_(separate) from her.
  18、She finally_concluded (conclusion) that she would try to get a job in a store.
  19、We must hurry off lest we will miss (miss) the train.
  20、__Does_(do) it make _(make) sense to let little children play with matches?
  21、 How useful would a library be if the books keep _ (keep) in random order?
  22、The patient has made repeated _(repeat) requests for euthanasia.
  23、Most__divorcing_(divorce) people will soon remarry.
  24、 These shop windows will be used for _displaying
  25、The atmosphere protects us from the sun’s
  26、 It is well known that smoking is
  28、 The companies have to pay (display) summer clothes. deading _ (dead) rays.
harm _(harm) to one’s health. (pay) off their old loans before allowing new ones.

  27、 His wife asked him to give up smoking because she objected (object) to the smell of it.
  29、 He offered finding (find) a job for me.
  30、The tacks given by the heroes from the Chinese people’s Liberation Army are both exciting and instructing (instruct)
  31、The students listened to the class with concentration (concentrate).
  32、 experienced (experience) diamond miners can tell a diamond immediately.
  33、 Some students refuse __to _ hear __ (hear) the time message.
  34、Despite technical progress, agricultural production still
  35、The doctor gave a very
  36、The two new hotels under her work
  40、 I normally (normal) go to bed at 11:00 p.m. frequence (frequent) are continually. passage 1 We do not know 1 how _ the first fire was made. Early fires on earth were certainly caused by nature, not by man. 2_ Some were caused by lighting in a storm; from a volcano. Quite possible, at times, the heat of the sun set light to some dry grass or leaves. At first, man, like other animals, was probably afraid knew that fire could hurt his body. 6 So Gradually, 7 however 4_of fire. He saw that fire 5 could destroy a forest; he great was the power of fire that he feared it and worshipped it. Other adverbs of depending favorite (favorite) report on his health. constructed (construct) near here are in a foreign style.

  37、She is a nervous and excitable teacher and is considered stabling
The engineer was very angry because the design given to him was a
,with his better powers of thinking, he overcame his fear. Probably he 8 before he could make one when and where he wished. 9 During the
overcame most of his fear when he discovered how to make fire for himself, but undoubtedly, he learned some of the uses of fire ages he has learned more about fire, how to control it, and how to use it in many ways. Now fire is longer a master of a god; it is a servant. passage 2 When children were born, my wife Nancy gave up her job to look after them. A year ago, Nancy and I decided to change roles. Nancy was beginning to get the time, 2 A.but 1 A.boring I didn’t enjoy my job. Most of all, I hated travelling to work in the rush hour every 5 A.until she 6 10 no
day. I thought Nancy was the lucky one; she 3 A.can organize her day in her own way she didn’t have a boss 4 C.telling her what to do. But I didn’t think of exchanging roles with her applied (申请) for a job. She got the job, at a salary (薪金) higher than mine. It seemed sensible for her B. to take it and for me to stay at home. At first I really enjoyed staying at home and 7 C.being with the children. I now understand my children better through 8 D. spending so much time with them. But I must conversation with anyone until Nancy comes home! passage 3 A gentleman put an advertisement in a newspaper for a boy to work in his office. Out of nearly fifty persons who came to apply, the man selected one and dismissed the "I should like to know," said a friend, "the reason you single letter, 3 D.nor a single recommendation(介绍信)." 5A. showing that he was careful. He gave his seat immediately to 6 D.mindful . He took off his cap when he came in and 9 A.on the floor. He picked "You are wrong," said the gentleman. "He had a great and closed the door behind after him, that old man, showing that he was kind and 2 B.prefer that boy, who brought not a housework very boring. Most of my friends are at work all day, so I often don’t have 10B. an adult
7C. answered my questions promptly(敏捷地), showing 8 D.that he was polite and gentlemanly." "All the rest stepped over the book which I had purposely (故意地) put it up and placed it on the table; and he waited 10C. quietly for his turn instead of pushing and
crowding. When I talked to him, I noticed his tidy clothing, his neatly brushed hair and his clean fingernails. Can' t you see that these things are excellent recommendations? I consider them more significant than letters." passage 4

  1. What does the phrase "sort...out" mean in the first sentence? D. solve
  2. When you encounter a difficulty in your studies, you shouldn’t B. take a laissez-faire attitude/give up
  3. The students had better not ask questions C. to other teachers in their office during normal working hours
  4. What does the word "tutor" mean in the passage? C. the teacher who guides the studies of a number of students
  5. In the passage the author advises you C. ask academic adviser on tutor for help with any personal problem in your effective study. Passage 10 The golden rule for good writing is not a rule of grammar. It is true that there are rules of grammar,
  5. The author’s purpose is to persuade us that in order to write well, we should (D)know what we want to say and choose the right words The word “superfluous” in Milton’s prose is closest in meaning to D. One cannot compose good music if he (C)merely sticks to the rules The author mentions the unknown official as example because C)he believes it can support his view According to the post office notice in the passage, a customer (A)can expect to be turned away if he offers a pound for a shilling telegram Passage 11 In small towns and big cities, children with names like Oswaldo’Suong, Boris or Ngam are swelling the name lists in U.S. public schools,
  5. According to the passage, in the 1980s (D)9 million immigrants came to the United States The word “swelling” (line 1, paragraph.
  1) can be replaced by A. those immigrant children is of the importance in education Those immigrant children in the American public schools (D)are made to improve their native language first The best title for this passage is (D)American Schools: Too Many Foreign Students Passage 12 Adam Smith, writing in the 1770s, was the first person to see the importance of the division of labour and to explain part of its advantages. He gives as an examp



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